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racing club for demo racer?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Akbar Sal, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Will there be a racing club for Demo NKPro? just a thought out of the blue, since I'm thinking we need to get people more to this great simulation. since there seem to be more and more activity from Kunos. I'm tired of LFS really.
  2. my friends and I came from rfactor (Formula Armaroli). I was getting a bit bored of it and decided to give NKPro another spin.

    It'd improved out of sight since last time I'd tried it. So I bought it straight away. Then I convinced my friends to download and try the demo and within 15 minutes of playing the demo together they all bought it too...

    The 1600 in the demo is great, but the 1800 is even better, the KS2... just pure awesome!!

    At just EU$19 or IDR $226,267.01 it's a steal. (Wow that sounds like a lot of rups doesn't it lol... )

    There's usually a few 1600 servers up running Prato, you should be able to join one of those using the demo.

    Check out the server list on the NKPro Rank site. http://www.wagenvoort.net/rank/servers.php


    I just add to have a seat here at our nK racing club :D

  4. oh wow.. cool link. i can see all the server up, and the player too. nice
  5. Well we had this question earlier this year.
    Racedepartment does not host a demo club, instead we choose to host the full game
  6. I agree on that, comon is just 20 euros!
  7. a good gift for coming xmas, tell it to your girlfriend/wife :D
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The full game is priced so low its almost considered a demo. Just go for it and grab that game by the horns :)
  9. Agree - ist amazing how much you get for a few bobs :)