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Race #10, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.

    PD: David is still having fun with Alberto De Juan in the bed, don't worry.
  2. Great race guys!

    A really good watch - some fantastic overtakes today
  3. NO, I just can't belive this. I sceaw up my chans to finish 11th my spining the car after fighting with someone (sorry but I never sow your name) and I dropped to 13th and as I came to the final lap I had my engine blowing up on T5. I was doing so well for my second race. :(

    Btw, I want to give a big HEADS UP, on my start I failed to use the LC button because the driver infront of my went to early and then I lost concentration and had lot's of wheel spin. To be fear I let all drivers pass me so I was last before T1. I hope I won't get a penalty for failing to use the LC as I only lost on it already.
  4. Ika

    I just want to apologise for the contact going into T5, i'm pretty sure u can understand that i didnt mean to knock you off the track. It was a big mistake by me, so if you put in a incident submission, i will accept whatever penalty i would be given.
  5. i dont know what is great here again testing lot again someone crash race idont understand why hit me behaind michael gray its not fun iwe testing a lot and again me race go ****! because michael hit me i lost 28 sec in pit for what thet guy didnt see track ? enyway admin check thes i am tyered wit thes actions:mad:
  6. michael i nothing going put just try drive clean nothing more i not kinda man like cry but i not have enymore good feling i dont want look behaind see who drives bahaind me and what he do i testing lot 2 bad crash race someone u understand thet nothing more
  7. Michael Gray, each time I had to overtake you as a backmarker during this race you cost me over 1,5 sec plus a little uncomfortable moments. Could you please let the lappers pass more easily next time?
  8. First race back after a 3 race break. Had a lot of fun.

    Q1 and 2 was not good and I know I could had done better, so I was a bit disappointed with 7th.

    Race. A decent start and was pretty close to the guys in front of me. I went wide to avoid any chaos and was up to 5th. But of cold tyres I lost traction and had to ease off and Kalamees past me. Thanks to some good luck I was 4th and was behind Kalamees for the rest of the race. The gap slowly opened and I couldn't get comfortable in my first stint. Lap times were much slower than in testing. After my pitstop, things got a lot better and was able to push a bit more. But catching Kalamees wasn't really realistic so for the last 3rd, I eased off and saved my engine.

    Had fun with a very easy car to drive. Awesome job from team.
  9. first race in a while was way off my own pace in quali.

    race thought was doing well till i managed to spin just before i pitted went down to 21st..

    finally ended race backwards and blown engine not long from the end :(

    also when will the broadcast be up if there was one :s
  10. Fantastic win realy feels great, not sure why usual on this type of tracks im not that good its not realy my type of track but this race everything felt in place somehow. I want to give this win to Ajibola Lawal, he broke his wrist last week and is most likely out for the rest of the season, so i hope this is a good boost for the team morale and hopefully we can get some pitch results in the races to come.

    As for the race, good q eventhough way off pace from what i was doing in practise but good enough to be top ten, after that Q2 little bit nervous though because the car felt slightly different but when noticing the first timed laps getting on the board i knew i would be good as i was confident on doing a 26 high anyway.

    Then race was long and boring, the only thing that was realy important for me was to get a good start and good first half of the lap to make a gap towards the long straights so p2 couldnt get a run on me as i was bottoming at the straights thus less topspeed. Anyway after that it was just walking in the park and creating a big enough gap for the pitstops, then 2nd stint i had a smal mistake almost spun the car that costed me a second but other then that a flawless race.
  11. Grats on the win Mark, was hoping to challenge you, but a Spanish driver happened :D lol :p
  12. when will broadcast be posted?
  13. Did we have more cars on the grid than usual? I lost a minute waiting behind a car that was getting fixed in my assigned pitbox...
  14. can someone update brodcastb for download please? thanks
  15. No dude 26 as usual just was director comentator a pit lane dude an camera man
  16. My team and another new team were supposed to race I think but my other driver snapped the steering column on his wheel, thats the guy who was commentating alongside Liam. What happens if there are just a few more cars than the usual 26? Does that warrant a second grid or do they just join the same race?
  17. There is a Pre-Q session which determines who races in Grid 1, The top 10 in the championship dont have to do this, Im not sure how many go through in Pre-Q but I think its the top 14, Correct me if im wrong.
  18. Like a sort of '107% rule' sort of thing? We were in the 1:30s so I guess we would've been average, though my other driver (Ben Jacobs) can only turn left now so turning right would just involved may left hand loops. Like Zoolander. Hoping to be in Hungary with our test driver Josh Barton whos given us some awesome setups :D
  19. in pre quali there's usually around 16 that go thru depends how many from top 10 of last race are racing. the ones who drop out from pre quali if under 10 weekend over and pointless wasted time practising and waste of money.. if over 10 then there is a grid 2 but that hasnt happened for a long time now
  20. Sounds cool. The start looked pretty manic with a full grid! Grats to every for getting through turn 1 cleanly though, was a great race to watch.