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Discussion in 'Racer' started by Ruud, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Welcome to RaceDepartment. :)
    As RSC has been offline for quite a while, RaceDepartment has been gracious enough to host a temporary Racer forum.

    To kick it off, here is Racer v0.8.0. Warning: all things are set to target relatively high-end graphics card. nVidia 7950+ somewhat. Onboard cards will not do.

    The download is at http://www.racer.nl/download/racer080.zip (42Mb).
    If you have an ATI card, Cg shaders may not work due to a bug in Cg 2.1. Try the patched racer.exe from http://www.racer.nl/download/racer081a_patch.zip (1Mb).

    Hope you can enjoy it!

    The patch (really a preview of v0.8.1, so interesting for nVidia users as well) changes these, although no data files are included you can check out some things already:
    - Added envmap.live_track.sides_per_frame to set update count of live envmap
    - Car.ini camera<n>.view variables were read, but never used. Removed loading them, they are (and were) obsolete.
    - LOD (level of detail) for objects is now adjusted to take into account the camera FOV (normal FOV=50).
    - Split fullscreen_shaders directory into LDR and HDR variants (data/renderer/fullscreen_shaders_hdr and _ldr).
    - Added car.ini engine.idle_method to avoid throttle being slightly open all the time. See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/engine.htm
    - Now enforcing engine.stall_rpm to be at least 100 rpm less than idle_rpm to enable the new idle_method 1.
    - Added engine.braking_torque_curve to specify a curve for the engine braking instead of the linear parameters.
    (the Lambo now uses such a curve for demonstration)
    - Modified smoke particles to have no velocity. Also increased the brightness somewhat.
    - Bloom map was 16-bit, now 8-bit.
    - Added car.ini audio.skid audioset based on skid amount (around 0..2). This allows subtle scrub sounds before
    going to screeching & screaming.
    - Added 'gearwhine_off' audioset for gearwhine under deceleration circumstances.
    - Fuel consumption was based on engine output torque, added internal friction (engine braking torque) in fuel use calculations.
    - Renamed racer.ini variable 'collision.report_car_trk' to 'collision.report_car_track_collision'
    - Added car.ini's reboundstop_len and reboundstop_k for much the same as a bumpstop, only to prevent wheels falling through susp<n>.maxlen
    see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/suspensions.htm#reboundstops
    - susp<n>.restlen no longer needs to be smaller than maxlen. It ignored precompression that way.
    - Added fuel.rof to overrule the fuel grams/liter parameter. Normally it's around 700 for regular petrol.
    - Added views.ini 'invert' field (0/1) which inverts the variable (like 'factor' which multiplies it)

    The list of changes since v0.7.3:

    - Bugfix: OpenGL3.0 drivers would crash Racer due to a mistake in getting some extension function pointers.
    - Bugfix: track's with special.ini gfx.time below 1000 (10am) were not interpreted correctly.
    - Bugfix: turning on projected lights no longer kills some 3D dials
    - Heavily modified Cg shaders. Also added a lot more. See http://racer.nl/tutorial/gpushader.htm
    - Projected lights used alphafunc, which made lights on semi-transparent object pixely.
    - Added car.ini's model_reverse_l/r models for true rear lights. This should do away with the views.ini hack to add reverse lights.
    - Modified live track envmapping to not do all sides every frame. Lots faster.
    - Removed dbg_stats tree in racer.ini (it was obsolete).
    - Added 'clouds' script command for Cg-shaded skies, added 'clouds' uniform float parameter for Cg shaders (0..1).
    - Also added 'clouds' in a track's special.ini (env.clouds)
    - Added resolution.vsync to sync to display frequency or not (0=max fps, 1=sync, >1=set interval)
    - Added moving helmet (+pilot body) model option in car.ini. See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/helmet.htm
    - Raised the number of possible flares for each car to 20 (was 10)
    - Simple (single-polygon) shadows for car views without a body model are now turned off.
    - Removed 'fx.sky_enable' option. The sky is always on.
    - Removed 'gfx.reflections' option. Was/is obsolete.
    - Added graphics.show_names to be able to indicate driver names floating above cars.
    - Added mirrors.texture.fbo setting to render into an offscreen framebuffer object (faster)
    - Added mirrors.texture.fbo_samples setting to enable anti-aliasing of the mirror.
    - Added HDR rendering basics (renderer.hdr.enable=1). Uses data/renderer/shaders_hdr directory if enabled, shaders_ldr otherwise.
    - Added Bloom rendering for HDR mode (renderer.bloom.enable=1).
    - Split data/renderer/shaders directory in two: shaders_ldr and shaders_hdr. HDR is the way to go. LDR will be deprecated.
    - Added ini.auto_lights setting (0/1) to determine with time-of-day controls a car's light automatically
    - Added shader 'reflect' material property for reflective Cg shaders (in the same line as diffuse, ambient, specular etc).
    Use this in conjunction with [dyn_]shader_reflective_v/f.cg for example.
    - Added car.shd/track.shd 'motion_blur' variable to turn off motion blur velocity map generation for certain shaders (wheels mostly).
    - Added auto-exposure settings for HDR rendering (racer.ini:renderer.auto_exposure.*)
    - Added fx.sun.auto_time_of_day to track real current (PC) time for the time of day in Racer
    - Added fx.sun.fast_time_factor to set time speed. Normally 0 for no time change, 1 for realtime, >1=faster than realtime
    - Added fueltank in cars. See data/cars/default/car.ini (fuel.* settings). Currently in alpha. No fuel means no throttle.
    - Added fuel view variables for views.ini files (for cars). See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/fuel.htm for details.
    - Added formatting option for views.ini; 'float_1' displays a value with 1 decimal (for example: 123.4).
    - Added 'sample_hold' option for view elements to get slow-updating dials (mostly useful for digital dashboards)
    - Added fx.sun.flare option to remove sun flare. It doesn't match with the Cg sun position.
  2. Interesting Changelog, I take it that the nvidia 7600GS would still do as far as running racer is concerned or do I have to prepare to upgrade?

    Also, does this fuel thing just mean "we got a variable which does not change", or do we have actual fuel usage, too? (wouldn't be to bad to have some sort of easy entity in tracked, which refuels your car when you enter a certain area in that case).

    If i interpret that right, time of the day now works correctly? means the sun position gets updated and stuff? (It didn't work, at least for me, unless put into "fast mode" via console in the last versions).

    Edit.: Never mind my fuel Question, I was to excited to realize you put that link there
    Edit.: Notice for others with the same Grapics Card as I have - It seems to have problems with Motion Blur (screen is all black), just turn it off or buy a better card :D .

    Additonally there is an error: Thu Apr 02 23:02:41 (ERR ): [racer/1976] WorldRenderer:RenderBloomMap(); no mblur FBO tex?! << Disable Bloom to make that error go away

    Pic how it looks currently: http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l178/EngineOfDarkness/test.jpg
  3. W00t:)

    Everything seems to be working over here. Helmet model is there and so is the fuel..fuel flow needs some tweaking but it's all working (I'm using less fuel in 3rd at 3600rpm than 5th at 2500? Or is that because the gearing isn't factored in like it would be with MPG?)

    Ruud, one thing I meant to ask before, would it be possible to get the generic models working in the car select screen? I'm using a lot of them now (easier to do LODs more progressively, much better framerate) but they glitch big time on the select screen.

    Cheers, Bruce.

  4. dsfdyhsgfdjkfkv

    Really nice release Ruud! You added many intresting sides to racer, which i getting to know right now :)

    Im getting some really low FPS, below 10's, instead of the stable 60 (locked on screen hertz) in the earlier beta's. An FPS drop is to be expected but not that much. Gonna go through every setting available, but ill post my setup aswell, just so that i might get a "your machine is.. to slow" or a "thats weird, should be better".

    AMD Athlon 64
    Dual core 5400+
    3 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    Geforce 9400 GT HD

    Ill take the time and post some pics of how my ST205 WRC with borrowed OSD-meters from the Lambo and a weird dash-faces prob in the 3d-model, and how it looks in the new GREAT release, cheers!

    EDIT: Cheeses, didnt realize it lowered the quality of the pics that much, id better get em uploaded somewhere!

  5. Yeah, looks like the HDR isn't working properly here...Carlswood is rendering way brighter on my rig...looks nice on your shots :thumb:
  6. Hi. Sorry my bad english, but use "Google Translator"

    I have a problem with Racer version 0.8.0. With version 0.7.3 everything was ok, but in 0.8.0 at the time of starting the race only show counters. The image of all black.

    Racer - 0.7.3: [​IMG]

    Racer - 0.8.0: [​IMG]

    My computer is:
    Procesor: AMD Sempron 3000+ (1,6 GHz)
    RAM: 1024 MB DDRII
    Graphic Card: Galaxy GeForce 7300GT 128MB 128bit

    Reinstall graphic drivers nothing helped.

    Please help me!
  7. Woohoo!
    Now that there are forums I might get a little more motivated to do some more stuff with racer :)
    I'll have to post some images when i get time but i'l be pretty flat out today.

    Thank for the new version Ruud!
    Just a quick question, is there an option to set the interval for the live track env. update?

  8. Gnapek, it did that for me too, then I turned off full screen mode and all was OK:)

    This version is nice! Can somebody tell me what cars are working fine with this version and where to get them? I downloaded some cars but they were not so good:/ If they had sound and everything then the FFB was bad.
    The in-game Murcielago is fine though, first time I enjoyed driving that car in a sim:)
  9. Finally :)

    It's great to see someone step up and provide a forum for us, Thanks
    RaceDepartment. :)

    Wow Ruud, you've been busy. I guess it's our turn now to get up to
    speed on all of the new features.

    Alex Forbin
  10. Distort

    I'm trying to get distort edit to work and while I can edit the screen using
    the script command and save it, the screen won't distort.
    I have ...


    Oops! I just noticed, there is no distort.cg! Could you post it?
    I just happen to be in the process of building a dome projector so this
    couldn't have come at a better time.

    Alex Forbin
  11. Hi
    Feel free to try this new bloom shader, a little bit faster than the default one, just unzip the file into data/renderer/fullscreen_shaders and overwrite the orignal ones , remeber to make a backup :dog:

    Attached Files:

  12. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    A 7600GS is too low-end to turn all features on. As for your screenshot, it has an LDR look, which means it is too bright than intended. I will have a look at the LDR shaders if I can improve things. Might be nice for the mirror as well, currently (even in HDR) that has the LDR brightness as well.
  13. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    The errors in QLOG give hints (although it's a bit cryptic, I should add graphic option settings). Try setting renderer.hdr.enable to 0, also do this for bloom and possibly set velocity_map to 0 as well. You may need to select a different postprocessing filter (fs_filter1) as well, but you can also skip this altogether by setting renderer.motion_blur.method to 0 instead of the default 4.
  14. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Not yet, it's on the todo-list. I found lowering the update rate quickly looked quite bad, but it can't hurt to add some settings. Currently internally it's based on a number of cubemap sides per frame.

    Edit: made it for v0.8.1 (live_track.sides_per_frame=1 for example)
  15. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Nice. :) Although it is too fuzzy on my system, which is running 1024x768 or 1280x800. The shader is targeted at 800x600 it seems from the 0.00125 term. I don't have resolution Cg parameters yet though. :(
  16. Good to see a temporary forum for racer, was missing those conversations :)

    I'll report my bug later here.

    Thank for this work, Ruud.
  17. Ok, so… HDR exposure seems to make track textures flash. Also sometime, at low speed, sky rendering is slow enough to see some grayed area in it around trees, for example. With my crappy graphic card, I still get some 24 FPS on Carlswood with the default lambo, with HDR on, Live env off and motion blur. But when using my recent Sm, it falls to 14 FPS.
    Another point : the Sm I'm working on have working incar gauges, working properly in 0.7.3 & 0.7.4. But they have dissapeared in last version. Another thing going wrong with this car (haven't tested with other yet) is some bad positionning of my directionnals lights (too high) when displaying the preview, but in the right place in game. Weird.
    The good point is that now, I don't have the bug I told you about a few weeks ago, with the flares reflecting all body. ;)
  18. Metallic paint Cg shader


    Does anyone have some good link for some working cg shader for metallic body paint ? I've looked in Nvidia database, but haven't found shader working with Racer…

    As far as I can remember, there was a good topic about Cg shader on rscnet, but no longer available :(

    Thanks for hints !
  19. Hi Ruud
    Seems like the reflection cube map is using a 8bit format which 'clamp' the bright part ,resulting the reflection map in ldr...And the bloom map can use 8bit instead of 16bit which can save some performance. Btw, i recommand using Gdebugger to take a look at the inside of the program which can help a lot.
  20. As for the fuzzy bloom, one way to get rid of it is to set intervel in hdr_blurh_f.Cg to 0 and intervel in hdr_blurv_f.Cg to 1