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Race 2 - Paul Ricard

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. WIP :tongue:

    TIME October, Thursday 6 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Paul Ricard STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race
  2. Thread open! GOOD LUCK ALL!
  3. two surprises: Rebels on the grid (go Andreas!) and rainy weather (this totally caught us by the balls). Looking forward to another great race on stripy Paul Ricard.
  4. Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain!!!

    I can't wait for an action packed race all over again. :)
  5. By the way, the live timing is not working anymore. I hope it's fixed tomorrow.
  6. Any news about any sort of live timing that we can follow the race from tonight?
  7. I will be on the grid but please don't show me, will be slow as hell :D
  8. yes pls will there be a Live Timing ? Without it is impos to follow the race.
  9. Agree Tom...pretty hard to be race engi aswell ;D
  10. Seems to be a fundamental problem with Live Timing that can't be solved for this race:frown:
  11. Sometimes miracle happens and it's working right now it looks like!
  12. :( :( Is the broadcast still ok ? Same link as before ?
  13. :) :cool:
  14. Looks like the pit wall has been updated with the correct broadcast connection so I guess you can watch it there or on simrace.tv,
  15. Well, my race can be spelled with four letter: C, R, A and then a little P.

    Quallied 16th with a PB 1.1 secs faster then my practice time so happy about that. Had an ok first couple of laps with some close battles. THen I got a run on the two FDD cars ahead of me onto the straight but the Fords speed isn't that great so I lost the draft and then all of a sudden I had a Saleen on the right so four wide. Into the breaking zone we went 2-2 with me in the second row on the inside. Locked up a little and then I got a smash from the outside just when I started to turn in so both me and the FDD car (Yuri?) spun and then I was down to 22nd. From there on it was not much fun anymore. I started with dry tyres and then the rain came. Pitted after a while and put on wets... Then it became dry. After a while I pitted again to put on dry's but then it started to rain again.. so, ended in 19th...

    Grats to FDR for a great double! Also grats to Greg for finishing way better than me ;)
  16. Sorry if i have caused some problem in the race but sometime i don't see anithing.. i don't see some cars that run naer my position so i hope dind't get wrong.
    Congratulation at the podium!!!! and everyone that arrive at the end of the race!!!
  17. thx all involved for a great event, we had some terrific battles all over the grid the first 30 mins and then smaller but very intense fights all through the 90 mins. Well done to all 20 survivors, heads up to Flatout: whatever mistake you made, you're bound to never make it again. Come back in style at Hocke next week!
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  18. Great race guys, was intense racing.
  19. Well done top runners for the consistant cool head

    at the start of the race i was well into P1, i had lower downforce than others so despite the slower cornering i could
    always take or keep my place in the straights, also i was pretty good on the tyres and felt good overall
    then i went for wets, forgetting that its not the first time there are slight taunting dribbles of rain, but took the
    chance and it went wrong
    i also did alot of possible pitstop and track mistakes, which resulted in a raging red fog infront of me that turned a possible
    P5 into an embarrasing 12th place

    as Eckhart said ofcourse, no problem for the flatout to recover from this
  20. Yes I got hit off track and into the wall, I could see you on XD and when I switched to rear view I could see spray but no car, I have no Idea if I turned in on you or you hit me?

    My Q was a pb and happy enough.
    Start was good had some great laps then after 3 laps of rain I pitted for wets only to find the track drying soon after, back in for slicks, got hit into the wall, got a S&G finished near the back, all in all a miserable race I would like to forget.

    Well done to everyone else , the guys for the broadcast and commentary, cheers.
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