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Race #07, Hungary: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Lost connection 5 laps before the end,so does that means I wont get any points or?
    Really really bad luck...
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    My race got ****ed up again, had a good start but it doesn't help much if you retire. My god, my seventh retirement in a row, haven't got to finish a single race! Not interested to share my thoughts of the race...Franz retired as well, even when he started 10th...
  4. rfactor 1 sucks.
  5. It was decent qualifying. Got into Q2 and started 8th.

    Had a poor start and lost a position on the straight. At the start of s2 on 1st lap Erizoglu lost the car and to avoid crashing into him I had to make a sudden turn and we touched with Morra. That damaged my car and made it oversteer alot and that effected my tire wear. Tires were gone after 9 laps and I was sliding like a cow on ice and hit the wall losing the front wing. After that I changed the strategy and just cruised to the end.

    Seventh place - best result of the season for the team (or best result ever?)

    Eduard K
  6. Good Pre-Qual for me, i was first, very good Q1, and finally my totally awesome Q2 for me... too close from the pole (thx to my team that give me superboost!!! :p)
    Well, about my start, after 1st corner, i had cold medium tyres... and i lost the apex... then after sector one split, suddenly someone take me out and crash from behind, then the tragic things for my car just started, i avoided some cars, but the damage and on the radiator was very big... then i tried to hold till the end, but the engine overheated and then leave race...
    Looking forward to forgive this race, but with the strong qual we have hopes even for a podium finish...
  7. Good race
  8. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    The race was a mess, just 10 to finish.
  9. My father accidently hit power cable of my PC in formation lap and PC shut down :( :mad::cry:
    Thanks to Pedro Rodrigues for giving me chance to race this weekend under the name of GhostSpeed.
    Better luck next time I guess...

    Milan Radivojevic
  10. Was having dreadful race, countless loss of front wings, As far as I know only 2 finished on G2, it was a disaster. I was in 5th on Lap 19/26 when my engine finally gave up on me. Great first experience, I ejoyed racing though.
  11. Q2: Was decent apart from the ken block like drifiting on the last corner but managed to get pole anyways...
    R: Good start. First stint i was a bit nervous when i saw that Petar had already managed to get to 2nd and wasnt too far off from my pace so i was thinking that hes on 3 stops. Luckily when i pitted so did Petar and i saw that hes on 4 stop aswell. After that it was just about driving the car smoothly and not taking any chances since Petar was falling behind all the time. Cant be too mad about my race. Pole and victory. \o/

    On another note. Doesnt anyone test in WT? I am amazed how much people retire because of brake failures and engine failures. It doesnt take too long to test engine and brakes before the race.
  12. lap 20 even.
  13. My race pretty much got screwed after rF crashed and the server crash so wasnt to happy with what was happening. Then a good Q2 lap with still 2 mistakes otherwise p2 would have been possible but starting in 3th wasnt to bad either. But then when aproaching the grid spots after warmup lap i managed to stall the engine.:notworthy:

    Anyway had to start from pit, had to wait till first guy aproached sector 2 untill the green light was given to me. So at this stage i was dead last with 20 secs behind on p22 underway with a 4 stop strategy. Anyway had a fun race afteral, some ontrack overtakes, some pit overtakes and with a changed strategy with a long middle stint i finaly ended up in P5 with some little chance to take p4 as well. Considering this is Hungary where its hard to overtake if not impossible i think going form p22 to p5 under these condiditions is pretty sweet and i shouldnt be complaining to much.

    Great race from Ville you getting there m8 and Juhani as well good team result.;)
  14. anyone have a link to the cast?
  15. 3 did finish Grid 2 race, but yes crap race :p
  17. well, Had a good Q and started as 10. Race start was bad because a car hit me from behind and had damage, few corners later it was a collision infront of me and I lost my wing. I was very frustrate because I worked very hard for this race but yes, sometimes the things don't work...
  18. I've been going over some race incidents for the past half hour Thomas Martens, Sorry for cutting up your inside on turn 1.
  19. well give us your setups, and then we'll have more competitive races. not all of us are engineers.
  20. Neither are we. All im wondering is why arent people testing brakes and engine, its pretty straight forward and takes 30mins or so...