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Skins Ravenwest Motorsport 1.1

Full HD Team package (4K)

  1. i think it looks absolutely awsome but for some reason it is not working for me i now have some weird glitched skin for the mercedes car
  2. Did you copy everything? The skin only works with Redbull 3d model as included in the mod, it doesn't work with the original Merc chassis.
  3. Is the redbull 3d model in the mod in an different folder or in the same as the rest.
  4. The files are in F1 2014>cars>me2 folder, make sure you copy the following:
    • cameras.xml
    • materials.xml
    • me2.nd2
    • me_anim_dummies.pssg
    • me2_AO.pssg
    • me2_highLOD.pssg
    • me2_livery.pssg
    • me2_lowLOD.pssg
    Hope this helps.
  5. i did what you said but now i got the garage and the driver whit the ravenwest skin but the car still not this is what it looks like right now. upload_2016-7-24_12-47-38.png
  6. You didn't copy everything, the files mentioned earlier are for 3d model, the skin is inside livery_main folder. Make sure you have "livery_main" folder copied. Why don't you just copy everything in "F1 2014" folder from the mod?
  7. It's meant to be easy to install by packing it inside "F1 2014" folder so everybody only need to copy once. You can't install in parts, otherwise glitches might occur like you've experienced because of missing files.
  8. i did copy everything but it still does not work is it an option that it is not working with mods
  9. Okay, did you overwrite everything? did you install any other mod after this one? Some files may got replaced by other mods, I'm not sure about compatibility with a season mod as seen from mercedes skin in the picture you posted. If it still does not work, try installing the mod on clean game (that means reinstalling the game).
  10. i tried it with an other mod and that skin also did not work. so then i have to reinstall the game now i have an season mod installed.
  11. Yes, that could be the cause. Files with the same name replacing each other. You can still have season mod installed, Just leave out me2 folders from the season mod and have this one instead.
    But, to make sure no more conflicting files try it on clean game.
  12. Whit an clean install it works great and it looks great