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Race #6, United Kingdom: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kris Cobb, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. AlexF1


    Once again, sorry Hodas for the incident. I made a mistake in turn 6 which makes me spin and I accelerate too soon.
  3. Chris de Jong

    Chris de Jong

    AlexF1 dont worry mate, post race checks wont be done anyway :p
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  4. Martin Hodás

    Martin Hodás

    Firstly, im happy for first win this season finally, but guys, wake up finally, this Ace series started be ridiculous!

    I was very cautious this time on start. Good start but no space to get there. In T4 there was Satherly on the outside, so I was carefull to stay on inside. It looked he is wide, so i wanted pick outside line, but suddenly there was Simon next to me. Only small touch this time, but all was caused by Satherleys connection. It looked he is next to me, but actually he was just lagging and prevent me to spot Simon next to me.

    Its really difficult to drive in this series with so many contacts, when pings make it even worse...

    Then in 3rd lap, Diaz spun in T6. HOW THE HELL you can accelerate, especially in first laps, when there are really little gaps!! Just use reverse next time to not stay on track and then enter the track safely...
    I was 20 secs in pits, and suspension was really damaged for rest of the race, so sometimes was difficult to stay on track.

    How is possible, that on such a simracing level there is such a amount of crashes. Whole my career I was so carefuly and almost havent contacts. Now, first year in FSR, considered as best in the world, I had 5 major contacts in 11 races. Thats more then my last 2-3 seasons, insane. Every start is a roulette here.

    Same with my teammate. We lost many points only cos of dirty driving... Guys, really, you should think more in battles and on starts. Its not rF1 anymore. Every small touch can cause spin, damage or carnage, think about it...

    Back to the race. Satherley given me a gift in last lap of R1, so I was on polepostion in R2. I had great start as usual and immediately had more then 1 sec gap. I pushed first laps, but there was no chance for overtakes behind me, so I just managed tires to finish without problems.

    Aaand now second thing. Great Britain was race we waited for a lot, if we are talking about dirty air. We told 100 times before season, that this dirty air is way too big. Old T1 was really pain in the a.... Its not fun for drivers, not fun for spectators... dirty air is part of the racing, but it should be set properly. FIA is still trying to reduce drag and increase possibility of battles (shame they failed and made drs). In simracing, we dont need drs. Just need to reduce drag directly.

    Was insane, that there is 1 or 2 "unovertakable" cars behind me, and then I can fap with one hand and with other one managing to win a race. Fun is gone than....for everybody. I wonder how will be tommorow WC race. Morand pole, Bono second, DeWitt crashing in S1, and.... all drivers stuck.

    And last thing. There was many drivers driving wide in old T1 and Stowe. It was not only time-to-time, and often even in battles, so I hope penalties will come in charge.

    I dont want to be harsh, but it is what it is. If we want make it better, we firstly have to find something wrong.
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  5. Patrik Holzmann

    Patrik Holzmann

    Again P2 on the grid and again beaten by a teammate :)

    Race was quite boring i never was near to win the race , even if i closed the gap to Jiri it would be almost impossible to pass him.
    I´ve seen that Marco was out of the race , then i decided to slow down and bring the points home.

    Sprint race : Disaster.

    Well one 2.nd place after a twister front row is not enough , i was not happy with my pace and my tyre wear was quite high as well.

    Looking forward to my home race and hopefully i can win my first race there.:thumbsup:
  6. Carlos Martín

    Carlos Martín

    This arguement looks very familiar to me... Nevermind, we can bring Codemasters for next year if you guys desire.

    As you said this is SimRacing, faking physics destroys the point of the simulators.

    Also I would recommend you to don't bring things before it happens, firstly Patrick isn't racing, you never know whats gonna happend in Qualifying. If you knew that its imposible to overtake why don't you focus the car on one single lap speed?

    Easy overtakes won't provide show, either good battles.
  7. Carlos Martín

    Carlos Martín

    In 2011 only 6 overtakes were done using the DRS (Silverstone)
  8. Martin Hodás

    Martin Hodás

    Carlos, we dont want to turn off dirty air. Just to reduce it - thats different. And no fake physics - just to make it more real. Im 100% that this big dirty air is unreal. Lets say we can reduce it by 20-30% (just e.g.). It will be still big, but also there will be more overtake opportunities.

    And as I said - this is simracing and we can change it easily to value, which offer us enough of opportunities and still difficult drive behind opponents in fast turns. Less overtakes in real is only mark of FIAs fail in this area.
  9. Ville Leppala

    Ville Leppala

    Pretty sure the teams voted for that exact rule about drs and reducing dirty air and what we have is the result of it so i find it stupid to whine about this to fsr. Its not like they forced it for us. We the drivers and teams voted for it. Tbh i havent seen any problems overtaking wise before this round.
  10. Alvaro Torres

    Alvaro Torres

    Bad weekend for me overall, first mistake cames in Q2 and it conditioned my race, because starting position is crucial on this track.

    At 1º race start, Simon overtakes me and it finally killed me. I tried to overtake him and finally I got it but I lost too time with leaders, but I hadn't done enough mistakes, I forgot to push limit button on my stop. Facepalm.

    I get frustrated and I drove like a truck driver. Just embarrased of my race and besides all I also destroyed Danny's race. Finally 5º but it tastes like a DNF.

    2º race was a little better, I tried to be agresive on first laps but I couldn't overtake Godek. I had a nice duel with Simon but I could keep 4º position. Finally Godek did a mistake and I passed him. Just kept 3º place behind Danny and very happy with our result, especially for him.

    See you.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2014
  11. Jiří Toman

    Jiří Toman

    What to say about my weekend. Not a perfect qualifying this time so only P3. Had the speed but made some mistakes in the lap. The start was pretty good and I was able to jump Holzmann. Then it was almost a suicide to try anything on Conti as he constantly had ping over 300ms. Few times he appeared right infront of me and we almost crashed. Then I tried to pass him into Brooklands but he closed the door which I hope will be penalized. It is not the first time I saw these huge pings. Satherley and Simon has them too. I think there should be some rule that if you have over some 150ms, you are not allowed to participate in the race because this can cause huge accidents.. it is just a matter of time.

    So I was patiently waiting for Conti’s mistake which eventually happened when he spun in T2. I came into pits in lap 13 I think with Conti about a second behind me. He completely missed the braking point which clearly signs he didn’t even test the pits. I got hit very badly and got extremely lucky that I could continue. Fortunately Conti destroyed his car so I finally had a clean air in front of me with a good gap to Holzmann. After that I was just basically controlling the race. Holzmann was closing the gap slightly in the first laps so I pushed a little and extended the gap by two seconds. So I am delighted with the win.

    I had a good start yet again in the sprint race and got ahead of Holzmann but unfortunately Simon was too slow which allowed Holzmann to get back in front of me. Then I was just cruising behind them because I know how dangerous it is to try anything on those drivers. Holzmann almost took out Torres so I had a go on Holzmann and with DRS I passed him into Brooklands. Then in the second to last lap I was way too close to Torres into T1 and lost some time behind him. Holzmann desperately tried to use that to pass me. I left him the door wide open, yet he pushed me off the track so I thought he is smart enough to leave me the door open too in the next turn. I was wrong. Just proves that these sprint races are not about racing at all, it’s just about not getting hit by others. So eventually P7 and I am obviously disappointed with that.

    Yet again I did nothing wrong and got screwed completely. Here I’m getting to the point of this post. Let me quote the ACE Rules Supplement: Ace is a category devised for experienced sim racers who want to present their skills in order to be hired by a World Championship team.

    Experienced sim racers… in these 12 races so far I had 8 incidents. That’s utterly ridiculous. I have never had more incidents in my entire career than I had this year after just half of the season. Conti taking me out in China, Celiento pushing me off the track in Canada, Conti again almost taking me out yesterday, Holzmann.. could name many more. This league is considered as the best in the world. So drive like that and not like some amateurish idiots. Also the sense of this whole new format introduced this year in ACE is questionable. I’m not saying anything against the dirty air. We voted for that so it is what is now. Mainly it’s not about dirty air. Just about unexperienced, overmotivated drivers who drives like some brainless Maldonado’s trying to win but destroying everyone instead. So please, wake up and drive more safely.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2014
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  12. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

    The word is compromise. If you expect to have a good car for 1 lap (aka less downforce and understeery balance) and also for driving under dirt air, then yes, it's a pain in the ass.

    Check yesterdays replay and you will find that there was at least one guy gaining constantly time in fast cornering on dirt air.