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Rainbow 6 Patriots

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nathan Robinson, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson

    Just noticed the video game section in here and I'm a huge gamer so this is pretty cool. I used to play rainbow 6 vegas 2 a ton on my 360 back in the day. Now I have a ps3 and am really looking forward to this release. I'm not much of a fan of story modes with fps's but I have always loved the closed quarter, pop around corner, squad type action of rainbow 6. While battlefield 3 is great fun, I get tired of the trekking across large fields and driving vehicles. I would rather rappel down the side of a building, smash through a window, and take out 4 unsuspecting victims in multiplayer. Lets hope it's as good as it's looking :)

  2. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    I also used to play countless hours in R6V1 and R6V2 although it was on pc.Probably the best pure shooter ever imo.Really looking forward to R6 patriots.
  3. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    I remember the original Rainbow 6 games on PC. Now they were class.