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Cars R8 GORDINI 0.4

Mod R8 Gordini

  1. f1ligue submitted a new resource:

    R8 GORDINI - Mod R8 Gordini for RF2 (beta version)

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  2. impossible to install because trackz are up to date :)
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  3. =)Yes. Cool cars... But, they are depend from 3 up to date tracks...How we can install this???
  4. upload_2014-6-12_14-19-27.png
    Could not install the mod. There are missing some (old) tracks.
  5. yes sorry,
    I try to recreate the mod without bound track but that does not work.
    Once I solved the problem I put the update on the site
  6. Thanx, looking forward to it.
  7. Would love to try this out .... Just the Car only .... not dependant on any tracks etc.

    Looks very nice, hope it drives like I would expect ... ie. high revving and tail happy :)
  8. Maybe someone with the knowledge to do that can help? Can we ask on the forum for help on your behalf? I would love to drive this car again, but I haven't been able to install it in ages.
    Let us know. I am sure somebody can help.
  9. sorry but i'm not in my home this month....
  10. i have it unpacked. had to find and install all the old tracks and mods, it was pain in the manifold :D Will tweak the graphics and LODs a little, and repack it, car only :)
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  11. Just detached from that old rfmod, plus some graphic and LODs tweaks. No physics touched, nothing added (driver is missing, maybe in some next free time).
    Ofcourse, all credits to original author.
    DOWNLOAD 0.4 (unofficial)
  12. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member


    Could you update this resource with Petra's repack? :geek:
  13. I look that tomorow
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