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Racer v0.8.22 released!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Ruud, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Yep, it's at http://www.racer.nl/download/racer0.8.22.zip (63Mb).
    Known issues:
    - Tracked still displays white
    - Generic models don't get transformed correctly to their right location

    Mostly this version is a lot nicer in the tonemapping/HDR department; I think it's quite good enough to leave as is for v0.9, so it's easier from now on to tweak content for.

    - Added speed limiter (controlled per car); see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/engine.htm#speedlimiter
    - If the speed limiter is on, the rpm_warning variable will 'flash' between 0 and 1. Useful
    for Formula-style cars which indicate it that way.
    - Added view var 'speed_limiter' that is 1 if the speed limiter is enabled (default: SPACE key)
    - Added rev limiter time per car; see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/engine.htm#revlimiter
    - Added view mapping curve to map input values to output values. This allows for non-linear
    dials, such as km/h gauges, commonly seen on lots of cars. See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/dials.htm
    and look for the 'map' variable.
    - HDR tonemapping now uses the Uncharted 2 method. See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/hdr.htm
    This looks cleaner (a bit in the GT5 direction). In constants.cg you can add some gamma to increase
    contrast (default=1.0).
    - Modified auto exposure filter gain from 0.1 to 0.001 (much slower)
    - Decoupled dynamic exposure integration from exposure sampling; made it smoother with less sampling.
    - dyn_standard_bump_reflect_f.cg had a bug in its fresnel calculation, resulting in funny reflection
    factors. Fixed.
    - Multiplayer collisions using forces/torques instead of SetPosition(). Newton could get seriously
    stuck when doing that (taking >1 second while resolving collisions for a single step).
    Still a bit alpha functionality.
    - Flares are now rendering using Cg to be able to give them more light. The 'color' property
    of a flare should now be in klux, so a value of around 'color=40 40 40' should be better.
    - TOD editor can now zoom in with Z key (multiple zoom levels); some curves needed precision at the low end.
    - TOD exposure curve improved so things also work without auto-exposure.
    - standard_mix*.cg shaders changed to put the most important texture in layer0. This was needed since
    projective lighting only uses the first texture to light the scene, and that was a control texture,
    giving funny black & white looks when lit. See http://www.racer.nl/reference/gpushader.htm
    - Renderer now caches OpenGL's texenvmode for a small performance gain.
    - Added 'reload track' console command.
    - Added 'sound reverb <n>' console command. Useful in combination with trigger lines to give certain
    areas of the track reverb sound. See http://www.racer.nl/reference/scripting.htm
    - Carlswood sky improved (thanks to Luthobu)
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Thanks Ruud! This version sure does sound like a good improvement :)
  3. WIn 7 ultimate Radeon 4850... :frown:

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  4. Ooooo, some fancy new features to play with!

    Sounds great, look forward to having a play.

  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator


    Same here, Windows 7 Ultimate. It doesn't like it!
  6. Same here, on a 4890/ 10.4 ATI Driver (I know I could update, but I don't really feel like it currently).

    I don't think Ruud uses OpenGL 4.1 Stuff, but maybe ATI fixed some random stuff in there too http://www.geeks3d.com/20101022/ati...adds-opengl-4-1-support-and-9-new-extensions/
    That is if you don't have the 10.10a hotfix already. I did not try though.

    It seems to be caused by the Motion Blur thingy though, turning it from method 4 to 0 makes the game start, at least. Maybe that helps to find the problem more quickly.
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator


    Lacking transparancy?
  8. [​IMG]

    On a more serious note:

    Reverb should be cut off once cameras change, sounds weird, especially in racing cameras (if you still hear the reverb which was played when the car passed the first camera)
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Lmfao.. nice.
  10. Tried the reverb with triggerlines, it works but it needs a "fade" Effect badly. Right now its "instant" on/off.
    I don't know if triggerlines should be used for this. A problem which could arise is, if a player crashes or does not drive trough the triggerline to turn reverb of, he will still have the reverb effect till he reaches another triggerline which changes the setting.
  11. Sweet, testing it out!
  12. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll


    EDIT: here too...not possible to selekt a car...same error...but racer runs fine if i change the car by racer.ini.....
  13. Default shadows look to be a bit wrong again.

    From a track camera my car suddenly has no shadow after it's about 15m past it...

    We need a shadow test track where it's like that one Some1 posts now and again... it just helps you see JUST the shadows and shading to spot problems and tweak things!

  14. If you like, I can post it. It is pretty generic though.
  15. Nice Features !
    Keep it up !

    What I would like to see/have :

    - driver character specific animations (throttling / breaking / hand-knob shifting left + right handed + steering wheel shifting / steering...)
    - car specific events when raining (windscreen wiper & rain strength anims), when car is destroyed (engine failure, tyre exploding...), when forces (physics) are applied to it, ....
    - dynamic weather with transitions like F1 2010 (dynamic tyre gripping over curved ?)
    - enhanced rigid body collision/ physics system (cones, destroyables / breakables objects exploding in pieces)
    - pit stops system + manual ingame car setup like F1 2010 with a nice GUI (sliders etc...) adjustable only in pits.
    - car damaging system (rigid or soft bodies) like all new sim games (Shift, Dirt2, F1 2010...& all new ones RFactor2, GTR3, Shift 2...)
  16. Nice ideas. But as a NR.1 prio I would like to see the vehicle physics optimized.
  17. FVR


    Doesn't work for me... Win7 ATI... Crap, I just got a wheel... Seems that 0.88 is a last version playable with ATI Radeon 4800 graphic card.
  18. Hm. That does not make sense.. I just checked the specs (http://www.amd.com/us/products/desk...d-4800/Pages/ati-radeon-hd-4800-overview.aspx) and it should support even DX10 (SM4). I have Win7 with an ATI x600 and it only supports DX9 (SM2) and I can still run 0822.

    If you want I can upload my 0822 ini..
  19. FVR


    Don't know why... Please do... Thanks
  20. Nice feature list, but a fair few we can kinda do very soon.

    All the driver animations are coming along soon, as are car object dynamics (ie, spoilers moving up and down etc... not sure if these can then back-influence car.ini values using a curve or something)

    Then we have rigid body collision, cones are possible now, as are destroyable objects. Just rig up a fence as separate objects, and they will stay in place until 'touched' at which point they fall apart (not ideal if you tap them lightly, but they will fly apart if hit fast which is the expected situation :D )

    To be honest, I've said it all along in Racers time, WE are the weak link. Stecki made stunning looking cars 8 years ago, Tops and Tor Arne made stunning tracks back in their time too.

    Racer today is fantastic and full of potential. If anything I'd rather Ruud focus on helping us get really great content done and improve what is here already, like he is doing mainly with v0.9, than start adding yet MORE features :D