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Race #08, Indianapolis: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. It's nice to have serious SimRacing, having such nice battles and with great respect.
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  3. You know the feeling when you are doing a corner, having a good entry and clip apex nicely, then PC shuts down.

    What am I supposed to do with file submission? I only have the tmp. log as the correct one didn't get saved.

    Anyway, cool little race it was, I was starting to get some pace and out of the car and was on the sure run to maybe p8 or even higher with possible penalties. Let's see what can we do in Monza :)
  4. Desastrous Q for me P11 , it was so frustrating i got held up in every hot lap.
    To race 10´xx with Q fuel was actually no problem for me.

    I had a nice first lap ( dunno what happened ahead of me ) , up to P6.
    Then my race was decent i was always racing close behind the top 5 , unfortunately they all had more top speed than me so it was almost impossible to pass someone.

    After the half distance chrashed Conti into me , i have no idea why he went on the throttle in exactly the moment where i was beside him.
    After that incident my car was undriveable and i only tried to keep the car on track but finally i lost control and then i was game over.
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  5. Q1: Had some problems with wheel, minor steer to the left with no input so that was distracting and only just got into top 10 on my last lap.
    Q2: Was trying to fix my steering and did a stupid mistake by going out before my time, sat the lap out on the side waiting for Dian to make his lap, apologies for the yellow flags, i managed to still make a lap and started 6th despite a bad lap.
    Race: Got a good launch and was going side by side with Keithley in T3/4/5 and I misjudged where he was and we made slight contact which was my fault, after that I was on the grass and trying to stop the car to not collect anyone, unfortunately I did and this created a bottleneck of cars so there was carnage. Clearly it wasn't intentional and i ended a few races. The rest of the race was tough with damaged front wing and rear suspension damage but was looking for P6 or so, however going out of the pits me and Conti made contact loosing time causing more damage and flatspots, after that I needed to get to the end and P7 was the result, really good result considering the circumstances.
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  6. Well, my rf froze in Q, I join so late and couldn't do nice time.

    Start was good, I was with S and I was 9th but I let Jonny pass me because he was with SS. Later Gosbee and Rob did the same and suddenly horrible lag and I was 17th in the grass. Even with this, perhaps I would got some points today, but I touched wall in the pits entry and I lost +16s, my engine was turned off and bb.

    Leaving this aside, here I bring you a tutorial on how to start properly in three easy steps. Enjoy it!

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  7. Unfortunatly I had the guy who decided to keep standing on his spot directly in front of me.
  8. Another badluck race this year..

    Q1 - not my best, but still p8.
    Q2 - still noobing with low fuel race setup.. p10

    Race - Started well, equally with guys around. After all the action in S1 I get out with damaged suspension and front wing, the car was seriosly understeery and it was question of time to make another mistake. So I continue on p7 and keeping good pace after the problems. Suddenly at braking for T1 the game freezed for hundred of the second and I messed up T1, unfortunately Morgan was right behind me and couldn't avoid me. We both spun and lost some parts of the car. After this incident I continued to try to fight with the car, but now got and rear suspension. I had to do a strategy with 4 stops, but after the problems in my first stint, we decided with the team to try 3 stops strategy. The car was really undrivable and unpredictable, during the brake is one feeling, in the middle of the corner another feeling.. I needed some pressure behind to do another fatal mistake destroying completely the car.

    Grats to David for great driving, also to Morgan for the stunning show today.
    About us, really bad weekend for Eventa, the best thing was that Ville scored a point, but we can't be satisfied only with this, our aims are way higher. We couldn't manage to show to all our pace this race, but I hope for next race is coming Monza as I see, I have good memories from it and I hope for good result and this year. Cya in 2 weeks.
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  9. P2 is a amazing performance with my Back of the grid. I planned 2 stops, blocking the 4-stopper during my long stints with my absolute vmax but i had a little contact in my first stint with dian so i changed to 3 stops. It worked fine and i could manage a podium but with jim mistake i was allowed to take the 2nd place. Amazing !

    The first lap was incredible with a lot of car spinning everywhere, contact everybody. Thanks i could gain 16 places in one lap.... LOL

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  10. omg what could you do xD
    first few corners a lot of people already showing un intentional dissrespect towards you this is 100% unlucky, really de mierda x10
  11. Looks like a pinball. Nothing he could have done differently. Really unlucky, Carlos.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. im really curious to see what will happen with gosbee :p
    go easy on him Edu not joking :D
    after the post he made here how can you stay mad at a guy like that
  14. Well obviously despite alot of anger from some people, nothing seems to be have reported so no penalties :unsure:.

    Can't complain about my own race, had good consistent pace and had some nice mini battles which were all fair and square so i'm happy anyway.

    NOTE TO COMMS...can you stop expressing you're opinions on incidents - I did not force Gosbee off the track and unfortunatly there is no way to rectify the audio on the broadcast. Makes me look pretty bad for no reason :cautious:. In other respects the BC was sweet as you did it on your own and it's a big job.
  15. i did not say you forced him off the track lol
    i did not say anything bad towards you during that first lap incident so better watch the replay instead of using your imagination.
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  16. fyi the no oppinions on accidents pls:
    not gonna happen
  17. 43.20 of broadcast

    "Martin Gosbee leaving the track, forced to leave the track i believe"

    your exact words so no need for childish comebacks.
  18. "i believe" indeed not stating anything with certainty and yet again you can stop your QQing Jack, it's not fitting coming from you.