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Ran out of Fuel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Wattsy, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. So im a bit confused, i thought i knew this game well.

    ATM im running 50% carrer mode, which ofcourse is a half race. Now to my understanding, i have no fuel use issues as im not running a full race.

    Last night playing Marina bay, which ofcourse is 31 laps(50% distance) at roughly 1.48 average a lap, means its one of the longest races time wise on the calander.

    The confusing part to me was, half way through laps 29, the car started to stutter. I checked the display and my fuel light was red (i run cockpit view, so rely on the engineer to tell me my fuel is low). Now, i know i did not here my engineer tell me i was low on fuel.

    This has pissed me off, i was running 2nd at the time, and then i placed 22nd because i got overtaken. Thsi has i think ruined my championship contension. my fuel map was on fast the whole time but that shouldnt have mattered.

    So can anyone tell me what ive done wrong? i assumed that i didnt have fuel issues, but now i seem not.
  2. I think you have a misunderstanding about running 50% distance. The car will be fuelled proportionally to the distance you are racing, and therefore you stand just as much chance of running out on a 50% as you do on a 100%.

    Driving style has an impact, car setup, as does going off track, over reving the engine, and the fuel map used.
    Running the fast map the whole race is a sure fire way to hit fuel problems in the last few laps.
  3. Cheers paul, thats cleared something up for me. I had a pretty sloppy race in terms of that. ive just switched to manual aswell, so its a learning curve.

    Atleast i know for the rest of the season.

    I think codemasters should clear atlot of stuff up for F1 2011 like lettings us know the paramiters of fuel, tyre wear, wings, etc so that we have the best understanding for it.
  4. You need a diesel, I hear the fuel economy on them is much higher than petrol...
  5. the pitcrew have to say when i am driving like this my fuel will be empty.

    sry for my english. you know what i mean? that will be aweseome
  6. Im always in danger of running out, normally due to using too much engine braking and over revving. Detours off track dont help any. Normally running 5 to 10% of the total race distance on standard mapping conserves enough juice for the whole race.
  7. When we pit to change tyre, will they fill up my tank? Coz i can't seems to find any option to do so.
  8. like real F1, there are no fuel pit stops. You run 1 tank.
  9. Is this a new rule or something? I recall back in 2009 (or maybe 2008), i watched a live race and Massa screw up during a refuel and he drove off the car when the fuel pipe is still attached to his car. LOL

    But thats quite sometimes ago duh. :)
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    New rule for 2010 (hence why it's in the game) no refueling. It's a real pain having no fuel indicator in the cockpit view especially as you get no warning fronm the engineer of a problem. First time I found this was on the last lap of a 100% online race.. luckily I was able to nurse it round to the line without losing a place!! I now make sure that I run at least 5% of a race in standard mode, that seems to get me through to the end ok.
  11. It really depends on the track, I know Bahrain is a fuel guzzler and it sounds like Singapore is too. To give you an idea before the race its good to see when the last two lap indicator turns on during practise/qualifing. If its late, you have no problem, if its close to the line, you need to think about conservation tactics, if its too early, chances are you will run out unless you make some changes.

    Things that can help conserve fuel include:
    - Less overreving (VERY IMPORTANT)
    - Less oversteer
    - A good gear ratio
    - Taking it off high throttle maps
    - Less aggressive driving
    - Staying on track
  12. Hi

    Just drove the Bahrain circuit, first race, season 2 in a Lotus at 40%(20 laps) race distance, expert level, no aids, expert....4 times! Each time i ran out of fuel on either 1 lap too early, or best attempt was running out half around last lap. I tried short shifting (even to the point where I ensured that no rpm lights would show up), lengthening gear ratios, running deliberately slow lap times worse than 2:01:, ( quali time around 1:58). I tried to see what Cadmuss did on his video (fantastic vids by the way!), and cannot see where I could possibly drive any slower. I tried to not use the engine for breaking (i.e. only shifting down once corner entry speed had been met). And no R&D yet, so cannot use cruise even if I wanted to.

    It is hard to feather the throttle without going too slow, as even without traction control, it is almost impossible to lose the rear end, so hard to know where grip limits are.

    In real life, I would be quite happy to sacrifice 1 lap of fuel load to ensure that I would not run out of fuel.

    Are there any editors out there that would adjust the default fuel load?

    Bit frustrating, as I am fighting in the points, only to finish 16th, 18th, and 22nd...might as well park it on the first lap.
  13. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Well seems to me that your only using the fast engine setting as having it on standard will sort this problem out for a few laps.
  14. Hmmmm don't think so, he did say It was first race of the season, there are no fule maps then are there otehr than locked ones (default)
  15. Well spotted, Mr Heath!

    Because traction in F1 2010 is not modelled very well (very arcadey, nothing like rfactor), I do floor the throttle when possible, rather than feather it out of the corners - could this have something to do with it? Obviously it must be my driving, otherwise everyone else would be complaining about the same thing. By the way, using a carbon copy set up of Cadmuss's setup from his Let's Play videos. Even added a bit to 7th gear as it was maxing out well before the end of the start straight.
  16. hmmmm will experiment when I have my wheel and hopefully can stop the game to stop stuttering, just started randomly, updated gfx drivers now to so cured it hopefully.

    As I am starting a new career and driving for Sauber first time so I will give some comparison. Although I have completed practice atm. But it does not seem to be saving any game settings or careers :S yet I save everytime plus it has an autosave... huh!?
  17. In F1 2011, I want to see the option to actually have the car run out of fuel - i.e. come to a stop. I don't like the current system.
  18. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    That is already in the game now... I have run out of fuel on the last lap of a race and barely made it over the line before running out.
  19. Yes once my car was running out of fuel, so i just parked it off the track to quickly do something. When i get back, put my foot on the accelerator and... Nothing. It wouldn't move.
  20. Update - it seems that the culprit regarding the running of out fuel is the flasback feature - just ran a 30% race (1st race, season 3 so only able to use standard engine setting), without the use of flashback (yes, a lot of practice, and I am now able to run for 15 laps without error(big deal for me)), and only got the yellow fuel warning in the middle of lap 14 of 15. So, never ran out of fuel! and I came second with one of the ai mods, so very happy...