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Race #16, Brazil: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Post race reports here as long as it's within the forum rules.
  2. wen race starts everething wass great for me but on lap 9 i get it hit dont know why here wass no reason 4 hit i thinking finish seasion in normal place but didnt cant cos car damage! well want say thanks FSR admins it wass great seasion for me and Bye guys
  3. Last Race. Broken connections. I hope that next season will be better.
    Best regards to all. See you next season.
  4. Well not the best race today, my 1st gear was more long than my 2nd gear so my acceleration in the start was very bad and i had to put the clutch, sorry about that. 4 position with a less testing than another races was not so bad after my bad start and i had a good battle with Dian.

    Gratz to Dominguez for command this WT Season (nice chat in the middle of the races xDD), and to AeroF1 who believe in my to battle for the championship. Thanks to Ben, the best boss I had ever and Ika, one of my best teammates I had xDD
    Only one thing of this champ was missing, Albert De Juan hahahahaha

    Thanks to everybody who made this championship possible. See you next year!!!
  5. Sorry Mark

    Quali was not so good for me, missed my braking point in the second sector. 7th.

    The start went perfect ass petar had to move around eduard, so i could make up 2 places. After that the guy infront of me spond in the first corner, i managed to go around him. The rest of the race i was racing against Martin before the first stop, after that he passed Mark and so i could stay right behind him. In the end we had a fight for 2nd place, but unfortunately i touched him on the inside of turn 3. I watchyed the replay and it was completely my fold. So i wil exept it if i get a penalty. Very sorry Mark. I ruened his race and mine with it. Overall im happy with the race. chasing the Ghospeed guys.

    Up to World Championship this evening. I do not expect very mutch but ill see what i can do.

  6. a lot of carnage on lap one i lost my front wing trying to avoid it all [​IMG]

    my ffb went before race started and I couldnt rejoin because the race started race even tho i asked..

    Then I ended it all on lap 26 was going well in 13th. hit the hole in the wall on start/finish straight wing gone and damage to car race over [​IMG]

    This may be my last race as im moving to america in jan so if I have net ill be back..
  7. Well disaster for me. Woke up late. Allocated late. Started last, benefitted from the carnage was happily in 9th or 10th matching times with Ben P behind. Caught Ika who was slower and looked for a way past. Got a good tow in the long straight going into T1.. i moved closer to him but didn't turn into him. I was virtually side by side on his outside and a weird crash happened and next thing I knew.. i was in the pitlane.

    Not the best way to end the year. It was real fun racing with you guys this season. Thank you FSR for making all this happen, especially Race Director and the guys behind the scenes. See you all next year
  8. Grats on the Team Title boys :D

    Thanks DD for being the WT director.
  9. With having a back of the grid-penalty like many others for this race, I started in 14th or so. I had a good start passing a couple of cars right away but unfortunatily someone lost their car in front of me and I got caught up with someone trying to avoid the spun car. This caused my car damage which virtually killed my pace needed to battle for proper positions. Second lap Davakos made quite an agressive overtaking manouver going wide in turn 1, then we collided going into turn 2 as he was off racing line but insisted on taking the normal lane. Racing incident I guess so **** happens.

    I kept on going for another 15 laps or so and my car kept getting worse and worse. The lighter my car got, the more oversteer I had which made my car very nervous out of the corners. That´s what killed my race here as I went out of turn 2 just like any other time but I lost my car, rolled off the track and unfortunatily Brljak ran right into me. I´m sorry Petar, everything happened very quick.

    It´s been a tough first ever sim-racing season but I still enjoyed most of it. I´d like to thank GhostSpeed for the opportunity to get involved in FSR and especially Mark Aalberts for all his tips as the season went on! Have a nice winter all and see you next year!
  10. Congrats Edu he is WT champion! and thanks aero team well done guys i think we did normal season thanks fsr admins and all dudes who did thes champions ship sorry me crap uk good luck all in life!:)
  11. Happy this season is over lets see what rf2 will bring xD

    As for my race, scored a pole but this came with a price as i did it on mediums as my q2 on hard tyres was realy terrible so decided to took a gamble for this race. In the openings i was able to open up a gap but never big enough to stay ahead safely as i was a few tents slower on the mediums and once the hard tyres for the others where getting up pace it was a done deal. Martin overtook me at the pit and later on Rob was catching me as well, after 2nd stop i had a come togheter with Rob and we spun loosing the podiums atleast for me. THis pretty much sums up my season, those few times i have been on the podium it was a win, never been able to score decent podium finishes. 4 poles and 3 wins is not to bad afteral but inconsistency and a share of bad luck is pretty much the story of this season.

    CU next year guys rf2 here we come. xD
  12. Didnt deserve the race win, but I couldnt race WS, In Q1 I was at the top and into Q2 I did a solid lap and I thought I was on for a pole then Aalberts comes on with a lap with med tyres xD, On lap 1 Dian did a great job on braking down to turn 4 and got me, after some mistakes I was behind Rob and Dian which was hard to get past with high wings, however I got past both and coming out of the pits I was side by side on Mark and I had the better line for the corner, from there it was just setting consistent times for a win that Mark deserved, was nice to get a hual of points for the team and who knows if I had stayed in WT I could of been competing for a championship.
    Cya guys
  13. Talk about my luck this race, like many others lol, Joona you left a big smokescreen so I was thinking, better to slow down and take the run off when you come right into my line xDDD
  14. LOL :D From my point of view I´m just trying to get off the track and I see you steering right into me and BOOOM.. I was a little shocked x)
  15. well done EDU! for the other WT drivers, see you in 2012 with rf2 under of the rain.