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Race running slow

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ivan Novi, May 13, 2007.

  1. Hi there..

    I have a small problem or rather big when it accurse...
    When i am racing in race, sometimes it goes soooo slow.
    But then again it can run as smooth as silk
    I tried to join the RPM racingclub server to night. and at the first corner the game startet to go slow. When i have finnished the turn it was ok agian.
    This happens rather often.
    But there is no pattern if when it accurse....

    I have this setup:
    Celeron 2,4Ghz cpu
    1,8 Gb Ram
    Nvidia Gforce 7600 GS (256Mb ram)

    I have lowered my visuals effect in game to medium.
    My internet connection is 1500/300kbs
    In the background i am running Norton Internet Security 2007.
    Norton comes with my internet connection so its free of charge (i guess i am paying for anyway)

    Hope that anyone have some clever advise for me

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think you named the problem already. Get rid of Norton running in the background (it might update from time to time)
  3. I agree, hate Norton. Try turning it off for a short time while racing to see what happens. I notice it happened to you at Valencia today. Don't know if it's related, but I always get a short period of stutters at specific corners at Valencia, but only on lap 1, so I assume it is loading data into memory. It's always ok after lap 1, and doesn't occur at other tracks. Maybe try it at different tracks if you get the problem again. Is it ok off line?
    I have a similar rig to you but with a much faster CPU. Celeron's are a bit limited.
  4. Nortan is a system hog.

    How can you get 1.8mb of RAM?
  5. well its not actually 1,8 but 1,7 or something.....
    I have one chip at 1Gb + one chip at 512Mb + one chip at 256Mb
    In dxdiag it says 1792mb memory

    What kind of antivirus or internet security are you guys using?
    I havent tried it offline yet, Because it think its alot more amusing to play online.

    (PS. I hope that my english is not to bad, and that you understand me)
  6. try kaspersky

    as i said yesterday night, i use kaspersky and my goodness it is so much better than norton. not for nothing, norton is often referred to as the "slow yellow giant". what intrigued me was, that after changing to kaspersky, the first system check revealed three !!! trojan horses working happily away in the background, none of them detected by norton! once i got rid of them all lag was gone too. \:D/
  7. probably has nothing to do with your problem but as far as i've heard you should never use 2 different (and not 3 either ofcourse) memory sticks,if possible you should stick to same brand and same timings and same amounts of memory in all used sticks and also try to keep them in pairs as in2x512mb or 2x1gb.
    Also had huge problems with norton slowing down games online and thats why i use AVG antivirus (free to use and download) or avast (also free)
    GL in finding a solution.
  8. I've used McAfee for ages without problem (although I have read poor comments from others), but I have recently switched to CA/Vet. Not sure if I'm happy with it so far (seems quite intrusive but maybe necessary???). I may go back to McAfee.
    I've read only good things about AVG, good value for a freeware programme.
    I guess we all have our opinions.

    PS: Just noticed I hit 100 posts, do I get a bonus pole position for this. :)