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Race 3, China: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kris Cobb, May 17, 2014.

  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Exact same guy takes me out Race 1 Lap 1 Turn 1 and Race 2. Both times losing a rear wing and both times resulting in a 3 minute pitstop to go two laps down. Just trundled home to get some classified points which was good to get the smallest of positives.

    He was on the outside into turn 1 and somehow manages to take me out by turning in too much and then in Race 2 passing him on the straight I maintained my straight line and he weaves from one side of the track to the other and takes me out.

    The dude didn't even say sorry... so that says a lot. That's what happens when you find yourself racing with the less skilled and experienced. They should get a race ban and license revoked which is what I'm expecting.

    What a waste and a very numb feeling, It's just really disappointing for both me and the team as our race pace was very promising and on par with the leaders.
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  3. Had another pretty good weekend. Almost got Alvaro on the last lap of the sprint for 3rd.. not to be.
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  4. This was my last race here. Enjoy the rest of the champ.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. @Ben Tusting I already had in mind leaving before this race, the result of the race didn't conditionate my decision.

    Btw do I have to remind you who was losing his head after Silverstone, and Valencia last year? :)
  7. Tbh in the incident with Patel, I don't think there was anything he could've done. He had the inside, looking at the broadcast u didn't give him much space and u then lost traction, and it just so happened Patel was there. Racing incident in my opinion


  8. You better watch the repay, he was several cars back, he locked 4 tires so he had no option to steer, he made the car steering thanks I made contact with him (If you look replay you will see it).
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  9. If he gets time penalty you're gonna win the race :) You don't have to quit just because of one accident...
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  10. I'm quiting because other reasons.
  11. There will be the horchata 500 soon, who ever can drink 50DL ( 5 Liter ) horchata the quickest will win the national title and can call himself el horchata jefe. After coming 2nd last year im sure Carlos wants the 1st place trophy this year.
    The 2013 horchata campeon.
    Forca Carlos!
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  12. Q1: First two attempts were not so good. Had a great third lap that would put me on P1 but by the time I was finishing the lap it switched to Q2.
    Q2: Had a decent lap until the last sector where I lost more than 2 tenths. It turned out to be quite close at the end. I was a bit unlucky to lose 0,001 to Torres which was crucial later.

    Race 1: The start was not optimal as I was on the outside line. Torres went wide and I had nowhere to go so Conti used that to pass me. Then I was stuck behind Torres for a long time because we had a lot lower top speed than anyone else. Both me and Torres pitted in lap 13. I had worn tires because of the dirty air so I was not sure if I can do another lap. In lap 16 I had a good opportunity to pass Torres. Left him enough space, yet he touched me which slowed me down a lot and allowed him to keep his position. I waved for him to let me pass but he did not do that. I was so much faster but I just couldn’t pass him due to lack of top speed.
    It was the very same story to lap 29 when Conti made a huge divebomb on me (didn’t you see Torres was ahead of me? Is it that hard to figure out that you have to brake earlier otherwise you destroy everyone? Knowing that I have another driver ahead of me?). I could have done the same to Torres at least 5 times. But I don’t think it is fair so I just didn’t do it and hoped for a better position to pass him. But what is absolutely beyond my understanding is why did you keep throttling when I was stuck on you. Couldn’t you just brake? I lost at least two positions due to this noobish driving. De Wit was heavily penalised for this so I hope the same will happen here. So not satisfied with P5 at all.

    Race 2: I had a decent start and passed Martin in T1. After two laps I was able to pass Satherley. But that was everything I could do. Just did not have enough top speed to pass Conti. So not exactly happy with P2 but it was probably the most I could do yesterday.
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  13. Was he? COA removed almost all of his penalties.
    So unfortunately, according to COA, those dives are allowed.
    I dont understand them either.
  14. Conti totally lost control of his car unlike De Wit who had it all under control and didn't even cause any incident.
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  15. Then we can Maldonize everyone cause he turned in. Yeah seems logics to me when a car comes 3 car back.
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  16. That is the COA's logic indeed which is sad.
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  17. No thats rules logic, remember one part alongside means you have the corner or wasn't that the outcome from the discussion after Malaysia???

    Hey just lunge in there from 3 cars lenght and make sure you're in time alongside with any part and you are gold. No seriously blame the drivers for not defending properly and keepin the door wide open, and those drivers who make the lunges.

    Its kinda pathetic to blame COA for moves from drivers.:roflmao:
  18. There's a big difference between Patel incident and de Wit incident. How can you guys not see the difference? I initially thought Patel's move was ok but looking back he had all the tyres locked up, there is no way he would have made the corner if he hadn't hit Carlos whereas in the case of De Wit he did make the corner and was turning by the time he was alongside Parisis.
  19. Q1: I did decent first attempt, but then I failed to improve twice. Anyway it was enough for Q2
    Q2: My race setup was not good for Q, but I was anyway only 0.2 behind Carlos after S2. But then I lost .6 in S3 idk why, cos I didnt any mistake and my S3 was good usualy. So big disappointment with 9th
    R1: I had badluck cos I was on the outside line in T1. Anyway I defended 9th. But in T6 Hoyer divebombed me from 5 car lenghts in dW style. I spoted him immediately, so I chose outside line to avoid contact and let him pass.
    He did it twice again to Leitner on hairpin, when he lost control both times. Second time I wanted to go around on the inside, but he started accelerate and I hitted him. After that he did mistake and I was back on 9th. Later I was in 1 sec behind Leitner, but my DRS wont activate. DRS was enabled already and Im sure I was .8 behind, wtf...
    Then I somehow lost pace, cos I started losing contact with Leitner whilst in first laps I was much faster.
    Earlier pitstop didnt helped me to get closer to Satherley at 8th after his pit. So I just waited for mistakes and took care about tires. After all 6th place wasnt so disappointing.

    R2: I was unlucky again to have outside line in T1. I had better start than 2nd Satherley, but there wasnt chance to overtake. Contratiwise Kiss touched me from the inside and I fell to 5th.
    After few laps I was already in contact with Satherley on 4th. But he had insane acceleration from T13 and and even with similar top speed I wasnt able to get closer before hairpin.
    I tried it once in T1, but I was on the outside on T3 so there wasnt chance to did it. Contrariwise Torres picked inside line and after little contact gained my position. Few laps later I was again in battle with Satherley, and I found out that my tire wear is too big. I was on softs, so I chose to stay behind Satherley to the end of the race, to have DRS every lap on backstraight, which helped me a lot in defending against Patel.
    I wanted to attack him in last lap, but because of these battles I hitted cliff and had no other chance as stay on 5th.

    In overall Im disappointed once again, cos in R1 I was able to show better performance and in R2 with more carefulness it could be podium.
  20. [​IMG]
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