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Race #10, Italy: Broadcast replay

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Jaakko_M, Sep 2, 2013.

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  2. Thanks Jaakko for your quick work. Also wanted to say that I'm very disappointed and wounded from some comments by Nick. I'm not gonna watch next few episodes, because I know which guys will be supported and which ones hated by the commentators.
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  3. Dian, I do not hate you. I have already been made away of this. I just said it as I saw it and you were moving under braking. If you have taken offence I profusely apologise. It was not intended.

    I just called it as I saw it and that you had to go careful.
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  4. You were talking that every move from Rietveld against me was "Really good defence", while he was blocking me everywhere, then when I made a legally defence line against Samuel, you said, I'm crazy and to becareful to not follow Chris (I think I heard his name). My advice for future, be less addicted to your teammates, I understand you want them to win, but don't show it in Live broadcast.
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  5. And forgot to mention that your appologize is accepted :)
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