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RaceDepartment Star Mazda Series signups - NOW OPEN!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Bummer the races are on Sundays which is a no go for me :frown:
  2. Yes unfortunately Dave, in organizing this new Series and the concluded RD MX-5 Championship we've found out that this is the best day for EU and US drivers to get together and race.
  3. I'm in!!! Are you going to allow custom paints and have a car paint pack to download before each race?
  4. Yes custom paint schemes are allowed, as long as they are not obscene of course. In our MX-5 series we allowed members to submit their skins which were then bundled up into one zip file for others to download so we could all see their handywork.
  5. Wonderful..... so...... anyone want to paint a car for me? LOL :)
  6. What colour would sir like. I can do a red one, a blue one or a green one, lol.

  7. rofl.. I want my MEGAMAN one to be done for a StarMazda.. :cool:

    You can see my LM painted here...