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Rain Masters of F1: 1980-2012

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Percentage of wet WDC race wins only.

    60% - Ayrton Senna

    40% - Lewis Hamilton
    40% - Michael Schumacher

    24% - Damon Hill
    24% - Kimi Raikkonen

    22% - Sebastian Vettel

    16% - Keke Rosberg
    15% - Nigel Mansell

    9% - Rubens Barrichello
    9% - Thierry Boutsen
    9% - Alain Prost

    If you know some more post them up!
  2. I think Jenson and Fernando must be there they should be about 20-35 and also webber
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  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    0% - Jos Verstappen - Never won but was an ace in the rain.
  4. I forgot Kimi
  5. Gilles Villeneuve.
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  6. Button is not wet master, he's damp master :)
  7. I've always thought that Lewis is better than jenson in the wet. Its the changeable, mixed conditions and reading which tyres to be on where button excels
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  8. Senna's percentage is ridiculous, especially in that era :)
  9. Yeah Jenson is Damp Master some what and Alonso could be Better than Vettel ??
  10. After being brought up on nascar, I never knew much about senna or f1 in general when I was a kid. Simracing has broadened my motorsport knowledge and I sat down to watch the ayrton senna movie the other day to see what he was all about. The things that man did when the rain came were amazing. He truly had no fear.
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  11. Not this season....:)
  12. Yea for the short amount he was in F1 it´s as spectacular as his Monaco record.

    It will be interesting to see if Hamilton can close up from here on, he´s done 5 years now and is up on 40% already.
  13. Poor for this Driver's when we had Rain at High then we are going to see Red Flag and they will race on Inters right after 2 or 3 laps not on Wet's like in Past due to setup issues
  14. quite! :)
    Yeah I don't know what's going on with jenson. I've always rated him as a very good driver, but not an outstanding one. Loads of respect for him too but he's not quite got the edge of Hamilton, alonso or vettel. Personal view, not stating this as fact :)
  15. I think Lewis is one of the 3 best in the sport at the moment, a fantastic driver (except last year) but I feel that his percentages in many things compared to senna are slightly skewed. Lewis started in a great car and except in 09 (start of) has always been in a car capable of winning races. Senna spent a fair bit of time in cars that weren't, and still won several times! 1992-3 spring to mind, when I reckon I'd have had a chance of winning in the Williams! :)
  16. He just can't get the balance right when it matters, P1, P2 and P3 he is nearly always on the pace, but in Qualifying he struggles to make Q3 - this isn't the Jenson of the last three seasons. He will come good (I hope) soon.
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  17. Every one hoping that Mate with Massa some how getting into Q3 then why not Jenson can
    I believe JB will be on form after Valencia and he will be strong contender after Summer Break i guess remember Last year in 1st 10 races jenson was not upto the Mark but after that He gave Vettel Run for his Life almost Every GP especially in Singapore and Suzuka
  18. Yeah, I really hope Button will get into his form as soon as the next race. He won Vettel-like in Melbourne, he has the chance to repeat everything again. I really hope he gets the title this year. He deserved it last year, but didn't have the car in time. I hope it's gonna be an year later.

    And "Massa some how getting into Q3"... Why are you all underrating Massa? Massa is an AWESOME driver. He's proven that! You forget all his good times that quickly? With Fernando in the team - he'll be lacking speed. I really hope he gets out of Ferrari as soon as possible. If he gets into another team, he will really be able to show his full potential! I know I'm gonna get spammed about this, but you're all underrating Massa way too much. :(
  19. Massa was a Very good Driver i too agree but he some how lost his aggression
    I really want him to be on top but after he let Fernando to win back in 2010 due to team orders i've never seen him fight with such a Pace
    If Massa got his form of 2008 the Title fight is going to be Very tough for The Trio
  20. I really doubt that he will get a contract from another team, although I really like him. I think either he will drive one more year for Ferrari until 2014 and then maybe Vettel comes (they maybe have already a pre contract) or he will be out of F1 and Ferrari after this year.

    As I said I really like him and he has shown in Monaco and Montreal that he has the pace to compete with the other top guys. Of course Alonso is another level but Massa can be in the pack.
    What makes me sad is that when he has a good weekend he either has bad luck with penelties the cars or the strategy or he messes it up by himself like in Canada.
    I really wish hin to get his form back, but realisticly i don't think it's gonna happen.