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Racer not runnin`..

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by gotsoul, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Hy there,

    I just downloaded the "Racer Beta-Version" 0.8.44...There`s a fatal Error running, if I want to start the game..

    Then I downloaded the and it isn`t running, too...

    At least I downloaded the really old one 050.exe...I can start the game, but when the car appears on screen, I cannot drive. The car is black, engine is running and I can see the enviroment..There is no reaction of keyboard- or joypaduse..

    Can anybody help me, please ? I wanna play this game..

    I got a AMD Sempron 2,6+ and 2 GB Ram. GC is Radeon 9600..


    I now have been downloading every availible Version. None of them is running..



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    A`ight, thanx alot..

    So it seems, that my PC is kinda less powerful, cause the 2,6+ Sempron is only running at 1,8 Ghz actually...Damn...

    Jos a matter of time and money...

  3. I have a similar PC to yours and can run Racer v0.88 perfectly, at low FPS but it runs OK!
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    so I was wondering anyway..It could be another reason then. Had heavy Virus-Attacks few weeks ago. Might be some probs in deeper system-software, I´m not able to repair..:mad:..

    I`ll check that one out and let y`all konw then..