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RaceDepartment Forum Racing Season 7

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Resi Respati, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Rules
    New point allocation:
    All Others--1

    -+2 points for pole (first one to post "start" after the start of a Sprint, Long Sprint, Obstacle and Endurance race)
    -Every race will last approximately 1 day and all drivers that finish in that time will receive points
    -Posts after marshal says "Race Over" wont count, and that player won't receive any points

    -If you double post in a feature race or triple post in a sprint race, you will blow your engine
    -If you don't post "start" on a start of a Sprint, Long Sprint, Obstacle, or Endurance race, your engine will also blow up
    -Using a clone army as a pitcrew is forbidden
    -Also using babes to distract other drivers is forbidden too.
    -Using babes any side of the teams are forbidden now.
    -At this season winning prizes will be randomly selected by randomizer.org (Resi) or The Hat (Matt)
    -If the randomizer site chooses again a same prize, I will random again.
    -Please read all of the race's rules carefully
    -Everybody is in registered status, so anyone come and say race anytime, but no more teams will be created after the third race of the season
    -If someone thinks he will not complete a race (excl. feature), they may post "Retire" and will be classified as DNF, and he will get half of the points awarded to the last finished driver
    -No editing posts are allowed on every races. If you edit your finish post your engines will be blown up
    -Do not chat during a race. If you do so your engine will be blown up (Exceptions: if you give comments on your start, pit and/or finish, they you may go on.)
    -All race rules are new, check it out.
    -After this time, team sizes are 2 again.
    -Long Sprint race is another addition. Check it out too.
    -Rally race is an all new fun. Check out it's rules carefully
    -Obstacle Race is a new addition. Check out the rules carefully

    You will say "finish" as quickly as possible. Then after 8 people finishes, i will start stage 2. You will say finish again, after 8 people finishes, i will start stage 3. Then you will say "finish" as soon as possible. After all stages are completed, we will count your average finishing positions and the driver with the highest average finishing positions will win the race. Point allocations are now the same as other races.

    Endurance is changed now. Now the first one to say "start", then wait for 1 hour to say "pit1", and another hour to "pit2", and so on until "pit5" and wait another hour again to "finish", will win. First to post "start" gets +2 points.

    First you will say "start" then will wait for one hour. Then you'll post "pit" and wait another hour to post "finish" to end your race. First to post "start" will get +2 points. If you don't wait for one hour, your engine is blown up.

    At this races first you will say "start" then will wait 1 hour. Then say "pit1", wait for another hour to post "pit2", then wait for one more hour. Then say "finish". First to post start will get +2 points.

    After the start, you have to say "finish" only once and that's all about this races. But if you double post, your engines blows up.

    Before the race, a mod who starts the race will give 3 questions that players must answer correctly. For example, a mod gave out this questions:

    1)Who was the champion of RD Forum Racing for 3 times in a row?
    2)Name all the moderators of RD Forum Racing Season 6.
    3)Where did Johnny Herbert raced his final race in F1?

    Then players must post "start", then PM that moderator the answers in order before they post "finish". If they double posted and/or posted the incorrect answer, their engines will blow up
    . First to post "start" gets +2 points.

    - +1 point.
    - +2 points.
    - choose someone to crash at next race.
    - choose someone to destroy his 2 points.
    - + 1 pos. bonus at next race.
    - + 1 pos. bonus for your team members at next race.(teammate must say finish though cant not say finish and get 6th)
    - choose someone to get a -1 pos. penalty at next race.
    - choose what type of the next race will be (Specific Races only, see calendar)



    Team Mods and Rockers
    -Resi Respati
    -Matthew Gutteridge

    Buxmer Racing
    -David Buxton
    -Omer Said

    PnP Racing
    -Marcus Probert
    -Niels Pedersen

    -Dave Stephenson
    -Bert Van Waes
    -Peter Duivelaar
    -Garry Pullen
    -Viljar Parts
  2. Race Results


    1) Omer Said-25
    2) Resi Respati-20
    3) Neils Pedersen-16
    4) David Buxton-13

    2)Long Sprint

    1) Matthew Gutteridge-25
    2) Niels Pedersen-20
    3) Marcus Probert-16
    4) Peter Duivilaar-15


    1) Marcus Probert-25
    2) Niels Pedersen-20
    3) Peter Duivilaar-16
    4) Omer Said-13
    5) David Buxton-2 (pole bonus)


    1) Matthew Gutteridge-25
    2) Niels Pedersen-20
    3) Marcus Probert-16
    4) David Buxton-13
    5) Peter Duivilaar-11

    5)Endurance Race

    1) David Buxton-27 (pole bonus)
    2) Marcus Probert-20

    6)Obstacle Race

    1) Resi Respati-27 ( pole bonus)
    2) Omer Said-20
    3) Peter Duivilaar-16
    4) Marcus Probert-13


    1) David Buxton-25
    2) Peter Duivilaar-20
    3) Marcus Probert-16
    4) Omer Said-13
    5) Garry Pullen-11
    6) Niels Pedersen-10
    7) Resi Respati-9

    8)Winners Choice (Long Sprint)

    1) David Buxton-25
    2) Niels Pedersen-20
    3) Peter Duivelaar-16
    4) Resi Respati-15 (+2 pole bonus)
    5) Omer Said-11
    6) Gary Pullen-10
    DNF) Marcus Probert-4.5 (Half 7th Place points for retiring)

    9)Long Sprint

    1) Peter Duivillaar-25
    2) David Buxton-22 (+2 pole bonus) (+1 position bonus)
    3) Gary Pullen-16
    4) Omer Said-13 (+1 position bonus)
    5) Neils Pedersen-11
    6) Resi Respati-5 (Rtr)


    1)Matthew Gutteridge--25
    2)Garry Pullen--20
    3)David Buxton--16 (-1 pos. penalty)
    4)Niels Pedersen--13
    5)Marcus Probert--11
    6)Peter Duivelaar--10
    7)Omer Said--9

    11)Endurance Race

    1) Niels Pedersen-27 (+2 pole bonus)
    2) bduddy-20
    3) Omer Said-16
    4) Matthew Gutteridge-13
    5) Gary Pullen-11
    6) Peter Duivilaar-5 (rtr)


    1) David Buxton-25
    2) Gary Pullen-20
    3) Peter Duivilaar-16
    4) Omer Said-13
    5) Resi Respati-11
    6) bduddy-10


    1) Niels Pedersen-25
    2) bduddy-20
    3) David Buxton-16 (+1 position bonus)
    4) Omer Said-15 (+1 position bonus) (+2 points pole bonus)
    5) Gary Pullen-11
    6) Peter Duivilaar-10

    14)Obstacle Race

    1) Niels Pedersen-25
    2) David Buxton-22 (+2 pole bonus) (-1 position penalty)
    3) Peter Duivilaar-16
    4) bduddy-13
    5) Resi Respati-11


    1)Matthew Gutteridge--25
    =2)Niels Pedersen--20
    =2)Peter Duivilaar-20
    5)Omer Said--11

    16)Winners Choice (Sprint)

    1) Marcus Probert-27 (+2 pole bonus)
    2) Niels Pedersen-20
    3) Matthew Gutteridge-16
    4) Peter Duivilaar-13
    5) bduddy-11

    17)Feature Race

    1) Niels Pedersen-25
    2) Gary Pullen-20
    3) Resi Respati-16
    4) Marcus Probert-13
    5) Peter Duivilaar-11
    6) Omer Said-10
    7) bduddy-9

    18)Endurance Race

    1) Niels Pedersen-25
    2) Omer Said-22 (+2 pole bonus)
    3) Peter Duivilaar- 8 (Retired)
    3) bduddy - 8 (Retired)


    1) Niels Pedersen-25
    2) Omer Said-22 (+2 pole bonus)
    3) Peter Duivelaar-16
    4) bduddy-13
    5) Marcus Probert-11 (+1 position bonus)
    6) Resi Respati-10


    1) bduddy-25
    2) Niels Pedersen-20
    3) Viljar Parts -16
    4) Peter Duivelaar-13
    5) Garry Pullen-11
    6) Omer Said-10
    7) Matthew Gutteridge-9
    8) Marcus Probert-8


    1) Peter Duivilaar-25
    =2) Matthew Gutteridge-20
    =2) Marcus Probert-20
    4) bduddy-13
    5) Viljar Parts-11
    6) Omer Said-10

    22)Obstacle Race

    1) Resi Respati-25
    2) Peter Duivilaar-20
    3) Viljar Parts-16
    4) Niels Pedersen-13
    5) Marcus Probert-11
    DNF) Omer Said


    1) Omer Said-25
    2) David Buxton-20
    3) Niels Pedersen-16
    4) Peter Duivilaar-13
    5) Viljar Parts-11
    6) Resi Respati-10
    7) Garry Pullen-9
    8) Marcus Probert-8
    9) bduddy-7
    10) Ben Tusting-6

    24)Long Sprint

    1) Niels Pedersen-27 (+2 pole bonus)
    2) Peter Duivilaar-20
    3) Ben Tusting-16
    4) Marcus Probert-13
    DNF) Bduddy-5.5
    DNF) Resi Respati-5.5

    Winners Choice (Feature)

    1) Honk-25
    2) Ben Tusting-20
    3) Niels Pedersen-16
    4) Viljar Parts-13
    5) Peter Duivilaar-11
    6) Sebastian Levret-10
    7) Rhys Gardiner-9
    8) Resi Respati-8
    9) bduddy-7
    10) Omer Said-6

    ~Final Championship Standings~

    1) Niels Pedersen--414

    2) Peter Duivilaar--348
    3) Omer Said--264
    4) Marcus Probert--234.5
    5) David Buxton--224
    6) bduddy--174.5
    7) Resi Respati--172.5
    8) Matthew Gutteridge--158
    9) Garry Pullen--139
    10) Viljar Parts--67
    11) Ben Tusting--42
    12) Honk--25
    13) Sebastian Levret--10
    14) Rhys Gardiner--9

    ~Final Teams Championship Standings~

    1)PnP Racing--648.5
    2)Buxmer Racing--488
    3) Team Mods and Rockers--330.5

    ~Final Nations Cup Standings~

    1) Denmark (DEN)--414
    2) Netherlands (NED)--348
    3) Turkey (TUR)--264
    4) Wales (WAL)--234.5
    5) USA (USA) --174.5
    6) Indonesia (INA)--172.5
    7) England (ENG)--140.75
    8) Estonia (EST)--67
    9) Germany (GER)--25
    10) France (FRA)--10
    11) Australia (AUS)--9

    ~Notices and Other Stuff~

    Season 7 was great and I thank you all for your great participation. Let's hope for an awesome Season 8 :)

    As his reward, Honk gets +2 points

    Record Update:

    Ben Tusting compete's in his 30th Forum Race :woot:

    This is Peter Duivilaar's 80th Race :woot:

    This is Honk's First Win :woot:

    One from the databanks, missed it somehow, but bduddy infact is our 20th Forum Racing Winner :woot:

    Niels passes the 400 points marker :woot:



    Niels' First Place Trophy


    Peter's (Brand New) 2nd Place Trophy


    Omer's 3rd Place Trophy


    PnP Racing's Team Trophy


    Denmark's Nation Cup Trophy


  3. Done. :)
  4. Omer Said

    Omer Said
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    I believe there should be an exact time. Because this is unfair.
  5. Finish!

    oh wait ... a given time would be perfect, then i would stop hanging around the forums so often - and could it be the greewich time then, cuz if not, i will most probably screw it up :D
  6. OK, I think so aswell.

    I'll change it to 1 day
  7. Hmm... Re Read the Rules and the Long Sprint and Rally race notes are no longer relevent and so may as well be deleted
  8. Come on people we need some teams!!!!! And some activity from anyone outside of Me, Resi and Omer might be good :p
  9. So you want both of them to be deleted?

    And where are "The Buxton and the 13 other dudes"?
  10. Yes, they are no longer needed.
  11. Well, if anyone wants to team up we can do that - but im not sure i understand them, there are no "team rules" right? :)
  12. Deleted the Long Sprint and Rally races (also updated the calendar)

    Actually the only team rules is a maximum team member of 2 :D
  13. I meant regarding to the race :=)
  14. Resi, you missunderstand me, I meant the RULES/NOTES about the races were no longer needed, not the races themselves, reinstate them please :p
  15. ok sorry lol :p


    Now where are they?? :(
  16. Hehe, second time lucky Resi :p
  17. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
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    I'll return from retirement. As and independant.
  18. Thanks Dave. Come one people...
  19. Welcome back Dave...

    Btw, does Niels joined aswell? :p
  20. join as an independent
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