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Featured RaceRoom Racing Experience to Release WTCC 2016 ft the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Paul Jeffrey, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    RaceRoom Racing Experience WTCC 2016 Volve Polestar.jpg
    Swedish developers Sector3 Studios have confirmed the 2016 WTCC season will be recreated in RaceRoom Racing Experience, and with it bringing the beautiful Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 specification touring car to the game.

    The 2016 WTCC pack will come as no surprise to those who follow RaceRoom closely, as the simulation holds the official licence to recreate the series, and has released season packs already for the 2013, 14 and 15 championship years. What makes the upcoming 2016 edition of the WTCC special is, of course, the introduction of the exceptionally popular Polestar Cyan Volvo S60, as driven by Fredrik Ekblom, Thed Bjork and the likeable Robert Dahlgren.

    New for 2016, Volvo made their full time return to the World Touring Car Championship with the visually stunning TC1 specification S60. Developed by the Swedish manufacturors performance arm Polestar, and campaigned by the newly formed Cyan Racing, the S60 has, unsurprisingly, captured the hearts of my tin top fans the world over. Although not particularly setting the timing sheets alive this season, the plucky Swedish team are gradually making progress with the car as they aim to get a handle on one of the toughest touring car series in the world.

    It's pretty, it has a nice colour scheme and some cool drivers. Here's the technical specs:

    : 4-cylinder, 1595 cc, Drive–E Volvo
    Drive: FWD
    Power: 400 HP
    Max rpm: 8500 rpm
    Gearbox: 6-speed sequential
    Suspension: MacPherson front and rear, adjustable Öhlins dampers
    Brakes front: 4-piston caliper, 390mm ventilated discs
    Brakes rear: 2-piston caliper, 280mm ventilated discs
    Rims: 18″ with five-bolt pattern
    Body: Steel and carbon fibre
    Weight: 1100 kg

    RaceRoom Racing Experience WTCC 2016 Volve Polestar 2.jpg

    Of course with the announcement that the 2016 WTCC season is coming to RaceRoom, one should not forget the other manufacturers that will be presented in the new release. Citroen are the current World Champions and carry the converted number one with Jose Maria Lopez. Teammate and touring car legend Yvan Muller will also be present, alongside a wave of customer specification C-Elysée WTCC machines. Lada, Honda and Chevrolet will also be represented by the Vesta, Civic and Cruz models respectively.

    The announcement by Sector3 appears to be very early in the development cycle, and as such no in game footage or release dates have yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for more information as and when it becomes available.

    Check out the RaceRoom Racing Experience sub forum here at RaceDeparment. Arguably one of the best places to find top quality Club Racing in R3E, the RaceRoom Racing Experience forum is the pace to go for the news as it happens, community discussions and car setups. Head over and leave a comment, join in the online fun or just have a read about what's happening at the moment in R3E. All right here at RaceDepartment.com!

    Do you, like myself, reaaaaally like Volvo's? Looking forward to WTCC 2016 addition? Enjoying R3E at the moment? Let us know in the comments section below!
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
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  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    It's a loose association to this news...but... please oh please please please do a new STCC pack including tracks!!!


    @J-F Chardon ;) :D
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  3. Everyone's calling for STCC stuff with this even though Volvo are leaving STCC over them adopting TCR regs.
  4. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Don't ask me to say aboot... Staff Premium

    If I'm honest, I've never been a fan of FWD drive cars for racing. However, ever since I started playing R3E, the WTCC cars have really grown on me. Man does that Volvo ever look cool. It won't be enough to take me away from my beloved Cruze though...:D
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  5. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Nice looking vehicle...will purchase when it comes out
  6. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Okay...i've got it. But can you at least put a flag on top of the car?:rolleyes:
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  7. Probably yes... as long as it is a Swedish one.
  8. kamackeris


    I hope they sort out the AI also!
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  9. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    The truth...im car fed up. Seems that the whole team is working on carscarscars.
    I dont care what cars they will release in the future. No more cars....i barely can handle it.
  10. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    World's fastest mobile chicane Premium

    Just pluck it first and-

    Oh wait, wrong series....
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  11. Mate, you have literally been saying this about every single sim on every single news article for nearly a year.

    Clearly since you are constantly mentioning, it isnt up to your liking... so wait for a specific note in a changelog saying "AI improvements" before whinging on about this. :p

    It's tiring.
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  12. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios Premium

    Yes, this was considered, it's not impossible that it happens at some point. Bringing a couple of tracks from our STCC expansions into RaceRoom and giving them a facelift. Right now we have our hands full, though. But hang in there, hope's not lost. We love those tracks too ;)
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  13. I share these feelings.
    And this S60 (though I'm not really a Volvo fan) looks very good...
    Keep 'm coming Sector 3 (and don't forget to finish the X-Bow please :D)
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  14. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios Premium

    Working on it!
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  15. Metalogic


    Even better news than the WTTC 2016 announcement for me! :geek:
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  16. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Looking forward to this, Sector 3 do a great job with the licences they've got.

    Slight shame they're removing the experience element as I liked the "standalone" feature of the DTM and WTCC part of the sim but looking forward to the '16 WTCC cars though :thumbsup::)
  17. kamackeris


    Nice one... I thought the ai has taken 2 steps forward then 1 step back... Good to know... Really looking forward to the updates!
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  18. Rodent


    Meeeeric...oh... Sweeeeedeeeen?
  19. WTCC 2016 inc. Volvo :thumbsup: :D ... only downside to announcements like this one, they never include phrases like "just released" and "available to purchase in store now" ... the pain of having to wait :cry:


    Sorry if this has been asked 100000 times before but I will ask anyway.
    What is going on with regards to VR support in R3E.
    After initially being blown away by how good the sound,ffb and racing in R3E is I had to drop it because of no VR support.
    Any ideas chaps?