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Raising the profile of Forza on RD

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Dan Smith, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. As some of you will realize the amount of Forza players on RD as pretty small, so has anyone got any ideas on how we may be able to get more players on board?

    Adrian made some great videos that are now showing on RDTV and we have had a couple of new members since. If anyone else can show some initiative to raise the profile of Forza on RD then maybe we could rival games like rFactor and iRacing to have some of the best racing around.
  2. We have definatley had a few more since we where put on RDTV, i think we need to get our clio stuff on there too and push to see if we can make a weekly or fortnightly news letter made up that we can pass to Bram and see if it can be published on the front pages. Id say that would be a good start!!!
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  3. Once my missus has got her new laptop I'll be straight onto recording all the replays we've accumulated (about 60 replays I think). I'll get them edited and uploaded. I would do it sooner but we only have the xbox or my laptop so she'd be pretty bored lol.

    The Drifter magazine is basically the newsletter. I know we (mods) can edit it, but personally it's a bit too much work with RDFM4 and the things I want to do with that, so if anyone fancies doing some writing for the magazine, we can put it in.
  4. Yer I dont mind doin bits on there im jus not very good at it!
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You can always submit simracing news to RD via the frontpage (there is a contact form).

    WIth regards to the movies. Please add no music to them as the previous one contained copyright protected sounds that harm the reputation of our channel, hence the reason i havent uploaded the second part yet.
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  6. We could put the website on the cars when we do the racing leagues and so on? Maybe put racedepartment as sponsors for the cars or something?
  7. A lot of us do this already. Not sure if it's still on his SF, but Wayne Thomas (DefytheMachine) has a nice logo you can download.
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  8. I have a couple of RaceDepartment logo's on my SF (Dazmaniac360) that folks are more than welcome to grab.

    One is the older style RD logo (which contains quite a few layers unfortunately, to get it to look right) and the other is the newer logo, which was a lot easier to put together.

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  9. What about taking a bunch of us online against joe public? May get people to recognise us and garner interest that way? Must admit though I haven't done that for about 2 months?

    Plaster cars in RD logos? Bit of in game advertising.
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  10. im up for that, The missus is working tonight so some lapping will be fine on my end after the SCWC that is
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  11. Ok. Easiest if we take our SCWC cars out on A class?
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  12. If you guys need some help maybe that idea I had for a promo vid might not be so bad. I guess I can give it a shot. It'll be a promo for the racing series but I'm hoping to make it entertaining and spark some interest. Maybe they can flash it on the front page or something.
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  13. id be up for a bit of this if any one is free when were on line. Also some LB times might be good to raise the profile
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  14. Took it to the masses for an hour today. Not too bad fro idiots. Thought one way may be to stay in a lobby, see who races clean, then send message regarding Race Dept? Might give this a go.
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  15. Good idea! I'll do the same. I think the majority of players use fm.net but RD is so much more!!
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  16. once i get my CSR il be looking to get involved in some racing ith you all again, the wheel is ordered, so it will only be a week or two :)

    might be worth doing some shameless plugging from the 21 2011 pages.. maybe have a look at friends on there and see if they play forza, and then send a message on here telling them how good it is???

    or as im in the races i can look for you and maybe you can send an email advertising it??
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  17. Sounds good mate, look forward too seeing you on track
  18. F1 2011… plain and simple entertaining for the kids
  19. Thinking about the new intercontinental series, we became aware of them through a video posted to our website. Maybe we could do the same. Stick one of ours on Forza forums or something similar. Is Adrian still with us so to speak? Do we have acces to his vids?
  20. Brilliant idea wayne!!! i just wish i could make them