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Random Lockups

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Joel Nori, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. When in game, I could be driving any car on any track doing anything and my computer will lock up. Visuals stop, sound keeps repeating itself and only way to fix it is by rebooting.

    Now your all gonna suggest overheating, bad ram, and everything that Ive already tried.


    Intel Q9450 2.66ghz
    GTX 260
    nForce 790i FTW
    Patriot xTreme 2x2 1333mhz ram
    1000HWX Corsair PSU

    Now, earlier today I played the game without a issue for about 3 hours. I did make a change, I turned AAx4 on. I just turned it off again. I also have the performance thing off in the game. Now it did lock up before putting the AA on twice. I then went looking for solutions and found that performance thing that acts like VSYNC and I turned that off.
  2. nope I cant do any tasks.
  3. Have you got the latest drivers installed? If so try an older one. Maybe that sounds a bit dumb, but it works sometimes. Own experiance.
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    i beleieve some people have had problems wih the 180. beta's, try the 178 whql release.
  5. I think I might have fixed it...changed a voltage setting in the BIOS...havent had a crash since.
  6. from your threads it seems to me your really having trouble with your system =) hope you get it all figured out man. try changing all your settings to low.
  7. ive been getting it fixed slowly...seemed to have it working
  8. CPU voltage? i guess i never thought of an overclocking problem. good catch and glad you got it working!
  9. Did you reduce the voltage? By how much? If so, had you increased it previously for some reason? I'm asking because i get some serious slow downs sometimes and have to go back to the main menu and star over. Wich could be really annoying online. GTR2(or any other game for that matter) doesn't give me that.

    Thank you already!
  10. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    rafa wasnt the post about onboard graphics yours, if so your slowdowns are likely due to bottlenecks at the graphics card.

    generally you increase voltages for more performance but this obviously has limits. if your planning on overclocking a suggest you go read heabily on the subject first and gather various opinions of your particular hardware before you start as its far from a risk free bussiness.
  11. Hey Joel I am having the same problem what do i need to change in the bios??
  12. well ive singled it down to a few things...you would need to do the same. I have been adjusting my SPP voltage which creates stability and I havent had a crash since upping it.