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Race #11, Hungary: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Aug 21, 2011.

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  2. Congrats Bono for the Championship, amazing drive.

    I need to find a new hobby.
  3. Paquete, matao!
  4. Callate manco
  5. Are you serious, WoW the boy should be driving with extra weight.
  6. Gj Bono and awesome job whole season ! Congratulations ! And awesome job Morgan really deserved 2nd place :)
  7. Congrats Bono!
  8. Congrats Bono, the World Champion! Well deserved!
  9. Congrats to Bono on taking the World Championship!

    Congrats to Lee Morris, great drive & the 1st WC points for Ward F1.


  10. Couldn't agree more!!

    Congrats Bono!
  11. lol
  12. congratz to Bono Huis what he is doing now is never showed in FSR WC
    Very well done to Precision and Bono to do so well

    Nice job Bono!!!!
    As for me snatching the Final point in last 6 laps well after all **** happened is still somethign to cheer for
    No pace again
    Gotta be honest my only chance that my car could turn the corners was on softer tyres then rest
    I was relaxed and fine to stop more then others
    Anyways another pole position was not expected but we could add another 1 to our Faster Than Speed WC!!!!

    As for Mikkonen incident it ruined both our races he lost control touching the grass i was too close as i was settling for and problaby overtake i could not react anymore damz again for me at wrong place at wrong time
    Lucky we could both continu
    See Ya at Spa
  13. "Q1 - Had 3 good laps and improved each time, 15.1 was pb on a track we struggled all week, easy through to Q2

    Q2 - Unfortunatly my Q2 lap was sort of dustrupted by Atze Kekhof, but it wasnt his fault the blue flags dont come out till late so i dont hold it against him, after all he has been very helpful as of late

    Race - Was stuck in traffic due to bad Q2 had a very fast racing car underneath me, mid stint was ruiined by Saxen who jumped me on new tyres, but he was extremley slow, i was at least 0.5 per lap faster but there is no where to pass, finaly i made a very opertunistic move at the top of the hill in turn 4 to pass him and then i pulled a 6 second gap to 3rd down to 1 second, but then once again you cannot pass here so i spun trying to get on power earlier, but in end was a safe 6th place, had pace for P2 today

    So happy to score Wards first points, onwards and upwards from now, i hope my team are proud

    And once again i huge huge thanks to Atze Kerkhof who has been extremley helpful to me as of late, i realy appreciate it,

    Well done to Bono"
  14. "Q: So close once again to reach Q2.
    Only 0.020 behind 10th place.

    R: Start was ok keeping my place by Mikkonen who tried in many corners little risky to pass me. All the way to my first pitstop I was following Saxen keeping my distance to avoid any mistake. When I made my pitstop I saw that I had damage on my car from lap 1 I guess but I didn't repaire any of them. I noticed that my engine wear was far bigger than in practise we had, so I reduced my race pace from 21th lap to keep the engine alive. After his 2nd stop De Matos ws just in front of me but I didn't made any move on him. Nothing special in the next laps, I just got the car to the finish taking 4 points. My best result so far but I'm not happy at all. I hope we can do better races for the rest of the season.

    Congrats to Bono for his 2nd title!"
  15. Raino don't worry, its common with Eesti guys :cool:

  16. ye , i know:D
  17. Thats why we practise pit entry:D

    Congratulations to Bono, great performance this season whats being showed is pretty unique. I thought that after the Marques era nobody would be able to achieve that performance and seems i was wrong, this kid is from another planet. Grats to Bono again and PM to for their performance you gotta give them credits for this.
  18. Congrats Bono!
  19. "Q1: P3 with a 1.14.9 so i'm quite happy about that time.

    Q2: i managed to do a 1.16.3 so p7 at start.

    Race: Mikko was able to overtake me first corners as he had a really good start and i was not confortable with cold tyres.
    During all first stop, i was behind Mikko and was unable to pass. Near lap 15 - 16, Mikko was able to pass De Wit, i tried to do the same but Patrick decided to pit so i had a clear way for pushing before doing first stop.
    I stopped one lap too late first stint, Disley was able to pass me because he stopped before.
    So second stint, was behind Blair and i wasn't enough close to try to overtake, i decided to stop near lap 40 to try to pass him and Mikko.
    On the exit of pits, Jim Parisis was just behind me but he didn't attack me too much: thx because the first 2 corners weren't easy with cold tyres.
    1 lap later, I was able to leapfrog Blair but it didn't work with Mikko. During all last stint, i tried to stay near Mikko in case he made a mistake but it never happened so P4 at the end.

    I'm happy, P4, my best FSR WC result,a big thanks to the team to let me the opportunity to drive today and congrats to Bono for his second WC title."
  20. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium Member

    In my replay, John-Eric Saxén is driving in an Aero F1 car, and Cyril Werdmuller is driving a Mak-Corp car. Yet on the GPCOS Saxén is credited as a Mak-Corp driver and Werdmuller as an Aero F1 driver.

    Is this is a mistake?