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Race event poll

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric Nelson, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Friday night Race 07/S2000 US based events regularly see a full grid week in and week out.

    I recently ran an event in the GT sports category that was very exciting for a number of reasons.

    Cars: they sound great and they look great! The handle really well and are a blast to drive on wide open fast tracks. Watkins glen GP or Dijon Prenois would be awesome in these cars! There's nothing like the sound of BIG BORE engines at max revs!

    If you are a regular participant of the event I listed above, would you consider racing in this class on the non ATCC league nights?

    If you are not a regular friday night driver, would this be interesting enough for you to race?
  2. I moved it to the Race series thread Eric. Because we want to keep the Club thread clean with only club events. :)
  3. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i honestly i'm up from anything, would be nice to race other cars in the US event.
  4. I'm with you on this Eric. I'd love the change of pace and it would be fun to race with the Friday (Sat) crew in these different cars.
  5. Thanks Ivo!

    Glenn these cars are so much fun to drive its silly! Very precise compared to the WTCC style car and strong engines with sticky tires! not too hard to setup either.

    Yves thats why I proposed this poll. As much as I really love the touring cars, I am ready to "enjoy" somehting else and these would be perfect.

    The regular racers on Friday are like my friends now and we have such great time racing together. But a new class of car might just be fun for the meantime........
  6. I am not adverse to mixing up different cars. I would hate to not have "some" Touring Car Friday nights, but I wouldn't mind running in some other cars that don't require a lot of practice and setup and create a close tight racing environment.
  7. Michael I was thinking just the GT sport cars on the non touring car nights. ONly 6 models to choose from and you can have your favorite just like Touring cars!

    try out the mosler on watkins glen nascar or GP in a practice event. I think the sound alone would grab your heart.
  8. I'll join anything in the USA time zone!

    I was hoping to see something like this get started:

    Midnight Run - starts @ 6pm CST (18:00 hours or -6 GMT) to midnight!
    - GT Rules = qualifying grid order, standing start, no pit stop required!
    - 10 minute practice - 10 minute qualify - 10 minute Race - multiple tracks...
    - new rotation of tracks every 30 minutes

    The events would be consistent... but use a variety cars, tracks & mods every week.
    - every Tuesday = Race ON
    - every Thursday = GTR EVO

    Race ON - Formula Masters (give link info to mods / track rotation)
    GTR EVO - FVR DTM 2007
    Race ON - Radical sr3 252
    GTR EVO - Mustang SE Cup

    This + Friday might require a dedicated USA server - if we had the donations!

    Right now, I can only join Friday night races & Sunday afternoon.
    All Euro events are @ 2pm CST weekdays - while I am at work - of course!
  9. Whoa there Troy! got a starbucks next door do ya? :biggrin:

    this was just an alternative to non league events on a Friday night. Of course back in the day...........we had a wednesday night event too in Ferrari's and POrsches. hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm maybe a wednesday event on the non league Friday weeks during winter in thses cars?? possible but lets see if we could even get this friday thing off the ground first
  10. Nope... but I do have plenty of Heineken...:biggrin:

    So was my proposal... :tongue:
  11. I would be happy to try anything Eric. Up until now I have only had a chance to race the s2000 series due to time differences.
  12. yeaj Paul but we'd try to keep the same time just different cars is all.
  13. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins

    I,m all for a change Eric,but like Paul and the rest of us down under week nights are out because of the time zone so the same time would be great.I would love to do more racing, esp some of the other leagues but they are mostly during the week.This sounds good...mixes things up ,a good chance to drive and race other classes.
  14. Nevermind...

    Sorry... :rolleyes:
  15. Troy, start a new thread please. Hijacking is a no no...........