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Racer - How hard is it to edit for..more inside

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ammods, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. greetings, i'm looking into a new game format, but i dont know whether or not this is the direction i want to head, i have loads of models,i specialise in australian muscle (hence my nick)

    what are your thoughts on this game, and what is the community itself like, i'm looking for something that's not egotistical(up themselves) and will support the new guy...

    what are your thoughts on this please..
  2. Well, Welcome to the racer community.

    The community is a group of misfits that dearly love cars and racing and just plain driving in a simulator vehicles they wish they had.

    Generally newbies are treated fairly and with respect even tho they ask a lot of dumb questions. Dumb to the one that tries to answer them.

    We do try to help Ruud make racer the best sim available, it's a daunting task tho.

    Newbies need to goto www.racer.nl and read all they can, it'll help.
  3. I think Racer is pretty easy to edit for.

    To get the best from however, is a different matter. Hopefully in a few months with v0.9 erring towards release with a new finalised graphics setup, will mean getting the best from it will be much easier!

  4. ok. well looks like i'm going to be asking some really stupid questions over the coming weeks, so thanks for the tip, i've been game editing for about 10 years so i'm not a total n00b just want to make a few mods for it, and see how well they go, if it bombs out, then at least i'll know

    i've posted in the forums regarding shaders...but it doesnt appear that hard after all...well see what arises i guess...thanks again, check out my website and you'll see where i am headed.

  5. @ammods: Welcome to the community! Your work looks great and I think it will be a great
    contribution to the Racer community. And as everyone knows, I am a huge fan of
    Muscle cars ;)

    For setting up ini's and adding light+dials you should be able to get valuable help from
    several members who are into car modeling.
  6. You Australian yourself mate? You seemed like a Ford bloke from the front page of your site, but there's a few Holdens in there too, which is good to see. I'll probably be your biggest fan, I've owned a lot of Australian power machines over the years, and love driving em again in Racer.
  7. Wow, Aussie muscle!!! :D

    We need those cars in Racer, any help you need, please communicate! ;)
  8. I can't open your site, but I trust on other members, it'd looks nice. You can have my help too, any doubt, can get my msn from another members , or asking me by PM.

    Cheers, Tom
  9. bloody oath mate, am a born and bred aussie, live in Perth West Aussie, thanks everyone for your positive comments and support, i did a little testrun with racer last night, i got my model into "modeler" but when i tried to load in racer, nothning there...oh well, start over later on..maybe something i missed...
  10. Clipboard01.jpg
    as you can see, i've started looking into this game, but not real sure why this is happening, textures are there, i'm using the dof export, that i found in another thread, maybe you can tell me what i'm doing wrong..could it be that i'm using multisub? any suggestions please
  11. Have you defined a car.shd file in the car's directory, using the corresponding texture's name as shaders? You can take a look at Qlog.txt or Qlog_Last.txt files to check errors. ;)

  12. right now i'm focusing on, non CG, that is until i learn more about, it as i go, i noticed that the cars use a shadow.dof, is there a poly count limit on that, ie in wr2, it can be no more than 100 faces generally any advice greatly appreciated,
  13. For shadow.dof I use the body mesh with the wheels/tires in proper location tectured all black, generally works very well.
  14. You still need a car_nocg.shd file..
  15. ok cheers, alot of info to take in, but we'll get there lol

  16. The learning curve for a new person will be steeper with the old gfx system than the new one, since no 'standards' were ever really formalised for the old system, so you will be referencing a wild range of varying material to try find the right techniques.

    The CG shaders are much more mature and standardised from the word go, and generally 'work' out of the box too.

    I'd go with CG first, no point learning and pulling your hair out over an out-going gfx system when a new simpler better looking one is out now :D

  17. My thoughts exactly.
    CG shaders might look a bit inaccessible when you take your first look, but they're much easier to work with then the old system.
  18. mmmmm unsure, about all this really, too much info..so little time lol

    ne volunteers to convert my mods to racer...lol...still thinking about this game overall...
  19. Give it another month or two. Some new cars/tracks built with clear and new techniques in mind should be out, and you can see how they were built.

    Also, the Racer.nl docs are improving constantly as a good reference for you.

    Lastly, we are all here to help :D

  20. It's really rewarding doing things by yourself like Ruud & all community members here. I recently converted successfully from Shift the F430 GTC and I learned a lot !

    Now it's becoming like drugs & really you can create your visions easily with it, like a GT5/Dirt2/Grid/Shift/F1 2010 etc...games. :) We now all know Racer has a lot of potential.

    Also, I've been looking around, not much is comparable to Racer actually speaking...