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Race #5, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Don't know why but my FPS drop so much in this race. Been racing here for a 3-4 years and this is the first time I experienced such bad FPS drop. Had some in the past couple of races so I decided to set everything to low this race. It was insanely bad. 18 fps at the start. Overshot the last corner and went straight into the pit for a drive tru. Made it out overtook a few cars pitted, overtook again then someone crashed into me. Wings gone and suspension failure.

    What can be causing this FPS drop? The mod car models?
  3. Yes, this car model eat more FPS than previous seasons.
  4. Horrible 1st lap I crashed into someone and broke front wing. Speeded in pitlane and got a drive-thru, so I was over 30 sec behind "the pack" after that.
    On lap 30 I noticed that brakes wont last and started saving them (did 1 sec slower times). Didnt save well enough and crashed into the wall in t1 on lap 49.
  5. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    EDIT: Yeah I did qualify 13th but 2 guys in front of me apparently had penalties, making me start 11th.

    It was quite an interesting race. First I'd like to say that I'm very pleased with my comeback race, finished in 10th, which is my best result yet. Also congrats to Franz for yet another win. :)

    Qualifying: Judging my PB, I would've been in Q2. Nevertheless, even with a slightly worse time, I was only 0.03 behind from the Q2 border, so was quite pissed off to see how close I were. Ended up 13th.

    Race: Very interesting race here. I had a good start, but I crashed in the back of Székely in the opening lap in the hairpin, because he braked too early. This costed me an extra pitstop to get a new front wing. When I came back on the track, I had dropped down almost last.

    However, I didn't want to give up now, as Canada is known for its numerous victims it always takes. I had some battles with couple of guys, from which Debacquer was the worst case. He had low wings, couldn't keep up with him, but when I was close enough I tried an overtake which ended up in a spin because I clipped his sidepod. Little bit of time lost, but I continued.

    I chose a soft-hard-hard strategy for the race, but after I noticed the hards lasted longer than I expected, I managed to keep driving with them until the very end when I changed to softs. This didn't pay off, however, because my brakes failed on lap 49 I think, but I managed to bring the car home in 10th.

    Overall opinion: A fantastic way to make a comeback by taking the record finishing position. Could've been above 10th if I didn't have the first lap accident. Very pleased with the result.
  6. I think there's a concern, I spend a 11ieme the chicane with 51 laps and the finish line I pass 15th with 50 laps ...

  7. First of all, have to say sorry bodnar, before crashing on you, someone behind me made contact with me and I lost the control of the car while braking.

    Also I don't know what the **** are thinking lapped cars, I was fighting for 3rd with Aalberts and a lapped car was trying to defend the position.

    I've been really fired during the race, in Q2 I made a really silly mistake that made me loose 6 tenths in last sector so im 5th.

    Race start good, gaining 1 pos, but then crashed in turn 7, lost the control of the car while braking as I described before. Then I lost 9 sec with a very stupid and silly spin caused by the damages that I had in the car.

    Then I didn't know which strategy to do, 2, 3 or even 4 stops. Decided to do just 2 but then i noticed that 3 pit stops was faster so I decided to change strategy while racing.

    I was faster than Klop and Aalberts, but i decided to do the last pit in the same lap as Rens.

    The pace was similar but mark was faster than me and I was a bit faster than Rens so was a really interesting race, but then suddenly when I was lapping my teammates, one of them started to defend the position and I spun.

    Then had to recover the position with aalberts I had the opportunity 3 laps to go, but I span again in the last corner so, just 2 laps to go. (meanwhile another lapped car didn't want to let me pass and made me loose more than 1 sec with just 2 laps to go.)

    In the last lap my rear brakes were over, but Mark brakes too so luckily I made to win the 3rd pos.

    It's frustrating, because I would have done a clean race with no damages in the car, hope it for silverstone.

    see you guys
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  8. Well considering how this week went and the epic final chicane drift wich putted me 10th on this grid while i should have been p3 p4 or something i cant complain to much about 4th place i guess.

    Got a good start and managed to jump some cars in the first few corners, dodged some spnning cars in the 2nd chicane and made a good overtake as well on the hairpin and suddenly i was in p3 after just one lap. So the bad Q2 was made all up already, infact there was no big problem at all. untill the drive trough i got for speeding in the pitlane that pretty much messed up the rest of my race. Had to push harder for position to make up the time with as result that my left front brake was lost on final lap, thank god i putted 2 clickes more before then i anticipated on. Final laps with Martin where fun, when he had his moment in the final chicane i knew his brakes where gone but mine brakes where on the edge to. I was trying to make up a gap but i couldnt push to much realy, but then he was verry close again and i got a bit afraid that he would loose his brake at some point and crash into me. So at final lap i didnt put up to big of a fight and just took 4th.

    Gratz to Franz for taking the win:D
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  9. my first ever race went horribly wrong started from the pits because i forgot to set the right fuel onboard crashed out a couple of times but managed to be consistent and go back to the pits but my race ended on lap 18 when after i had a shunt in the barrier causing me to go back to the pits (had 3 wheels on at the time) after the first chicane while i was blue flagged i left plenty on room for Dmimy (i think) paul through but he went into the back of me causing me to end my race but dont worry with silverstone coming up me and james will surely have a better run as silverstone has a lot more space
  10. Missed G1 by -0.003 to Bruchec -.- Not a good way to start a weekend -.-
    Back of the grid for G2 aswell -.-
    Wrong strategy for G2 aswell (I had 10l more then I needed and radiator 6 duct 11,I need only 5 9 ) Came in pit way to much times ,could do much better with 1 less stop -.-

    P3 at the end with fastest lap and my first pts this year .. Cya at Silverstone ;)

  11. Actualy i just realize that im the championship leader after today, cant realy remember that i ever leaded a championship lol.:roflmao:
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  12. Pre-Quali
    Wasn't sure what would be good enough for G1, and being my first even, wasn't surprised to be a little of the pace. a 16.9.

    G2 Race
    Good start,managed to stay 3rd for the 1st stint, then back to 4th for the 2nd stint & had a terrible last stint, couple of mistakes, I feel a top 3 was on the cards today, nevertheless, still some points for the team.
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  13. ye but don't relax, im 11 points behind ^^
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  14. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    Can anyone in Grid 2 enlighten me into why Rando Tamm was so furious he crashed into me after the checkered flag and said "F**K YOU JAMES AND WINSPER" after the race?
  15. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    I just watched the replay to this, Ron, when you lost your wheel you should have just retired then, not try and make it back to the pits, you lost it at the end of a lap just about to start lap 19, cars had to avoid you at turn 1 and then you were on the inside of the long right hander at the end of the first sector and Djimy went to go around the out side of you in which you turned left and he had no where to go but into the back of you.
    It was a stupid mistake Ron, lose your wheel, do what sensible people would do and retire... That should have been your only real option...
  16. Ryan i made the first move if you look closely and i want to return to the pits if i want to finish not retire
  17. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    But you crashed and hit the wall, losing your front left tire, you should NOT have carried on from that IMO
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  18. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Also, just noticed GPCOS says I took the pole lol. :roflmao:
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  19. dont worry will check later where you qualifyed later actually tell me where you qualified then it will make my job easier
  20. Ofcourse i wont, im just shocked that my pace was so horrible in this track that i like so much. Just happy that i moved away from the Hard tire though, would have been a disaster realy.:roflmao:

    And now Silverstone,..... another though cookie to crack