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Race #5, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kris Cobb, May 31, 2015.

  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. i am sorry for daniel brewer it was like verstappen/grosjean
    Sorry i made the move but i dived to late til the outside
    Still there were others hitting me as well
    But i take the blame for this crash sorry
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  3. question: Can Patrik De Wit, now with years of experience, actually drive yet?

    obviously not
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  4. Brainless move?
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  5. De Wit needs driving lessons with Maldonado to refine his driving antics
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  6. Dan Brewer next time if you are in a accident like that pls pls pls brake your car. I saw you in my mirrors you almost hit me when you came back to the track. From your video i can see you did not brake when you hitting the wall (no tyres blocking).

    Thomas Satherley, i guess we are like to crash with each other in Montreal :D
    Please watch where am i next time.
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  7. Norbert I saw in my mirrors I would not hit you
  8. Ok, just saying I was there.
  9. Yea.. 2 years in a row now. I have to put it down to a lack of peripheral vision Norbert. I honestly thought i was slightly ahead and driving straight to the corner. Turns out not to be the case (veered left slightly) Unfortunate for both of us.
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  10. Every race... Is this going to end?
  11. Hey guys. I had a decent race. unfortunately i didnt reach points again :(.
    Here are my highlights (videos tell more than 1000 words can do :)) enjoy it

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="
    " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    FYI: I'm planning to do a summary of Round 7 WC in a video like such. I know that some templates need to be reworked. but apart from that i'm fine. If you have any questions/comments please do them :)
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