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RallyCross - a little underwhelmed

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Rapala, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. While the supertruck handling is an absolute blast, I've found the rallycross cars feeling pretty weird. In the drift, they feel fine, but when it transitions out of the drift it goes into this really annoying understeer situation. Now I've never driven a rally car, but from all my time playing rally games which feel totally different, either they are all wrong, or AMS has got it wrong for these cars. I would tend to think it's the latter. I hope Reiza looks into them some more and give them some physics updates I'm tending to think they need. This could be a really enjoyable aspect of the game, but for me right now, not so much.
  2. Lots of AWD cars do that. Try it in dirt rally too if you can. All RX cars in DR do that.
  3. For the experience I have with Baja SAE (ridiculously less power but still off-road), understeer is more present than oversteer in various situations. It could be RallyX are totally different, but I see that the trick is to maintain the car oversteering as much as you can. (Almost) Never let it understeer. And that's why the handbrake is so useful.
  4. Neil Farren

    Neil Farren

    AWD drive are well known for their understeer characteristics in certain situations.
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  5. fortyfivekev


    I also find this handling frustating and probably I am not good enough to drive around it. :(

    It's a shame the car doesn't have much set-up adjustability as I think you could easily tune this out with some diff/torque split adjustments. Hopefully either this car has some more tuning options added in the future or some other rallycross cars are added with some different tuning options.
  6. Yapci


    I find it pretty easy to drive with defaults...and when it understeers...handbrake!!!!!!!!!
  7. AWD cars are prone to understeer on exit if you get the line wrong.
  8. race_fanatic_

    If you want to win, hire a...

    A very common thing with 4wd cars is the understeer, you need to learn what to do to fight the understeer. I was surprised how good reiza had simulated this when I first drove it.
  9. I am looking forward to RWD cars and more RX tracks.
  10. It's an AWD characteristic.

    I too find it easy to drive. It's a fantastic toy.
    And the slides are so controllable and the handbrake works like a charm.
    It feels like it's been tuned to perfection. It makes me feel like a sim rally pro, lol. :D
    Which i'm far from it, which only shows that anyone can do it/learn it. :thumbsup:

    Just be aggressive and flick the car around (via scandinavian flick - turn away from corner and then into it and lift off throttle). This will initiate the rotation. Sometimes this will be enough, other times you'll need to add some handbrake to it as well. Then floor the throttle (+ sometimes some steering input is needed) and the car will straighten out itself. I've even managed to go slightly backwards into a corner and still could save it - thanks to AWD. :)

    Timing is crucial/important and also the amount of rotation you succeed in achieving before going back on the throttle again
    . If you don't have enough of rotation, the understeer wil punish you. But if you do, it will help you out and reward you.

    Here is an (extreme-ish) example of what this car can do :

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  11. Great post - recommend reading this and giving it another go if you're having trouble with the Rally car. Accelerating early was my first problem when I started, it tends to end your spin prematurely. Very important to judge the amount of rotation/momentum needed for a given corner and steer into it more than you'd expect in a RWD car. Car behavior seems pretty accurate to me.
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  12. fortyfivekev


    Gave it a try last night with more handbraking and it was a lot better. I like making my own peripherals so I think this will be a good excuse to put together a decent handbrake.
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  13. I have tha same problem when driving in rally cross and it is a bit frustrating. I.had exactly the same idea with the handbrake, i have a couple of inputs from my homemade button box to use for a handbrake.... In the meanwhile i tried using the clutch pedal as a handbrake. It's weird but it's better than a button
  14. I just use space bar for handbrake. It can get a bit chaotic reaching for it all the time, but incidentally it makes for even more dynamic experience. :D
  15. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis

    I use the good old rubber band on shiiter trick :D
    Just wanted to share a video I remember watching way back when
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  16. I never use handbrake but instead brake bias and if you get the right angle and time it right you can achieve a very rewarding sideways exit. Also, using very nuanced brake modulation, you can control the car very well but is definitely a balancing act which makes it fun.

    Edit - I find I have to use handbrake at Foz. Just no getting around it and actually very fun. Handbrakes can be fun, yeah :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2016
  17. Obviously everyone drives a bit differently and this may not help anyone else? But for me I persevered for an hour (got calluses on both thumbs!) driving the Tykki Tarmac circuit until I could get it into an almost continuous drift (except for the start/ finish straight). As all have said above, quickly flick the wheel (maybe easiest to learn as you transition from a left to right corner (or vice-versa)?). I did this without using the handbrake. You can progress to the other Tykki circuits and use the same technique on the dirt.

    Then when you get this going (it may take some time? if you suck like me. ha ha) go to the Foz track use the same technique but now also start to really fine tune your handbrake skills!

    Hope you will begin to enjoy drifting? Then begin to find the quickest way between no oversteer and too much just for fun and laughs.
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  18. Definitely agree that handbrake isn't necessary or even ideal for going fast and sideways. I see the handbrake now instead as a way to make up for mistakes more than anything.
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