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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

Race #12, Japan: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. :x3:

    Another dominating win from Bono again. Maybe it wouldn't have been the same with Morgan if was in Q2 and not starting from the back! But it was good to see Morgan fly through the field and make his way up into 3rd!

    Lets hope to see some good battling at Korea!
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  3. Was it enough places given away or one to less :D will find out within 2 weeks
  4. Great racing trough the race! That pass outside of T1 was stunning. Not sure who it was. Maybe Tali. Entertaining stuff!
  5. awesome racing will post comments tomorrow and stuff

    ps wanna see the broadcast:)
  6. OMFG I can't believe I missed you guys battling for it... When will the broadcast be up?? :D Don't even dare to tell me who won. :p (BTW, thinking bout joining for next year or 2,014, as soon as I completely understand how to do it xD)
  7. Surely not the best race for us.... obvious congrats to Bono for his win but let me congratulate our friend Patrick for an incredible race!! Incredible and fair fights, superb superb race.
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  8. yeah thanks matey
    This was the race of the year for me
    Best starting position for me this year nearly got pole lol

    Great battles with Tali,Morand,Kalamees,Saxen,and and attempt to let huis not overtake me:)
    only Nilson passed me easy:) when i was heavier

    Thanx for the hard and fair racing guys we need more of this
    Me and Tali had the longest battle beginning end the ending of the race great batte matey
  9. guys well doen fro the commentating really brilliant stuff
    really well done for making this all possable to make it entertaining
    just wanted to say thank you
  10. nearly could a pole lap there in Q2
    Finally a decent Q2 lap!!!

    I was on a 3 stop strategy
    Awesome fair and agressive racing troughout the race!!!
    1st laps were very hectic
    battle with rietveld,Tali and the whole train begind me

    I would not make it easy to them to pass me
    Which Tali found out:)

    Great battles with Morand also

    Again leading the race
    and in the end a solid 5th place wooohaaaa

    to abidesi

    lap 1 to 10th
    its de wit train:)
    de wit starts 2nd lap 1 losing 1 place to rietveld from 3rd to 4th
    lap 2 to 10 amazing battle with tali swithing positions
    tali overtakes but de wit strikes back again twice:)!!!!
    lap 12 to 14th de wit in lead end lap 14 huis tries to overtake de wit but de wit won,t give way and then pits

    lap 21 to end of 24
    fight between morand and de wit
    morand passed twice but de wit passed back twice again:)

    lap 46 to end
    fight between tali and de wit for 5th place