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Race #04, Monaco: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, May 20, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Hi guys I can't log on GPCOS so I post here. I hope I won't get a warning for this :

    "Q1 : was good for me
    Q2 : was not fast enough but luckily I got p5
    Race : I stalled on my starting spot so I started from pits. I made my race till the pit stop where I was stuck behind Morgan for a minute. That was too much for me. I stopped there."
  3. LOL!
  4. Only 7 people finished?
  5. Horrible show.
  6. Worst WC race i've seen xD

    EDIT: You did a nice job on your own Nick ;)
  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Haha, not good advert for FSR at all, especially when we talk about WC :D
  8. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Even WT had 1 more finisher.
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  9. Congrats Bono for the win, and also to the few guys who raced with brains and scored some good points.
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  10. I apologise if broadcast was shakey. I was on my own and trying to keep up with the chaos was so difficult to do.
  11. Q1 : I couldn't did a clear lap.. only 12th.
    Q2 : -
    Race: I wanted to survive the first laps, i did that, and then i tried to make no mistakes. There was only one close fight, in lap 52 ( if i'm right ) i tried to pass Keithley on the outside line, after the tunnel, but there was a contact, and i was close to wreck the car. But then it was a bit boring race, in the last laps i wanted to catch Jack and Patrick too, but i couldn't overtake them, so i finished 5th. I'm a bit disappointed, i was close to the podium, but this is racing, everything can happen. We scored many points with Peter - congrats for him for his first points. He was so fast during the first three races, but he had some problems, and he was so unlucky. Now he had a nearly clean race, and he finished 6th. Thank you again for the team, the car was so good, and thanks for Zsolt Nagy, who helped me again during the race :)
    See you in Montreal! Forza Netrex! :)
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  12. From GPCOS:

  13. "Q1: It was good and enough for getting me into top 10.

    Q2: The lap was a disaster. But with some mistakes from other drivers I found myself in 6th position on the grid.

    R: It's Monaco, so my mind was just to be safe and finish the race.
    I survived somehow the fist laps, with some drivers trying to gain some advantance in these first laps. De Wit passes me right away when the lights went out, then I tried to defend to Nilsson and we made contact that almost make me spin. Then in T4 Keithley got the inside with a late move, and having Vandoorne infront with no front wing, was a nightmare :p
    After all I was in 7th after lap 1 and I was holding my position, just driving around the circuit. In lap 18 unfortunately, while I had my normal line for that turn, the car crashed on the wall...
    I really was caught by surprise there, didn't expect that at all...
    No excuses ofc, this is Monaco..
    See you in the next race"

  14. From gpcos:

  15. Q1 : 1.12.7 with the Q1 setup, i made some try with the Q2 setup where i made 1.13.0 with. So i was confident for Q2. The grip was not so bad but very different than we saw in official server before the race server

    Q2 : Impossible grip. The car is impossible to control. I made a good S1 that's all. I was on ice at lowe's hairpin, no front grip in S2. I am happy to be P3. 0.6s off my Q2 pace.

    Race : I started P3, i success to overtake Tali on T1 and catch Huis immediately. Unfortunaly, whereas Huis had a not so bad pace but slower than my race pace, i was not able to overtake him. When he enters in pit at lap 17, i try to do one more lap. All was good, and suddently the car spun without explication... hmm yes there is one : 1/2cm of my rear left tyre touch the wall. Impossible to stop the spin, i press the clutch but i loose the front wing. First time i had this problem, i didn't see that we need to be at 70Km/h to pass a corner. So i hit the wall 2 times.
    58sec damage. This little thing destroys my race.

    I come back on the track, i catch marconi, but i loose again a front wing.
    My car is destroyed.. i loose 0.4s per lap but i can catch the guys in front.
    I have several good battles with Kostadinov and Varga.

    Using too much brakes than expected, i loose them 3 laps to go. My poor car dies.
    P8. What a disappointment. I had the pace to win today. But always one little thing destroys the race. 30 points to huis. If i had bad luck like that i can't do anything.

    Thanks for ATR Management, Inside Simracing and all my fans who supports me after this.

    Ps : I think drivers would like to have more consistency on grip level on the server. It was different of the grip level ( with less grip ) of the official testing server. This is the cause of this carnage. The car which worked fine in official testing server was almost impossible to drive during the race. 2 times i see that.

  16. That's simply not true. Nothing has been changed on the race server regarding track grip levels, otherwise you would have had a mismatch.
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  17. Please introduce this dynamic grip levels! It'll go back to feeling what's actually happening on the track instead of brainless hotlapping on muscle memory. Maybe than the best drivers win! Oh wait he already wins 3 out of 4 with barely any practice.. Anyway, it'll certainly eliminate the hotlappers and stress pure driving skills. Also Multiply the damage by 10 so that people stop wall riding and driving into eachother.

    Good race by Bono.
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  18. Hate that some dudes are relying on bugs so that they can pass others by driving inside them, this could easily end their race and their victims. More respect against competitors would be welcome.
    Also cant wait for dynamic track weather etc. in my opinion hotlapping is one of the few areas hurting the level of simracing and mindset of simracers in general.
  19. I'm not the only driver to have felt that, i'm just the echo of some drivers ( some are not on my team, of course no precision and twister drivers) The feelings were very different. I donno what it have changed.
    Last year a guy from Faster than speed 2011 team complaining the same each time he enters on the race server. This is not taken from my imagination and others.

    ( from my own experience )
    1/ Comparing several server ( 3 servers ) i could test on the same track during testing, on the same daytime, had 2 different grip. the official which was less slippery than the 2 others. This is why you must have noticed, we made unusual long training on the FSR server, because ALL we felt the server had better grip ( = less slippery ) and we expected to have it in race.
    I would ask to.
    Why the FSR server had the track temperature which are warmer than 3/4°c than normal server ? We need some tweak to have these values, no ? but i won't have missmatch if i leave one server to another ? OR i'm wrong... ( as always for you )

    Oh wait he already wins 3 out of 4 with barely any practice
    We know you are a Huis fan and hater of me since 2011.
    Other drivers doesn't care about his testing. The drivers have to be ready for the race, if he did less laps, this is not the problem of other drivers.
  20. Me too. i look forward for RF2, in 2013...