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Raining (again)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Joo_Oo, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Joo_Oo


    It's seems to be raining allmost every race, i have been driven 8 races, and there was only ONE race which was complety dry. That was Sepang, even Bahrain starts to rain after couple of laps.
    Is this common problem or do i just have somesort really bad luck, it's fun to drive in wet conditions but this is so unrealistic. And it's looks like there would allso be ligthrain in next race :O_o:
    And no safetycar on track so far... There have been couple pretty big start crashes, but no safetycar.
  2. Shane Butler

    Shane Butler

    Yup a lot of rain for me too. In Bahrain practice and quali were 100% wet :O_o: Well done codemasters.. it seems as though they want to include the bloody dynamic weather in every single race weekend.
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  3. Roberto Costa

    Roberto Costa

    This game engine is really random. For Season 1, i had only 1 wet race, all other races were dry. Except that i had lot of practice sessions and qualifying with rain, but just a part of practice and qualy, the races were dry. Saw a lot of people talking about it but really doesn't happen with everybody, with me its just the opposite LOL, no wet. :(
  4. Thomas Horn Asmussen

    Thomas Horn Asmussen

    Well im doing my 8th race in a row with 100% rain in race

    Qual and pratice is dry most of the time for me
  5. blejky


    The game should be renamed from F1 2012 to Jet ski 2012. There is more rain in the game than in Brazilian rain forest :mad:
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