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Race #8, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Well, got from 15th - 6th on the first lap then got eaten alive and ended up down in 11th. A few laps passed and I was up into 8th through disconnections, crashes, etc. I was all alone for the majority of the race trying to bring home a top10. My 2nd stop dropped me to 10th and I was circulating happily when my brakes failed. I managed another couple of laps until all of my brakes were gone then I hit the wall. Race over.

    Congrats to the winners (I don't know who you are just yet)
  3. Well, I had my best qualyfing session of the championship taking a fifth place on the grid. First lap was just horrible, i had a bad exit out of turn 5 and i spun.. it's really a shame cause i'm pretty sure that i could be able to reach my first podium.
    I decided to change my strategy and it payed untill the contact with Basol, but nothing to say it was just a race contact.
    I guess "this is racing" so i just look forward at silverstone :D

    Alessandro Puoti
  4. well i for one was left speechless after that! one of the most incredible races ive ever commentated on! it was insane so much action it was everything that defines motorsport :D great job guys and well done to Andreas!
  5. Was looking good. Qualified 2nd, made 2 big mistakes actually lost easy 0.5 all up, but still got me 2nd and less then 1 tenth off pole.

    Made a good start, pressured Juhani and we had a good battle, i was able to pass after about 10 or so laps, tried to push a gap but i struggled with the brakes and tyres were starting to go a bit. I held the lead until about lap 20 when i made a mistake under braking and Mark got past. After pit stops i ended up 5th after others did not pit or pitted earlier and had that lap on new tyres. I pushed on and past Juhani again, however a few corners later lost it as the car went sideways on me under braking... From there on struggled with the brakes and wasn't catching 4th and 3rd anymore just equaling times. Then on lap 35 brakes failed and had to retire, unfortunately happened to my team-mate too.

    Shame i think we both lost out on podiums there, but we will be strong at Silverstone.
  6. And thats why i will never win a championship. :cool:

    Grats to Andreas finaly a win m8, and Ivar im sorry for that incident but that was youre own fault there if lag wasnt involved. you kept steering into me while i was already almost fully alongside youre car.??
  7. dont know what to say. blocked in q1. crashed in the first laps by some overaggresive idiot (srry), had lots of damage so spun a few times. then suddenly i had some trouple under braking, so the car was not able to drive. sad sad sad
  8. Yeah, I have no idea what I was thinking. My fault for sure.
  9. This was a very surprising result for me as I never got to grips with this track. That makes me even more proud of this result!;)

    I decided to pit earlier than planned since I wanted to try to leapfrog Nelmes and Ahlman, which I also did. When everything got stabilized after the pitstops, I focused to take care of the car and nurse it to a podium finish, as Ahlman seemed to have too high wings to threat me at the straight. I had pretty much settled for P2 as Mark disappeared in the end and I could take my first victory in this league. :)

    Cya at Silverstone :)
  10. Only my third race at FSR.  Monaco was a disaster, with all the CTD's. But I managed to fix that, so I was hoping for a good result here. Unfortunetaly, I didn't have a lot of time to prepare myself as I had exams the last few weeks.  My goal was to bring the car home. In pre-Q, I did my best lap so far. 1.14.0.  I hoped I could do that again in Q1, but got stuck at 1.14.2 or something.  No Q2 for me.  The times were very close though.

    The race was very exciting. I managed to avoid a collision right away at the start. A few laps after that. My battle with Basol started. And it would last for the entire race! It was great. When he came in for his pitstop, I hoped that I could maintain a gap big enough to stay in front of him after my pitstop. But when I came out of the pits, I came back on track side by side with him. So we could start all over again.

    Later in the race, I suddenly noticed my brakes were going bad. I had to slow down for that to get the car home. That was quite dissapointing. But I had a great race anyway, see you at Silverstone!
  11. after race start pictuer is jumping driving cerefuliy cause noithing saw who were drive end what doing i hope i not crashed someone cu in GB hope next race go more good for me
  12. My qualifying was better then i expected, i think i was 11th and that was better i hoped for...

    My race was ruined before it really started, i noticed in the grid that my fps was around 10fps and this continued until i was pretty much alone and no cars to be seen. Im really disappointed that i couldnt drive my first FSR race properly but what can u do? [​IMG] Broke my f-wing twice and after that just tried to make it to the finnish line, thats about it really..

    -Ville Leppälä
  13. What an eventful race for me. I started off in P16 and ended up being a little "trigger happy" on the start causing a faul start and a drive-thru penalty. In T7 I had a car ram into me from behind as I had to break a snap earlier due to cars in front of me causing damage in my rear-right suspension. After doing my drive-thru I started catching up on people and caught some places first by people doing mistakes and breaking their cars - followed by a few overtakes in the hairpin and last chicane.

    After being around P10 or 11 I was just driving my own race till I noticed Kalamees gaining on me and the last 10 laps or so I was just trying to keep him from getting past me. Couple of DNF´s later I was in P9 and was able to hold Kalamees off rounding up a 9th place finish. Too bad I lost some of my pace from the accident during my 1st stint but a fine result anyway
  14. Oh yeah, everything went quite bad from the start on. Couldn't really get up to my pace and had to defend Aalberts off almost every lap, till I did the mistake. Luckily I almost flew into the pits and could repair it, which took 50 seconds. It wasn't really good for the engine and coming out of the pits I still had damage on my suspension. Had to save the engine from there on, but wanted also to take as much points as possible. Overtaking the slower guys wasn't really hard and I could keep up with the leaders quite easily (who almost did a full lap when I was sitting in the pits). When I caught Lappaenen I couldnt really put a move on him on the straight which I could on all the other guys, and the last laps I tried quite hard, but he did a great job. My plan was to keep as close to him through the last chicane on the last lap as possible, and go for the overtake just before the finishline, but I braked just alittle bit too late and hit the back of Joona which ruined my chances of gaining the 9th position.
    And no Liam, I wasn't happy, more like disappointed of myself
  15. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    i had good feeling about this race but then on race day i wake up and have pretty bad hangover so all good times were gone and i think i made few stupid mistakes very sorry dont know what went trough my head in race sorry guys