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Race #3, China: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, May 5, 2013.

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  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    What happened to Zipoli? :O_o:

    Nevertheless, congrats to Schnyder for managing his tyres so well that it offered him a dominant victory! :D Finally seeing someone else win than Zipoli... :roflmao: Well done, Sisu's ex-driver. :thumbsup:

    Tusting and Åhlman also had a great race finishing in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. :)
  3. good race guys... interesting stuff and some pretty decent over taking ;)
  4. Aalberts ruined my podium options in lap 4. No more to say.
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  5. LOOOL I didnt even raced today:roflmao:
  6. How he ruined your race if he wasnt racing?
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  7. I always knew that Aalberts was a wizard!

    I have never been quick on this track and it wasnt any different this time- barely made it into Grid 1 race, 25th fastest in PQ.

    Qualified 16th because many had penalties from last race. Had a good start and was up to 14th place after sector 2. Totally messed up the long turn before the straight and my speed was ruined, lost 10 places in the straight :D.
    After that I was just managing the tires and the brakes ( 1 stop race ) and finished on a high 12th place!

    Happy with the result and getting China out of the way :)
  8. I wish i was one then i would be winning races in WC:D
  9. Pre-qualifying went well, I thought I'd need to match or beat my PB of 36.5 to get through to grid one and managed to put a 36.1 on the board with my second run to make the G1 race for the first time this year. Definitely makes up for Bahrain where I really should have qualified, but messed my fast lap up.

    The race start was a mess for me. I was a little too eager with the burnouts and had to swerve onto the grass to avoid a contact, this meant I needed to parallel park back in my grid slot, a little embarrassing :$ After that I was slow with the lights as I hadn't realised they'd come up as quickly as they did but managed to get away clean. Due to the slow start I was running at the back into T1.

    The first few laps were very busy and I was mostly concentrating on keeping my car out of an incident rather than picking up places. I'd started on the softs and in retrospect I'd have been better off with the hards. I was fighting with Jackson for a bunch of laps which was fun but my tyres were totally shredded within about 8 laps.

    My second stint was ran on the hard compound. I'd set a target of L32 pre race to do my final stint on the softs, but because of my poor management of the first set, these were pretty slow by time I got back to the pits to change them.

    Last stint was on soft tyres again and was going fine until I noticed some smoke from the rear, I turned the engine limiter down hoping I could nurse it to the end but it gave out on lap 37, I think I covered enough laps to classify. Mechanical reliability seems to be a big issue for me so far this year with 2 break failures and now an engine.

    Oh and apologies to Ben Tusting if my system lock up had any effect on him when he came to lap me. Something popped up in the background from my anti virus which locked my rFactor window for a few seconds until I cleared it.

    *Edit* Just checked and looks as if I was half a lap short of being awarded the 10 :mad:
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  10. So was a ghostspeed but in my replay puts aalberts
  11. Ummmm So I guess was boshove, cause i checked again and puts me aalberts.
  12. oh, and mega lol at Keanies comment during the race :D
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  13. Yeah sorry Carlos,
    I broke at same spot after the slipstream, my bad :(
  14. I was loosing more than a second in first stint cause of this i was doing 43... And then my pitstop was 10 s, so in my opinion i lost my podium options there.

    Congrats klop, he did a great race at the end.

    My first fastest lap in FSR not bad for a rookie one.
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  15. I almost crashed into Fantinanti because of his 2x blocking at the long straight which he tried and pass Fischer.

    Congrats to Schnyder for the race win and Carlos Martin for 4th place. See you guys in Monaco!!
  16. Fifth man, was fifth :)
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  17. OK OK 5th, it's all the same :D
  18. How come results aren't up?
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  19. First FSR race,

    PQ: bad lap 1:35.7

    Q1: good lap P8 1:35.395

    Q2: aborted the lap (P10)

    Race: Cautious start, back to P12.

    (L1)In T1 Bodnar nudged me, in T16 Puoti putted me wide and got a tap from Fisher at T1.(L2)
    Made my way up to P8 until Lebruchec caught Carlos Martin on lap 4 (T16) and
    spun right in front of me, front wing gone and car unstable. Pitted,
    drove the race but with a broken car and no courage knowing that my race was already wasted.
  20. This is my race On Board:D
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