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Race On Demo released

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Oliver Amos, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Eschborn, October 8, 2009: The games publisher bitComposer Games today released a demo version of the new racing simulation RACE On. Virtual racing drivers can now complete the first laps with two cars: the Dodge Challenger SRT8 and the Seat Leon TDI. The demo has two game modes and two tracks for car racing fanatics: Oschersleben and Falkenberg. A multiplayer steam demo is also planned and will be available shortly.
    The RACE On demo has two game modes: in “Racing Event” mode players must complete a whole weekend of racing, including training, qualifiers and the race itself, whereas the objective in “Time Attack” is to achieve the fastest lap around a circuit.



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  2. Thank you...
  3. If somebody can,please post some pics here. :)
  4. Check the Race On screenshot section David. :)
  5. can we have a demoevent tonight Bram maybe Challanger's @ Oschersleben ??
  6. Ok,i did some laps with the demo, Its not a new game imo but just an expantion pack for EVO. Little bit the same as from Race 07 to EVO a new jacket around the same game. Some nice changes in the layout and menu and a good point is you are warned if your graphics settings are to high and the game will set it for you. But with a new mod for this do i install that one again in the Race 07 folder ?? Will be a busy folder with Race07 ,GTR Evo and Race on all in one . Not sure i like the idea and the price for 1 game if you look at it like i do.
    Just my 2 cents here, feel free to make me buy it :)
  7. i was clear from the beginning that it will be just a add on Patrick :) look at steam there should be a race on content only version without race07/stcc/evo content
  8. I know Michael, but why 30 dollars for an add on ??
    For example i bought ARCA 1,5 years ago and it is still updated for free including new tracks .
  9. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    More of the same.........we need new stuff, world is changing every second......gosh!
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    30 dollars is like 20 euro's which i find a very reasonable price for an add-on. Every game i purchase i compare to buying a pair of jeans, and then the price of a game suddenly seems very low if you see how much you use it :)
  11. I still think in the end its one game and that one game is >100 Euro if you count all the addon's released.
    There are better mods made by devellopers then in the game it self, So if you make an addon it should be something special should it not ??
    Overall it still looks the same, good !!! no doubt about that !
    But i was hoping for something special :)
    But if i think its a pair of jeans i might feel better :glasses-cool:
  12. the way I understand, the addon will be considerably cheaper for those already having steam and race07 and gtrevo and possibly also stcc installed. at least that was the way it way handled with stcc, wasn't it?
  13. most people got STCC for free though when that came out due to the fact that Simbin / Steam messed up the price of Evo
  14. I hope thats true, I have only seen it on Amazon for 28 Dollar without delivery costs.
  15. so how much is it at steam? i already got evo & stcc..
    under $20 would be nice.. if i recall i got my stcc thru steam for only $17 :)