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Race replays on psrtv

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by LiamJenkinsF1, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone ive just checked the archives and still no updates from psrtv which is a shame as i really want to watch all 3 broadcasts again after a great weekend of racing :) ill let you know as soon as they go up or have any updates :) the link to the archive is here if you need it http://prosimservers.com/index.php?dir=FSR/2011/
  2. psrtv is really shabby atm. In the past they were good! where did it go so wrong?
  3. Partnership with iRacing?

    Just kidding, idk but an other league called STC is also complaining about this issue with the big delay. Let's hope this will be over soon.
  4. seems the wt race is on there now :) downloading it now
  5. great broadcast watching it back i wanna commentate on these races for life :p such a good race well done to you all
  6. Also thank u Liam for commentating al those great races. U make them even more a plessure to watch
  7. aww thanks marcel it means alot :) and thank you as well not only are you a race winner but you are one very good co-commentator :D
  8. Yes you do a awesome job Liam!
    Jack started by commentating here in fsr, now he is a multi millionaire commentating on real races on TV!

    Its always good to watch the replay of my race when your comentating! Good job to the camera man too!
  9. Thanks for the nice comment Ben :D. I am just happy that my work is appreciated , i want to commentate for FSR for as long as possible as i love it i look forward to it every day. If i could somehow end up commentating for tv races i would be one very happy man as i would be living my dream :). But i would make sure to give FSR maximum publicity and some money to help with funding :)
  10. really good work liam :) I hope to be in more races ;)

    Oh 1 thing tho its david gracia not david garcia lol ;)
  11. oooh ok ill work on that sorry :p i hope to see you in more races too :)
  12. Good to see all the love we have for Liam!

  13. and the love is returned back at you guys :D i cant thank you all enough for giving me the opportunity to commentate :)
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  16. Thanks my darling(L)