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RB Catalunya

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Atanas Penchev, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. i meet a very big problem yet driving RB on Catalunya track - expert mode.
    I'm stuck 2 days already and getting really piss off of this.
    Starting 6th for the race, but can't finish further.
    I don't know whats happening really because when i was with Mclaren previous season didn't have such problem.
    i pretty sure that my car do not steer a max, especially on the first right parabola after the first chicane , i can't get this on full speed even if i slow at the start or in the middle of the curve.

    Some help would be appreciated guys because its really embarrassing and finally will throw the wheel out the window.:mad:

    P.S I didn't change any settings in advanced wheel settings.
  2. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Catalunya is notoriously difficult in this game no matter what car you are in.

    Was it wet weather in the previous season? It's the only way you can have a chance to win.
  3. I hate this gran prix
  4. I don't remember already James , remember finished 2nd.:rolleyes:. But my point was ..Kinda weird both cars unlike each other, have completely different behavior on this track.And this really drive me crazy.I tried like 3-4 setups already and nothing....nothing i can do more. Starting to regret and began to wonder why the hell I got this RB! I thought that the problem comes from the condition of the tires when i start the event...but after Pit ..It's getting worse.
    I know that depends of course who's standing behind the steeringwheel.But for me till now it's Mission Impossible to get a podium.

    Thanks for the reply buddy.
    P.S was very encouraging :cool:
  5. in ten the ai dont have 'pedal travel' mean they are either on the gas or off. its really noticeable in the turn you are talking about the long sweeping right-hander in spain. when you have to feather the throttle to put the power down they just put it down and are gone. this couple with the fact they can take turn nine much faster makes the ai have a very fast sector 2 time. i can get purple sectors in 1 and 3 by a big margin, but still am way off the pace coz of this.

    in eleven i heard they have fixed the pedal travel and the ai actually have to feather the throttle.