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Race #10, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Game crashed evertime that the server changed session :(
  3. What a great last few laps!! Awesome Jernej and Eduard!!!!

    So happy with the p7 after again a very bad q1! Maybe im going for the most overtakes/improved positions of the season!
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  4. You are doing really well on the last races, keep pushing! :)
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  5. How nice it is when you take the corner in the same way for 130694385670458th time and suddenly it just turns you around.

    Anyway, sorry Edu for pushing you on the grass. And about the t1 thing, I really thought you had already slowed enough to turn in...sorry about that.

    Oh, and yes, grats Marcel, great drive ;)
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  6. Thank u David! I really appriciate it!

    Hope i can do the same at Suzuka.
  7. When will the BC be on Youtube or other way to view the race?
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  8. It'll be on YouTube tomorrow morning.
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  9. I enjoyed a lot viewing this race, very good broadcast.

    Congrats to my teammate Marcel for the P7, last lap was incredible, so close!!!
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  10. I enjoyed the race until 0.800 seconds after the lights went out and cabo in front of me did not start and i obviously couldnt affoid losing my front wing on his rear and there was my race destroyed. I felt like i was back in wt again last year with the way some of you drove today, totally not caring about the guy behind or in front of you.
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  11. While you were in the race is interesting and if spent it you well better than better. But please do not throw the blame people, when up he leaves behind are your. And not left me standing, had a March for very long, if not remember wrong, I believe that everyone with traction control left. For my part fantastic career, pity that not got to the points that we deserve them. see you in Suzuka!
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  12. You are the driver who had lost more points in the FSR season (WC+WS) and you feel as in WT again... Very curious!!!

    Please, keep calm on track and before posting blames to others think about your aggressiveness on track.

    Happily you didn't puncture Zuhaitz' tyre.

    You should be more careful, please.
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  13. I just heard that it wasnt cabo stalling it was his first gear not propperly set up! pls if you use 1st gear up to 174kmph and have 6000rpm when you start then please dont point fingers. Instead you might find all the help in this link --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manual_transmission#Gear_ratios
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  14. It would be great if you don't judge our strategy or our setups.
    If we decide to sacrifice the start it's our decission not yours.

    You should be more careful, i repeat.
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  15. The problem of "sacrificing the start" is that there are more cars around, you are not alone. I've seen the WC start today and two cars lost the FW due to the poor starts from PSR cars.
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  16. As we are not alone we don't make any strange movement after push off launch control. We throttle and we go straight.
    So easy as don't slipstream at racestart. There was enough room to avoid us.

    PSR's setups aren't your business.

    Stop blaming of other drivers mistakes.
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  17. How is it a mistake of another driver if the guy ahead barely moves, you have minimum time to react also...
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  18. It's not only about moving or not. If your car almost stalls, basically your speed is close to 0, and the cars behind don't have enough reaction time to avoid you. Even if you keep going straight at turtle speed.
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  19. Btw interesting strategy, such a long 1st gear I mean. I think much more time is gained with good start than lost during the race. If it really was 170+ kph, that's even too long for optimal drive out of the first chicane.. Just a thougth.

    Anyway, crash it's always the guilt of the car behind. You gotta always be prepared to go around if the car infront stalls. But on the other hand it's not too kind and nice to consciously make a dangerous move like that.
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  20. if you are behind someone and that someone would brake 20-30 meters earlier its sometimes also un avoidable to cause a collision like we seen in canada. No penalty needed for PSR and i understand that only going straight and not doing anything wrong works out for you guys but if you do it the opposite way around and next time brake 50 meters earlier before a corner dont be the one pointing fingers again, for example<---- read