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Racing Statistics Web App - help with project

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by masterkimster, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I study Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague and I'm working on a project, which I need you to help me with. I want to create a web application which would show you all sorts of statistics about Formula 1, GP2, GP3, F3 and possibly other OW series. The idea is, you should be able for example to track career of your favourite driver through different series etc. What I need from you are ideas, what would you like an application like this to do, what statistics would you like to see. I created some questions, so please answer them if you can. Thank you [​IMG]

    1. Have you ever searched for current race results on internet? If so, where?
    2. Have you ever searched for results of past seasons? If so, where?
    3. Have you ever searched for statistics, for example how many races have your favourite driver won? If so, where?
    4. Would you like a web application, where you could find all these stats at one place?
    5. If so, please write down what do you think an application like this should be able to do.
    If you have any further ideas, please let me know. Thank you.
  2. 1. yes, Wikipedia but mostly F1.com as that is the official site for current standings etc.
    2. yes, Wikipedia and again F1.com
    3. yes, Wikipedia and F1Fanatic.co.uk
    4. It wouldn´t hurt having just one source with all information.
    5. Graphs more Graphs and some graphs. Comparing two drivers throughout a season with graphs is great visually to see any dips in performances or what have you.
  3. Yes, graphs are definitely something I'd focus on. Good idea with the comparison between drivers too.
  4. Seems like I've forgotten I already have an account here. Sorry for the confusion. Anyway as I said above, good ideas.
  5. Same as Hampus for 1.-3.
    4. Yes. The statistics section on the official F1 site isn't very well-designed and I regularly get annoyed about it :mad:
    5. Just as much raw data as you can possibly find, on anything F1-related. Particularly lap times throughout sessions (and not just fastest laps) would be awesome. They are on F1 Fanatic sometimes, but not for all sessions. And sector times would be the icing on the cake (They are recorded after all, so why not store them?).
    I also like the idea of tracking drivers throughout their careers, because the offical F1 site only does that for WDCs and current drivers (there's obviously also race results, but that thing is terribly impractical to use because if you select a driver and then a year and then want to see the driver's results in a different year it goes back to all the drivers in that year :cautious:).
    I constantly deal with statistics in real-life too, so I don't really care how you present the data, just as long as there's a lot of it :D
  6. Another site for laptimes you can find by googling "unofficial McLaren site"
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  7. This is awesome, thanks!
  8. Head to Head comparison is very nice :)
  9. Maybe graphs that show the amount of wins a driver/team has from year/season to year/season so we can see the peak of a driver. Same goes with maybe poles, podiums or even top 10's. Also maybe graphs of average position drivers finished/qualified at for each year.

    Hopefully you get my point with how I imagine the graphs looking like. :)