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Raceline in Time Attack mode

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jure Skraba, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. I haven't found any manual for Steam version on the web and now I have a question regarding raceline in Time Attack mode. What do the colors and dotted lines actually mean?

    I've figured it out that two red dots on the left and right mean the brake point and green line means throttle. But, what about grey line and dotted lines?

    What does "loaded raceline" mean? How can you load a raceline? Where can you get saved racelines?

    And finally, are those racelines any good?
  2. Hi Jure - thanks Mike for the links to the manuals, didn't know about those, thought I would post anyways with a quick run down anyway.

    Raceline - is the line taken by your car around the track.

    Colours - Green accelerate, Red braking, Yellowy not braking or accelerating

    Own / Loaded raceline - if you run a lap then ESC to garage you have the option to SAVE Time attack. Having a saved Time attack then means you have the option of LOAD Time attack. You can then choose to display OWN, which is the fastest raceline from your current session, LOADED which is a raceline loaded, using LOAD Time attack, or BOTH which is both of these. You can also UNLOAD a loaded attack.

    Online - an option is there for ONLINE time attacks - where you can look down the list, in a similar way to online car setups and choose a time attack to download - a downloaded time attack then becomes available in LOAD Time attack menu. You can also upload your own time attacks.

    Are they any good - depends on how good/accurate the driver who saved the raceline is! I personally find them and the ghosts quite distracting once I have set a decent time and am trying to shave fractions of a second, rather than seconds off a lap. Great fun for gatherings with mates though to have two ghosts and/or racelines on track with you.

    Finally a word of advice - if in a session you set a good laptime, thats tidy, has good braking points and no cutting - ESC to garage and SAVE it - nothing worse than doing a great time in a session with tidy lines and fantastic breaking points, and then beating it with a crappy lap that involves really bad breaking points and a couple of cuts, because once you beat the good lap the great one is lost, unless you SAVED it and then you can go back and reload it!
  3. I have always been a huge proponent of using this Time trial tool and ghost lap for learning a new track. It will show you so where you're losing time every lap. Plus you can have someone else upload one for you which can help as well.

    What I've found though is that after you've learned the track, then it can become a crutch in break point memorization etc... so learn the track.... even test setups etc... but then run without the ghost and line to cement what you've learned without the visual aids.
  4. Mike, Dave, Jarrod, thanks for the info.

    Mike, as far as I know, Raceline was introduced in Race ON release and there's no manual for that, meaning no info about raceline colors and linetypes.

    Another question. Since I've installed Race ON, there are no online time attacks. Status of the server is IDLE and no time attacks are shown.

    Also, old time attacks don't work. Is there a bug or am I missing something?
  5. Jure, my old time attacks still work. I have uploaded one for Magny Cours quite some time ago and tried loading it now in RaceON and it works just fine.