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Race #7, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Had my best qualifying of the season. Started p3, had a decent race, finishing p4. Race 2 I went side by side with Martin, and I basically forgot to brake in time at the hairpin. Luckily, I avoided hitting Muhammed who was a few car lengths ahead. I got a weird cutting penalty by going so far wide at the hairpin. I served the stop/go, but it gave me another, served the 2nd, still had another. DNF.

    i'll msg the race admins during the race if it happens again :)

  3. Q : Again P2 , seems like i can practice starts in Spa from that grid position , 3rd time in my 3rd race weekend on P2 and always a couple of thousends off pole -.-
    I unfortunately almost spun in the hairpin where i lost almost half a second.
    Rest of the lap was great especially the final sector , i was 3 tenths down to sutherlay after S2 , i knew i need a brilliant last sector to do damage limitation in Q. Luckily i smashed my PB in S3 and got second behind Jiri.

    R1 : I always criticize the real f1 teams for their bad strategies during the race , today i did exactly the same.
    Worst strategie in my simracing career.
    My pace was actually very very strong i really was confident to win this race , anyway grats Jiri great win , i will strike back in Spa.

    R2 : Again my race was compromised by a very bad strategy , after i pitted i was in traffic where i lost again a lot of time , then i tried to overtake the cars ahead as quick as possible to not lose to much time to the leading group , unfortunately i had an incident with valeriano.
    He lost control of his car and i chrashed straight into him , i didnt hit his rear or something.
    (misstatements by the guys on YT)
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  4. Well I guess it was lag that caused those incidents with Patel. I've uploaded below what it looked like from my view and it certainly looked completely different on the broadcast…

    The first incident at the hairpin I didn't even touch him, but rFactor decided it would cause contact instead. I didn't even know we made contact until I watched the broadcast an hour after the race.

    The second incident in my opinion is a racing incident, we were side by side and I maintained my line but it's a very tight section so as a result we made contact. I waited for him after so I could show some sportsmanship but don't really think it was any of our fault considering we're both racing hard in the final turns of the race.

    As I said, none of those were any of our fault really so penalties for any of us is completely and utterly unfair. It was good racing but ruined by rFactor's poor multiplayer code.

    Back to my event it was quite unfortunate not to end up with a win in race two, the tyres ran out of grip with two laps to go so I lost the lead. I'm a racer and I don't give up, I gave it my best shot which is all the team and I can ask for but we will keep fighting together to win.
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  5. 1.14 Collisions which are caused by LAG at the nonexistent point of the touch might be penalized the same way as collisions where LAG did not play a role at all. The Race Director has the ultimate say on this matter and makes the decisions in such situations.
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  6. Very sad weekend for me. I had finally nice pace in Q and also in race. But i messed up my Q2 lap and had suspect that I extended track in last corners, so I stopped.

    Start from 9th was difficult. I was fighting for 7, but van der Niet probably havent seen me, and I had to slow down. Simon almost spun next to me in T1 and so I was 11th after first corners. I lost a lot of time and pushed for 8th place of van der Niet who was few seconds ahead. But when I was exactly behind him, we both came to the pits and he stopped on my pit stand. Insane badluck and another 8 secs lost.

    Then I was about .5 slower than in practice and frustrated... 8th place and pole for R2 wasnt enough, cos I know that Twisters will be right behind me on start.

    I was saving tires in first laps, so there wasnt space for bigger batles. When Jiri was already behind me, I let him go through. But I was wide in next corner entering to S3 and gave Kiss opportunity to attack. He closed the doors in left-hander and caused a little suspension damage. Then there was few another little contacts, cos that section is very tight.

    Then I was just cruising to the end, and pushed only last 2-3 laps, where drivers infront started to have problems with tire wear. I gained one more position after Patels crash with Simon, who finished few tenths before me. Aim for R2 was at least 4th place, where I finished in the end, but I still can not be satisfied.

    And one more little thing.... Do you know what 13 cuts (and more) mean for WC or PRO? Its DQ. We will see, what it means for ACE this time :thumbsup:
  7. Regarding the multiplayer code, it's actually better than other competing products. It would not work at all to race from Australia on European servers on other sims is my understanding (maybe except iRacing, but even that is full of funny collisions). With 200+ ms lag, there is so much overhead needed to calculate movements that it becomes impossible to predict correctly in all situations. One would for example never host a professional FPS event with this sort of lags, because it would never work fairly.
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  8. Ofc I turned in, because you were out of the track and lost a lot of speed, I didnt expect you to fight back because imo it would have been just stupid. I was ahead, I had to turn in because the rubbered line is very tight in that corner. Fyi, I also had suspension damage because of the contact.

    As per my blaming after Race 2, I'd like to apologize, during the race I felt you blocked me at the hairpin, after checking the replay, I recognized it was my mistake because I carried a little bit too much speed into the corner.
  9. Stupid? Really? If you didnt noticed it, I was still next to you. So you should leave me enough of space...
  10. Yes, stupid, since you left the track and had to recover, it's not like you just simply went wide and lost speed, you went off the track. I was worried that you would take me out just like Giorda did with Mo in race 1.
  11. lol, have you seen replay at all? I was still on the track all the time. And also still next to you. So I had no reason to let you pass without battle...
    You blocked me and still are blaming me for dirty driving :thumbsup::whistling:
  12. Oh, so after your loss of speed and mistake when there is only rubbered line for 1 driver and I am ahead, should I just give the position up?
    I didn't blame you for dirty driving, I just didn't expect you to fight back in that situation, that's all. Imo, it's a racing incident because neither of us wanted to give the position up, but given our director i'm quite sure i am the one who will be penalized for it if it gets protested since I'm the Twister driver.
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  13. I had enough of speed to stay in battle, so why I shouldnt fight? And its all about track position - so when I was on the inside, I had advantage to grab the better/rubbered line. Its simple...
  14. Pointless argument, you will not persuade me and seems like that I will not persuade you, either.