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Race #15, UAE: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Post race reports here as long as it's within the forum rules.
  2. lolzer.

    got spun and then some1 tested me coming out of the corner(not putting their foot down, so i rammed them and got front supsension and
    wingg damage)

    Grats to the winner
  3. ah spin bilion times too lol track like aice omg but finish 11 place:wink:
  4. Finally a race finish....

    12th my best this season. ben it wasnt me was it someone near the start of race tried to come up behind me they didnt even move over to try to pass just hit my rear they spun luckily nothing to me.. Car was very slow for some reason.. but managed to only spin once on last lap lol
  5. wich justin bieber fan made this track,... :frown: Next year we should do a vintage series and pick our own old skool tracks,... im just done with all this new modern tracks they are introducing these days.

    As for the race, Gratz Eddy and i have not much to say just a poor effort today tires where not behaving as i expected so sacrificed my race badly. In the end just cruising to save the engine and brakes so gave away 5th something i should have done more races this season to go for the safe side, then i wouldnt have lost so many points and been right up there in the champ standings.

    Anyway one last effort and then we done,... Dear Santa please give me rF2:cool:
  6. im hopeing for rf2 wayyyyy before santa comes or before I move to usa in jan :p
  7. 4th!

    First of, i wanna thank petar for helping me with the setup. Its a chame he dident won the race in the end but it was a good day for our team.

    Quali went very good for me, i dident practis q2 so mutch. So starting in 4th position was a little dream, and very suprising.

    I had a good start but could not manage the pace of the guys in front of me in the first couple of laps. I stil had some lag issues, most of in the second sector around the hotel. (have to put my graphics down again :) After a couple of laps i got passed my Mark Aalberts. After that i could do a better pace to keep right behind those guys. I stopped at lap 18/19 with Kalamees behind me i think. One lap later Mo came out right in front of me, i had a little chance to pass him but dident manage to do it. One ore two laps later Aalberts came out right behind me, so that was very good. The rest of the race until 10 laps before the end i managed to stay in front of him. In the end he had to gave up i think. So finnally i had some rest after being in a group the whole race. In the end i was some kind of crusing to the finish. What a race for me, im very happy with this result. I will dedicate this race to the drivers that died this week and my mother who has breast cancer.

    R.I.P. Dan Wheldon / Marco Simoncelli.