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Race #12, Korea: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Sorry Chris, not is if ice you, I had nothing, but it is possible that your Yes.If it is so I hope you accept my apologies.

    You have a conversation in the BOX.
  3. Broadcast is here for those who are interested;
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  4. Q1: I did cut in S3, so I have BoG for next GP :(

    Race: I took it with calm, I had more downforce than others so I could brake much later but in the same way, I had less top speed so I lost few places. In T5 a Pescara spuns and someone hits me back :( I was carrying lots of damages so I wasnt confortable with the car. After first piutstop I had some battle with Diaz, who hitted me sometimes, race incidents but made my suspension brake. I did DNF in lap 32, in lap 31 I did 45.4 while my best lap was on 23 a 44.4, so 1 sec slower cause this little contacts.

    COngrats Bono and all the podium, see you in Singapore
  5. What on earth guys, this is not bumper car racing...
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  6. We clearly have some issues with our car...
    Car felt like it was on ice and I had to hold back in every corner not to loose the backend.
    Guess we cant be competetive with our current engineer.
    Would be interesting to find out what times we could hit with a decent setup. :)
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  7. Hmmm...excellent start,very good battles...AHHH ****..half lap...and i finished 6.place..from 22.
    I have very very big bad luck in this year...in WS / WC..
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  8. When someone is like 3s off pace it's never a problem of car setup...

    Also that's why FSR has 3 divisions, it's better to start from lower divisions to learn and improve, rather than jumping directly in WC and struggling so much.
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  9. As your message will be probably ignored by a big majority, I'm going to quote it again with giant letters.
  10. I've been crashed in T1, T2 and T5 same lap. Several more contacts during the race...
  11. I thought people in WC people wouldn't hit you from behind when braking/divebomb you/push you carelessly into a wall or off the track. Let alone all of this in half of a race. I had pace for podium but 4 people who finished in front destroyed my car and race.
  12. Sorry Jernej for that pushing into the wall. You missed the brake point for T1 and went in the grass, I carefully passed you, but when you decided to join back on the track you were in my death zone and was impossible to see from my cam that you were outside between me and the wall. Don't think this incident destroyed your race, but I will accept it as my mistake so very sorry for that.
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  13. It's ok Dian :) Just please try to be more careful... My car was in the death zone, but you could hear it and it was quite obvious I'm gonna appear on track on the outside.
    About the destroyed race - I didn't mean to point finger at you, Dian, sorry about that, I used wrong words..
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  14. 100% damage setting is the solution,
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