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Race #5, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mike Partington, May 31, 2015.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. I have noticed this on the broadcast chat:
    ZERO's second team is running with virtual team so i think that are going to be DQ

    Should I be happy to be right about rcd files (imho, even with the transfer marked as disabled on server-side) or just be disgusted to have missed 2 races because of this, and ppl who don't respect the red marked advice not to use them...?

    I mean, I'm more on the former than the latter, but ppl got to understand we're spending much time on this game to try and participate in races, what should we do aside banning them, on one hand, and making sure it cannot happen again, on another hand?
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  3. Can anybody explain me this?

    Sorry for the s*** recording quality of my computer.

  4. I was hoping for a restart during the formation lap. I had a big lag moment and when the screen came back I had been crashed off, ruining most of the car. I wish I had known I could exit to monitor and start from the pitlane. Instead I tried to drive my wounded car to the pitlane and get repairs but I had no pitbox so quit and then realized I could rejoin from pitlane. But by that time the green light had already gone and I was 10 seconds behind the other pitlane starters. Very bad start.

    Then I did a mostly uneventful race on a 2 stop strategy. Unfortunately (and this is a serious issue I think) during one of my pitstops a car from another team was stopped in my pitbox. Obviously he had been assigned the same one so I don't blame him but whatever is causing this needs to be looked into i think. It cost me 4 seconds which was the difference between P9 and P11 for me.

    On the last lap I caught Cannata and Zaharov. I made an unintended overtake on Cannata when he braked earlier than I expected but then I made an error on the next corner and he got the place back.
  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Bit of a mess for me today really.
    The car also felt really floaty for some reason, plus after being away I was just not in the zone.
    When I moved from my big install to my lite install (for FSR) it just felt weird. I had 1:17.5 in practice and missed Pre Q with a time of 1:19.6. Dont know where the 2 sec went.

    Got a decent enough start when others had bumps and was P17 after about 1 lap (from P24). I think I got some damage from a lagging car as i felt a bump and just couldnt get any pace, it was also terrible into the chicane in S2. . While struggling with driving I neglected to select options so ran primes twice. Even at the end just never got any pace. Lapped by P13 and lapped twice by the leaders. One to forget.
    I want to apologise to Jacques Wengler.
    He came up to lap me and I was cursing myself for taking the wrong tyre again and his car was lagging badly for me, quite a blur. In fact I think I took damage from it. It took me too long to register that he was lapping me and by then we were both in the braking zone for the S2 chicane. Jacques spun ahead of me, there was no contact from me but I could/should have made it easier for him.
    At least I guess I didnt crash so thats something.
    See you at the next one.
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  6. Was quite in rage when the crash between us happened. For me you clearly hit me and therefore I spun. But looking at the replay you didn't hit me still my car gets a bump. So it happened because of lagg which can happen in an international league like the fsr. Still you could have made it easier indeed :). But I made errors myself too so I know that I can blame myself...
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  7. [​IMG]
    Finally a top 10 finish, I hope my logs are fine this time. That did not came very easily, struggled a lot in Q with understeer, only P11. Decided to start on primes, and what a **** rubber they are on this track, I was very slow. But only for 2 laps because in the second chicane lag car appeared just in front and sent me airborne. I thought it is gameover, yet my car miraculously survived without any damage, only with flatspotted tires. Pitted for SS and had to do two 20 laps stints on them, not easy. In the end I just did, though Cannata and Cook came very close to overtaking me on fresh tires in the end. Difficult race, gonna relax now a little bit watching WC :)
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  8. Remember China? Let's not talk about "making it easier". ;)
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  9. I cannot believe my own stupidity. Pressing pit request a 2nd time, instead of pit limiter. Only cost me a top 10, not a podium or anything, but I would've taken P10 at this track for sure, especially after my bad quali.
  10. Sorry for allocate/no show...just got power back about 10min ago, massive thunderstorms in Eastern Ontario last night. Now missed my favorite GP and home track 2 years in a row FML

  11. Sums up my race really, from then on I had suspension damage hence the delay at times letting people by or keeping it straight in battles.

    First corner carnage completely my fault (probably), I don't care if Nikodem lagged, I saw he was a long way back, was too cautious, went wide then rejoined and caused this. Nikodem had nowhere to go and lagged through. I'll happily take a race ban should the stewards find that's my fault which imo it was.
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  12. Had a very average qualifying but knew i had the pace to get into the top 5. Had a great start of the line and into 5th before Claudio once again hits me and almost spins me around. Got damage but was still drivable and able to keep up with the leaders. Second stint when Valeriano came out the pits he turned into me and gave me even more damage, In the end that caused me to lap around 1 second a lap slower than normal. Struggling with the car with the damage i was trying my best to stay in the top 10.

    Lap 36 my Logitech G27 lost all control / no ffb or input and my car just went straight into the barrier and lost a wheel. Unfortunate race for me but pace was there once again. Some people need to learn to be more cautious and use their mirrors, backmarkers as well.

    Onwards to Austria :)

  13. [QUOTE="ChazmR, post: 2017173, member: 183129"

    Lap 36 my Logitech G27 lost all control / no ffb or input and my car just went straight into the barrier [/QUOTE]

    That's very interesting because my teammate had a very similar issue where he lost ffb (G27 too) :/ Unlucky man
  14. It's a common issue with RF2. I lost FFB too (G27 too) after crash with lagged car on Lap 2, since this happens often I have button bound to "Reset FFB", which solves these problems.
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  15. the mirrors are used to see behind,you are sideways,in my mirror you're not there when I come out of the pits, was a little contact, I do not think you've had major damage. You were slower in the early laps and you were after,just watch the race to understand it. I did not know exactly where you were just look from my cockpit, Instead of making these videos and create unnecessary controversy, simply make a protest.
  16. Nicodem Wisniewski :mad:
    You are a good driver, but you do not give you the right to ruin, my race and other, at the first corner? What makes you think that you could to overtake all the drivers in the first corner? :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:Each of us can be crashes like a maniac and make a karambol. :devilish::devilish::devilish: What's amazing is that you are, after the turn and terrible overturning, has remained intact and continued to drive?????:confused::confused::confused:
    Ok. At the next race be careful and remember, "You can not win in the first corner because the race lasts over 40 laps" :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  17. 1st I must apologise to whoever I hit on the back straight - really bad brake judgement from my side

    SORRY !!
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  18. Well deserved man. :thumbsup:
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  19. bart-simpson-generator.gif
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  20. And this not the first time