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race 8 instanbul div 2

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Tom Watts, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    pretty bad quali car didnt feel right.

    but on the start arrrrrrrrrh iam pretty cheesed of there every one was backing up into the harpin and i had to jump on the brakes (not going fast but people going very slow) i moved out the way guy behind didnt see i wont blame him unfair to becuase every one jumped on the brakes but yh so he hit me and blew up the engine.

    last race of the season due to the fact i cant make the last one so annoyed but oh well its raceing :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    looked at replay the guy behind looks a long way off and wasnt paying attention when i hit the brakes :mad::mad:
  2. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    sorry Tom my fault look behind me and saw you too late.
  3. Comiseratpions Tom, that sucks finishing the season like that.

    My race went pretty damn skippy! I didn't break anything on the car even though I had 4 of 5 spins/moments. Started 5th finished 5th.

    Had a nice battle in the first few laps with Kurt. Best battle this year if only for the fact that I never hit him going into a corner or anything. Really proud of that.

    It was a bit hairy though as I thought I was on a 2 stop strategy but I forgot to adjust the fuel so I was one stopping and then lost time in the pits as I had to adjust the fuel going into the car. Phew!

    The best part is that I don't have any incidents to report. Had a few wides but slowed down so no gains.

    If only all my races were this good. I have learnt someything tonight though so, as the F1 guys say, I will try to carry this momentum forward ;)

    PS: Actually I forgot. I may have something to report. I went of in turn 3 on the 1st lap (safety lap) and lost a place to Nicholas but I took it back down the straight after turn 6. Don't know if this was allowed. My apologies to Nicholas if this was against the rules.
  4. ok race over......tonight i wasn't really in shape.......but my objective was just to finish that track with all the car just only for kill the championship, because i don't know if i will be able to do the last race!!!!

    and i was lucky enough, maybe i spun to much for lack of concentration, but i am enough happy for take at home the car in 6th position and for finish this nice championship in 2nd position!!!!

    Coen was really fast also today, and he was fast also in all the champioship, so he deserve his 1st spot!!! really congratz m8!!!

    and Jakob is really an Alien here in div2.....for my luck he joined prestogp to late, so my spot is safe, but he is also a really good driver!!! ;)

    ok congratz all the guys, and thank you to the admins for their nice work!!!!

    cu at Nurburing maybe!!! ;)
  5. Hi guys,


    Was very ok, at my last lap got the pole!!! Too bad Jakob this time :)


    Start was ok, careful not to spin. Further on i noticed my car wasn't stabile enough to compete this time and had to compensate my misstakes to much.
    Then my computer stutterd and saw that i spinnend and hitted Jakob, olmost a RedBull incident :)
    Luckely we had no damage! I raced with Maxim and Eliezer and had great battles. Nice race pace Eliezer!

    Congrats to all and i cant wait to celebrate the championship!! :star:

    See u in Germany!

  6. Grrr :mad:
    Was kind of disconnected at lap 23, was 6th atm. All the other cars disappeared, and had blue flags when I passed the place where a car ahead was. I continued my stint until the end of the race, but no server reconnection, and when I checked GPCOS I am 13th with 19 laps down.
    I don't know what to do. I have replay files, motec logged data but I don't think it will accepted as proof to change my race result.
  7. So clean and nice race today, thank you all!

    Practice: I feel so tired that I almost leave this event :redface:

    Quali: Still tired but finally found enough good speed, 7th, not bad.

    Race: safety car start hmm...oke...very clean start but maybe too easy way to start every race that way at this level, hehe. After the start i forgot my tiredness and feeling was very good. 2 stop trategy (soft,med,med) works ok but 2 times so much slower car ahead me ruin my strategy, s**t. Finished 7th, 5th place (Werner) was so close today but those two slow cars, damn. Anyway no accidents no problems so perfect race pure fun.

    Germany = my first podium :tongue:

    Thanks Nicolai, thanks RD.

    See you.
  8. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Bad race for me tonight,
    in formation lap I hit Tom:frown: looking my mirrors so I braked later.damage my suspension , I decided to continue but the sorrow for the accident made me lose focus,with big happy is arrived lap 21 go in pit jump out and I drived only for finish the race but this night is not my night so in lap 30 ( think ) LOST CONNECTION ( second time this season ) race end.

    congratz at PODIUM and all finishers C U in Germany
  9. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    thats ok valerio i think there was alot of confusion so oh well look forward to racing with u all next season
  10. Congratulations Coen :trophy:
  11. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Grats Coen, well done
  12. Hi all, congratulation Coen for the championship, you deserve it. I practiced a lot for Istanbul God knows how many hours, I participated in the race practice last Wednesday and I decided to go on 2 stops strategy with soft tires, I know it’s not a winner strategy but my aim is to have some fun & finish the race without any incident especially to spin and hit someone’s car, I had a very good race set up. So I walk up this morning 4.30am and ready for the race, my qualy was bad 12p. Now, during the safety car start I was hit from the back by Robin and that caused my retirement for the race. I really don’t know if people do get the message from the race director
    (-Every car should maintain stationary until its their turn to join the queue, once moving they must keep a gap at no less than 1 second to the car ahead of him). I attended all the races without fail and I had dramas in most of them, I obey the race director rules and I expected you to do the same, but it doesn’t look like it. So Istanbul was my last 1 minute race, I will stay as a member but no longer in D2, you will see me on practice race and we can have some fun.. Thank you Nicolai for everything you done for us.
  13. Anyway, my race report :

    : 7th
    Beat a little my PB. I could do a lot better but couldn't make a clean 3rd sector.

    Race : 13th
    1st stint : The first 10 laps were fine. I had a good time battling with Kimmo who was behind and faster, and watching at the battle in front of me. Then, a lap after Kimmo stopped for his first pit stop, my car became harder to drive and I made many mistakes, loosing lots of seconds and my podium dream. I don't know if it's me or if it's because I pushed too hard, but it was strange. Ended my stint at the end of lap 23. Someone tap me lightly from behind in T12 just before I entered the pits, but no harm done.
    2nd stint : Server disconnection at the very beginning of this stint. I finished the race on my own, and was happy of my pace, but that does not count.:frown:

    Congratulation to the podium, and to all the pilots who managed to join the finish line. This circuit is so tricky!

    A big thanks to the organizers of this event/league. It's very good work! I'm still amazed each time I receive a mail from the race director.

    It's time to end my season here, because I can't make it to Nurburgring. I'm very sorry for this, but I have work constraints that I failed to avoid this time.

    See you soon!
  14. While I am very sad to see you leave the competition side of the league I understand your motivation for this. Hope I see you on the servers some time.
  15. Sorry to hear about the disconnection Kimmo. I've had a few of those before. Not nice, esepcially since you were well into the race at that point. See you on the servers :)
  16. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Coen:good:
  17. What??? I finished this race 7th :D
  18. Guys i Won the Race !!!!! lol
  19. Grats Jacob!
  20. Grats with the race win Jakob and grats with the Championship Coen :trophy::trophy: