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Racer forum back (merged)

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Bram, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    As it is taking so much time again to have the official forum back, here is a new one Racers. If you guys need anything please drop it in this thread.

    edit: have sent an email to Ruud what he would like to do
  2. Racesimcentral has announced they will not continue their forum in it's current form. (been reading this with a tear in my eye)
    Is there a possibility that this temporary forum at Racedepartment can become a regular home for us Racer fans?
    I don't know how other Racer's feel about this though.

  3. Racer forum at RSC gone

    Well guys, looks like RSC is finally gone - check their main page :(. By chance I just clicked on this link from racer.nl and noticed the new posts.

    TBH, I was surprised we moved back to RSC too, any chance of getting a permanent Racer forum running here on Race Dept?

    It's been a while (real life, bah :)) but I picked up Racer again a few nights back, 087 has improved a lot in some areas, seems like the goal posts have moved yet again as the remaining shaders I still have here are a mess now, way too bright and oversaturated..the change to ambient and diffuse lighting I think. A few of us need to get together and get working on that new content that we were talking about over on RSC a few months back.

    In a cruel twist of fate, I've lost virtually all of my Racer stuff (bad backups when I changed HD, don't ask)..at least I've still got most of the source .blend files but textures sounds and other Racer stuff is all gone. Could be worse I guess, at least I've got the models still.

    Cheers, Bruce.
  4. Racer definitely needs a good forum, kudos to the guys over on RSC for the work they've done the past 8 years but it got really bad last time I was online, sometimes could only get pages to load 1 out of 3 times..I was sad too to hear they've closed down but it was inevitable really.

    It's up to Ruud I guess, Race Department seems good to me though..

    Cheers, Bruce.
  5. Good to see you back, TibS.
  6. Sorry to see RSC go, I've been around since 0.5.0 and have donated to RSC. Guess others didn't! We need a good Racer forum when we can post content and help the newbies and old f**ts like me when we get stuck with a problem!

    IMHO we need to get together and figure out how to set up a good forum where we can post large files with good content as we were limited on RSC after the first big crash and are limited on this forum, perhaps a fee could be charged to allow large files to be posted.

    I have a lot of files that I downloaded and if anyone needs something just ask and I'll send it if I have it.

    Enough rambling for now, I guess we are stuck with what we have and are very thankful for that.
  7. Boomer: I donated, twice. Not huge amounts but if 1 in 10 members each donated what I had each quarter, RSC could've kept running.

    I sent Ruud an email a few days back, before I realised we had a forum back online. We'll see what happens but a good stable 'official' forum would be good IMO.

    Ian: Good to see you still around, sent you a PM.
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Are there any subsections you guys need?
  9. I did shed a tear reading that RSC won't be coming back (at least as a forum). but times change, and we just need to move on. Scott (KS95 on RSC) was nice enough to set up a more permanent Racer forum, here...

    I have nothing against RaceDepartment hosting a Racer forum, though just quickly looking at this one, its quite unorganized it seems.
  10. I see this is where all the blokes from RSC went lol. KS95 has set up another forum that is a little more permanent than this one, I posted it in another thread and feeling too lazy to post it twice lol.

    I had picked up Racer a couple days ago, twas my last of Racer.... ...on my 8600 GTS, have yet to try it on my new 9600 GSO, ran Crysis Wars with it set to probably about medium settings, ran beautifully(where as the 8600 was no where near that). I have yet to even try the new version 8.8 (man that seems weird, already to version 8.8?)
  11. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Unorganized :) ?
  12. No offence to Harey but don't you think that a forum at RD would be best? You will be very isolated over there and it's not exactly a catchy address for new people to find.

    I'm sure Bram has no problem setting up some subsections for you guys - we would welcome your company :)
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Thats why i posted something in post #4 if you need anything just shout :)
  14. Looks fine to me. Thanks for putting it up for us. Very appreciated.
  15. None taken really, I'm sure here would be just fine. I was just showing it as an alternative, not a replacement (and yes the address is not at all catchy, but its not my forum either).

    and Bram when I said unorganized, I meant that like on RSC, there were subsections for different things, like Cars, Tracks, Techincal things, etc This its all just there (unless its just my view or something silly like that, which it could be)
  16. We'll wait to see what Ruud says
  17. Well, I suppose we could use the forum categorisation that Dave "Whippy" suggested. I don't remember what that was. But he will.
  18. My 2 cents, RD seems a fine host for Racer's forum, they're willing, we require some forum like what they have, Ruud originally organised RD as a 'temp' Recer forum, so he obviously thought RD was capable. RD seems pretty fast to view & post to.

    Bram, is it possible to pull the recently deleted Racer theme/setup from a site backup?
    Otherwise, we need sections done as Mr Whippy suggested at RSC recently. Which I'm sure he'll post again here. (cue Mr Whippy....)
  19. KS95 has a good forum that is easier to use than this one, took me three days to figure out how to log on to this one.

    The other forum is a lottle slow in responding but reasonable.

    I'll use both until we get something better
  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    A theme is unfortunately not possible at the moment. We have just upgraded from vb 3.8 to vb 4.0 and therefore all desiged themes we had are belly up, and will not return. The new customization features are great but very very time consuming. Time i don't have at this stage unfortunately. Subforums etc should not be any problem, same as a download database of course.

    Let's hope RSC gets that static page up and running so all the posts made in the past can be used for reference purposes.