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Racer = Project Torque ?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by renato, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I wonder if there is any mod Racer stay with the same simulation of Project Torque, leave the cars less aggressive!

    It is possible to leave the physical arcade racer like?
    I'm trying to days! Can not
    I would like to make a mod to popularize the game!
  2. i think D1GP Mod by FSR has brilliant phisics! and if someon will like to learn real drifting in the Racer, he will learn it! I learned it, so i think no other game can show what is drifting is all about :) no need making arcadish Racer though...
  3. Arcadish Racer, terrible idea I think lol
  4. :cool: Play! I'm good! simulation game! But the physical object does not exist (this could be improved), the cars are some uncontrollable (that's physics my friend) I'm playing Racer in two months and some improvements could be made ... yes
    It's a good game ... it must become open to more layers ...
  5. Racer is what it is. It isn't NFS, it is a driving simulator. There's a diference between a game and a simulator. The physics of the game itself sure can be improved, but I think they are already very good. And if some cars are uncontrolable, it's only because or they are badly made, or the real car is uncontrolable.

    Racer should keep it's way being a driving simulator, not one more of those games with very bad unealistic physics built just for speed sensation.
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I JUST about understand what you mean. However, I do disagree. Racer is a simulation game, so if people can't handle the physics then instead of there being an easier arcade mode.. they should really just either live with it/learn or go find something that's more appealing to them. For example: If you find Forza Motorsport hard.. go to Juiced 2 or NFS.

    Edit: agree with above.
  7. A very good freeware alternative is Speed Dreams, a TORCS forc. It has decent graphics, strong AI´s and good tracks. It is of course nothing like Racer but fun non-the-less. Just another 2c from me.
  8. TORCS can be as good as it wants, but at the end of the day it doesn't stand up to Racer, because Racer simulates cars, and TORCS simulates car-shaped boxes.
  9. LOL! You made my day.. :)