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Racing Software

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by DaVeX↯, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. DaVeX↯


    Hi guys, as I already told I am back to sim racing after years (and I am a noob now) but I missed a lot of nice softwares and I am a little lost behind them...so...why don't have a thread just for them?

    We can talk about them, post about new ones or talk about the future ones...no?

    Can you tell me wich softare should I use to have a good looking and more complete dashboard on second screen or android device?

    I see a lot of them from playstore to web, some free some not...

    What should I use???SLIMax?Dashmeter Pro?etc etc
  2. somewhat depends what game your playing, Some work with all, Some dont.
  3. DaVeX↯


  4. Wicked

    Horsepower! My kingdom for some horsepower! Premium

    Z1 Dashboard is really good if you have a fixed monitor as a dashboard.

    Personally I use http://www.simracing-tools.de/simtools/index.php?id=dashboard

    Easy to set up. Works on all game I play. I use it with my tablet.

    Also if you have some Html and CSS knowledge you can easily design your own dashboards.
  5. DaVeX↯


    Thanks, nothing I can use with AC and AMS?
  6. Wicked

    Horsepower! My kingdom for some horsepower! Premium

    That works with AC. Also works with AMS I believe
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  7. xnorb


    Just bought SLI Max yesterday.
    Fully customizable, no problems (fiddled around too much with free options to even care about 10$), supports literally all sims and lets you add buttons on your dashboard without having to alter scripts.

    Should build my dashboard today, will then come back to report :)
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  8. DaVeX↯


    Waiting your report mate (and a couple of pics of your rig too)!!
  9. xnorb


    My rig is just a Z3 compact phone strapped to my G27 with this thing here: http://www.amazon.de/HuntGold-Lenkr...59615896&sr=8-11&keywords=lenkrad+halter+auto
    (So i'm using the SLI Emu or to be precise the VDASH Emu)

    It took me some time to figure out how everything works (and i still haven't revealed all secrets which data is displayed under which name) but once you cross that point you have full flexibility over what's displayed on the screen of the device.

    But hey, now i have a basic dashboard with every information i need (except the delta position timing, maybe that's hidden somewhere? But i fear that's really missing) and even a button for the headlights in case @Bram is again running a club race which forces you to turn on the headlights during the club race :)
    And yes, i also have put a control knob on my dashboard to control brake bias during race although i'm pretty sure i'll never use that *g* But hey, it's possible to do so, so why not? :)

    All this said: I customized it only for AMS.
    But when i launched AC, everything worked the exact same way!
    Of course the buttons didn't because there were other keys assigned than in AMS, but the rest worked like a charm and all would match up if my keybindings were the same in AC as they are in AMS.

    So ya .... for me 10$ well spent on SLI Max there!
  10. DaVeX↯


    Ahahaha we are using the same phone holder!!!
    Btw, I found the Slimax software a little bit confusing...