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Race #1, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. You have got to be kidding me! F1 is NOT a contact sport, plenty of people should not be allowed to race if they don't understand this.
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  3. P9 alright but so much unnecessary adventures for me.

    Messed up someone's race a bit by completely misjudging the situation. I have a lot to learn of the rf2 physics.

    Mikko Suokas
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  4. new sim same old back of grid problems i see
  5. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Ok well I was really nervous pre-race and I was right to worry, I got taken out both in T1 and T4...really disappointed I had to retire.

    Still though, I was happy with the qualifying, taking my first Q2 and 8th with mediums.

    Now just waiting for Malaysia and expecting more clean driving in the first few corners...
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  6. everything was great until my pit stop button didn't work! lol then i drove like a bull in a china shop until i binned it.
  7. Really angry. Decided to start from pitlane to avoid T1 chaos (also did some setup changes :D )Race went extremely well until after my only pitstop I catched Winter and Klop who were battling with each other. They did not pit and were very slow, I played safe and took care of my tires waiting them to pit. Winter suddenly braked into fast corner (Turn 5), all I left to do is to swerve frantically into sand pit. Lost many positions with that and destroyed my tires too. Pity, because Top8 finish was very possible.

    Did some nice overtakes before that, enjoyed my race fully up until that dramatic point.
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  8. Because the game has nothing to do with such problems.
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  9. Well, got hit in first corner, half spun, but got hit back straight again and on my travels I went.

    Caught up with Clayton and Carlos, but got stuck behind Clayton, if this was rF1 I would have attempted an overtake, but it's not, any contact can ruin a race, so I waited for the perfect opportunity, which never came! Lap 15 I pitted, got mediums and off I went again, this time in pursuit of Alessio Campus.

    Finally caught him by the last lap, and as I was getting closer and rolling into a corner, I tapped the rear end and we both half spun (would have waited if I spun you), but stayed in the same positions.

    Happy with 4th, after terrible practice sessions! See you next race
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  10. T1 - I don't know what happened. I overtook like 7 cars at the start and I was braking safe for T1 behind my teammate Mike and suddenly a Crow7Netrex car dived out of nowhere and then span in the middle of the track. I managet to get out of that carnage somehow, even without damage and overtook some cars at the following straight where I saw another carnage and cars parked in the middle of the track. Those I managed to avoid really nicely but then Mikko Suokas decided to he'll come back to the track exactly when I was next to him. He hit me and I got my car stuck into another and smashed into the wall. Terminal damage, retirement. Thank you. Some really harsh penalties should be applied after what happened yesterday in the Ace race and today in Pro race.
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  11. h
    Video about how I took Toumas out in T4
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  12. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    The music is a nice touch :D
  13. I'm sorry, I had many technical issues, hope I wasn't too dangerous in some situations. My car like stopped in the middle of the track while opponents where driving normally, it was all slowed down, probably syncronization/connection problem :(
  14. I really do think the driving standards in the pro need to be looked at. Not from everyone but from some.

  15. Did go slow in turn one...slow...then Rens Klop hit me, half spin...okey..everything is fine... BUT Jose Dominguez just drove into me with decent speed! Have you heard something about go slow/stop if cars are in front of you?!?! Damn dude! :mad:

    10 points for 16th place, not happy with race. :unsure:
  16. The same of me...
    I don't think is a connection problem becasue at me is happen also offline!
  17. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    I just noticed on GPCOS there seems to be a problem, one of my drivers Mike Partington already has an account on there and racing under Origin Racing Academy but after that race a new place holder account has been created for him under Team FSR, Why?
  18. No idea, it seems it happened to some drivers. We will check this after WC.
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  19. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    Okay then, thanks :)
  20. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium

    Very disappointed with today's race. One of the worst Pro/WT I have seen since I have been racing in Pro/WT. People seriously need to start thinking about their driving and awareness of others around them. I will be the first one to say it has took me a long time to give space to other drivers and not crash into others. I understand it is peoples debuts and some have never done SimRacing before but people just need to learn from their mistakes and not have a repeat of today!

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