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Race #06, United Kingdom: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Pretty clean race. :ninja:
  3. Be aware, WWIII might be about to start in this thread...
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  4. Except for lap 1 my race went pretty well. Drove from last up to 9th with a damaged car so can't grumble about that part.

    When I get a clean race in I may actually get a decent result...:cautious:
  5. i got pole, all was fine

    The strategy was clear, 2 stops was ok.

    The first stint was ok, after the pitstop i wanted to overtake Jim at inside with DRS open but miserably i put 1/2 tyres on grass and didn't react well, causing Jim to retire...
    After the car was undriveable cause of damage, i could do a 5th place but things goes bad after all.

    8th place which isn't representative of the potential of today.
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  6. Well I am actually over the moon with that. Gobbi blocked me really badly on my Q1 lap which lost me a couple of tenths and any chance of making the top 10. I knew I wasn't particularly confident in the car round here particularly in the race, this is certainly the furthest off I've been since starting rfactor in January, so I just decided to keep a consistent race. Made contact with Rodriguez twice (Both in the first 4 corners) Both times him not giving me enough room and expecting me to disappear. From then on I touched nobody and was really comfortable racing with you guys, a feeling I've never had in Pro. Happy to secure a point for the team, and especially grateful for the opportunity, I hope I have done my reputation good with my driving and result today and fingers crossed I can have a few more races in the WC in the future. For now thanks for having me guys, hope I can join you again soon :)
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  7. Testing was terrible for me so I expected not to make Q2, took the hards first stint to get them out the way, start was ok there was some bumps but no damage. I made contact with Rodriguez and lost a few places but after that I was aiming for P10 at least. The rest of the race was quiet managed a pass on Leppala in S1 and chased after Kostadinov, however NX and co's top speed was too high but in last stint I was running P6 and came across Morand, again top speed was too low and despite Morand on dead tires I couldn't make a move, then going into T4 there was too much speed difference and I tapped the rear of Morand. Im sorry for this incident but it wasn't intentional.
    Glad this race is over however some good points was possible despite how my testing went. 7 weeks break now so see you in Hockenheim.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I just can thank my internet provider to choose the right moment for changing my ip :thumbsup: .
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  10. What? I not remember all race, but I think I only see u in the first corner, I give u space even when dunno where are u (blind angle) and indeed we didn't contact.

    Gj for ur first points btw!

    Well, clearly It's impossible finish a race with 100% of my car in this league. I was sick all this week and also I had my graduation, so I not expected nothing awesome here, but after the race I saw I could do good points today. My summary:

    Q- 31.6, I could entry to Q2 but only S2 was fine. 15º Finally.

    R- My start its good again, In turn 2 Jack and Marcel had a bit contact and Marcel went against me, so I lose part of my front wing.

    Anyway car seems OK and I was 9th with hard tires, my setup was prepared to the end of the race so things were going well.

    However first with Marcel and later with Gosbee I have some contacts and one of them I spun loosing several places.

    It was funny how HUD was crazy. Gobbi showed me a lap down, and although it was less than a second of him, dind't let me open the DRS, great RF2!

    In one of these laps Gobbi was offtrack. I overtoke him and let space. At the exit he turned over me, throwing me off track and breaking my front suspension. Now I learn for the next :thumbsup:!

    From that moment again with the broken direction and going about 8 tenths slower and more wear. Fantastic ...

    BTW commentators, one thing is to have a preference for certain team/s, good publicity for a particular driver/s, etc. That isn't wrong for anybody; and other thing is lying.
    Before saying anything inform. Of all the incidents I had, only one is my fault, where I lost the car under throttling, and that in any case, is not something like no space or unsportsmanlike maneuver, just bad luck.

    Also my race was destroyed I have to hear these things, unbelieve.

    Grats Bono and to all who deserve it!
  11. So when others loses the car and crashes you its a noobish league, but when you crash you are pretty inocent. Looks logic to me.
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  12. So when u made a mistake obvious its not ur fault, always to blame others or all circumstances are allied against you, "I will leave the sim". Looks mature for me.
  13. You might be not able to read the messages right? I left the competition cause I had to take the job in WC, thanks to the rules of this year I couldnt race anymore in Ace.

    But yes seems more mature to me saying bullshit in youtube saying they have awesome sets just to explain why they are beating you. I love that one you said with NetRex set up you would be in top3/top5.
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  14. Hahaha, tell me more. It was the same last year too right?
    When one guy did 40 spins alone in almost every race and still finish in points y, obvious is for his driving :thumbsup:. More when guy sucked last year with same fails and his pace was so so normal. And y, also whe i was teammate with 2 of nx drivers this year and I beat both in the past. with.same material (not in first races, im agree with this), so y, I can afirm that I could do better than u with ur car in almost every GP.

    But nvm, its ok for me, setup must be one side of the races and its ok, I just need improve this thing and have more time, my problem. U.should try keep ur particular Newey in your team ;)
  15. And now can start the rage and excuses, popcorns incoming:thumbsup:
  16. My particular newey? XDDDDDDDDDD

    I do my own sets LOL.

    If I do 40 spins and I do points then you do 60 spins? Cause I cant remember a single spin in Bahrein either in Canada o_O

    Nevermind, my pace could be so normal but I trained hard this preseason with an Italian guy who helped me a lot to improve (He knows who is, I dont need to tag him) and luckily Im gonna visit him in 2 weeks time because he invited me to his house.

    You never beat me last year, so don't invent anything lol, firstly we never being in same division and secondly, they always needed a WC driver they counted with you, oh wait they didnt, they called me for whatever reason :)
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  17. I rest my case on my earlier post in this thread...
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. And indirectly that also means that Jonny would be challenging Morgan and Bono for WC championship :p
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  20. hahahaahahahaahhahahaha
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